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I've got some nice compression in my audio chain - Requisite PAL, followed by an LA-2A and/or a Retro Sta-Level. Sometimes, I...

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Rick Sutton 24th May 2008
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Hi- silly question, have speaker cables that connect directly to the speakers without interconnects, never been cut, are about...

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Rick Sutton 24th May 2008
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I just started my studio and under a time constraint. I need to buy a matched pair of SDC mics. I don't have much to spend at the...

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warhead 24th May 2008
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Okay, the frustration here is fu$#ing ridiculous. context: Ensemble as interface in PT LE / 002 setup. I can route the mixer...

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jbuehler 23rd May 2008
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A friend of mine sent me this. I hope you guys find it as funny as I did. Druhms Dream On Pro - Music Destruction Software.

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druhms 23rd May 2008
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Quick question on recording a Marshall JMP-1. The flow I planned with be: Jmp-1 --> Palmer PDI-03 Simulator --> Great...

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smashbrand 23rd May 2008
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Hey guys, I am somewhat new to recording, I've been using Logic with a MOTU 8pre to get myself started. I've got the process...

mr breaker
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mr breaker 23rd May 2008
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How are people wiring their converters to headphone amps? That is, assuming most converters are simply a series of balanced...

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Bloodz 23rd May 2008
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Hi, Im buying my first $600.00 pre-amp and, I was thinking about the grace design m101...But I would like to here what you big...

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warhead 23rd May 2008
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Any fellow singers come across any useful singing excercise and/or tutorial programs out there on t'internet?

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Colorblind 23rd May 2008
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Hello, Using Ensemble as Stand Alone interface to Digi 002R. Can't get any analog outs to gothrough the lightpipe/Optical/ADAT....

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surflounge 23rd May 2008
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I have two UAD1 cards and have been really happy with them. I seriously want to add a Duende into the mix to get those flavors...

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manthe 23rd May 2008
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I've did an extensive amount of research on the two units and I am still undecided. I sort of like the Digital Aliasing option...

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youngmain 23rd May 2008
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Any thoughts out there, just curious? And I am not talking about old,old, school stuff. Like fairly modern stuff. For example,...

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rockstar_josh 23rd May 2008
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To commemorate the event of my boing 1000th Gearslutz postboing, I've decided to give it its own thread. I'd like to...

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DeepSpace 23rd May 2008
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Anyone have any info or links to studies about long-term exposure to low-level noise? Being AC season again, I can't seem to get...

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dingo 23rd May 2008
Avatar for Joe Kay

My relatively small studio is still in it's infancy stage (about a year open) and I'm facing a new (but welcome!) problem that I...

Joe Kay
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Joe Kay 23rd May 2008
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Hello, I got this great big drum, which appears to be an old marching band bass drum. It looks as though the skins are made of...

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HeavyG 23rd May 2008
Avatar for Dave12345

Is anyone using Duende and Duet on the same firewire bus in Leopard ? Cheers....

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Dave12345 23rd May 2008
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I'm mastering with a Focusrite Mixmaster - 3 band optical compressor - sometimes with a punch mode in the LF slope 100hz ...

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thedivineprocess 23rd May 2008
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guys, I am trying to setup a small recording facility at home and i am doing some experiments, i am singer(atleast pretend to...

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abhibad 23rd May 2008
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I'm producing these young girls and they are quite good at playing their instruments for 10 years old however the drummer...

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DeepSpace 23rd May 2008
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I started advertising that I would be willing to accept gear in trade for my time (Not just studio but engineer and...

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johnnyjellybean 23rd May 2008
Avatar for Evil Hand

just got a mackie big knob, switched it on and the left LED reading is on full, even with nothing connected to the inputs and...

Evil Hand
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Evil Hand 23rd May 2008
Avatar for Nu-tra

It's suppose to sound insane! YouTube - Liquid Sound

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Renegade Prod 23rd May 2008
Avatar for kincept

Im not sure I want to keep the duet, does anyone know if there is a similar audio interface for close to the price? only thing...

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Avatar for macgee
macgee 23rd May 2008
Avatar for oldbrowndog

hi, does anyone know what model of electrodyne pre this is? & whereabouts i can find schematics for it? Im hoping that it...

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oldbrowndog 23rd May 2008
Avatar for kincept

what would be similar to the API 512C? in a preamp that is not a 500 series. and not 1-1000 bucks? is the RNP more colored...

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kincept 23rd May 2008
Avatar for Unknown soldier

I don't have a 16 bit converter (A2D is only 24 bit). I apply dither when finalizing mixes in software.....Would it be better to...

Unknown soldier
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NathanEldred 23rd May 2008
Avatar for youngmain

I want to but a Lavry Black AD 10 for my 003/002(havent decided yet) and since the digi's have no aes input I need a convertor...

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youngmain 23rd May 2008
Avatar for mark007

Hi guys, A beginner type question... I have Nuendo 3 and will be tracking my own voiceovers. I'll be monitoring myself using...

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Avatar for andygomez
andygomez 23rd May 2008
Avatar for Shane Michael Rose

so what is with nuendo being the DAW for pro audio dealers. i guess i am making this connection from Mercenary and a couple of...

Shane Michael Rose
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TonyBelmont 23rd May 2008
Avatar for MREVOL

Hey guys---So i think im going to dump my Tlm103 and get into a new mic. I just can't decide which one. So I think im down to...

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Avatar for TonyBelmont
TonyBelmont 23rd May 2008
Avatar for pajhonka

I just bought an E-mu Emulator IV from someone on eBay for ~$120 USD. He said it was just sitting in his rack collecting...

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seanmccoy 23rd May 2008
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This band is awesome, they're just about to come out with a new album, and holy cow... it's recorded in a house!!! YouTube -...

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wesarvin 23rd May 2008
Avatar for Fluency

I'm asking b/c I have the Musicians 2 Bundle & the Deesser from Waves, but don't have $200 (ridiculous) right now just to...

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yumdrum 23rd May 2008
Avatar for andychamp

All else being equal (computer, disk, audio interface), what makes a DAW sound better than another? After all, seems to me that...

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Avatar for SyncSailor
SyncSailor 23rd May 2008
Avatar for skatingbasser

Getting ready to take the plunge. I will need up to 12 pre amps. I record mostly rock music. Usually the loud and heavy...

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MaJo1 23rd May 2008
Avatar for NandoOg7

Hey guys, I will be going to Electrical Audio Studio to sit in on a project with Steve Albini. What should I know? All I know is...

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NandoOg7 23rd May 2008
Avatar for soundseeker

. Ive just got some BOSE noise cancelling 3's and they must be great for drummers. They really do cut out the outside sound but...

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boxymoron 23rd May 2008
Avatar for Thebassist

Howdy y'all. Looks like we're at the digital/analog crossroads again. Vintage is in. Sparkly is out. Unfortunately, many of...

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Avatar for river
river 23rd May 2008
Avatar for stevelindsay

Just a heads-up for the folks using Apogee gear - software updates for Ensemble and Duet have just been released over on their...

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stevelindsay 23rd May 2008
Avatar for Klauth

I'm looking for a new EQ for the KIK that has great "mojo" .....I already have, LIL Freq, API 550A, B & 560..... ...

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Avatar for dbbubba
dbbubba 23rd May 2008
Avatar for hey_mavis

I have been thinking of moving to a place where there is more work for engineers/producers. The cities that come to mind are...

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Avatar for lozion
lozion 23rd May 2008
Avatar for DeeDubb

Ive been looking around for a really good reverb and so far what ive found is that altiverb, plate 140 , and the vss3 reverb are...

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DeeDubb 22nd May 2008
Avatar for Chick Cherry

Why do we need these Re-amping boxes? Some of you know a lot more about this subject than I do, so I'm willing to learn...

Chick Cherry
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Avatar for feyshay
feyshay 22nd May 2008
Avatar for guy1

Hi all, I've always had problems trying to place close-miced drums/hi-hat in the same panning position as they appear in the...

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Avatar for bgrotto
bgrotto 22nd May 2008
Avatar for dropkickent

Ok when i mix down in pro tools the session it plays fine i recorded in (48 -24 bit) and mixed down to (44.1 -16bit) but the...

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Avatar for Matt Biermann
Matt Biermann 22nd May 2008
Avatar for otobianki74

I'm trying to help a friend. her question: "I'm trying to resurrect these old megaphones that used to be mounted atop a...

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otobianki74 22nd May 2008
Avatar for Diegel

Even with UAD-1 1176 compression on a lot of the tracks and ssl duende stereo bus compressor it still sounds too spiky. I want...

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Avatar for Diegel
Diegel 22nd May 2008