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This post is long, so my question has been summed up in this sentence: "When I listen to a mic'd source through speakers,...

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andy_simpson 28th June 2008
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Ok, so I'm not really angry, just annoyed that there's so much phenomenal choice out there and I'm very confused so I was...

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TheBlade 28th June 2008
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hey. i am looking to spend around $1000 on (hopefully) a pair of SDC's. looking to record some fahey-esque, 70's NY acoustic...

meldar produxshu
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abelsna 28th June 2008
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What are people's recommended mixing work flow when working ITB? For me its creating the backing track, vocal tracking, vocal...

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studjo 28th June 2008
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Apologies if this is already here on Gearslutz. I'm putting the Transducer I just got through its paces and using some Reamped...

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sharky 28th June 2008
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What's the highest quality plug-in or hardware box that can do this? I'm hoping for the most natural and least chirpy/phasey...

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rwhitney 28th June 2008
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So, three cheaper tube mics everyone seems to love, but no one put them in a face-off from what I can find. So, whats the...

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Mike Brown 28th June 2008
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mbradzick 28th June 2008
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I'm curious - How many of you guys have managers? At what point did you get a manager, and what duties do they perform? How...

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strewnshank 28th June 2008
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I am planning on purchasing a 200-300 dollar microphone and was wondering what you all think about dynamics versus condensers. I...

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donsimpson 28th June 2008
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Suposedly, this leehle pedal are really good spliting signals. And yes, they are better than any other thing I`ve tried (when...

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sweetmojo 27th June 2008
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I don't know why DAWs all give you only q polarity flipper (180), instead of a knob/dial that lets you change the phasing by...

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TOFT 27th June 2008
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I need to know what a good guitar recording mic that can also record male vocals. Price range 200-300 USD. thanks guys

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TheChariot 27th June 2008
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I may be blind and overlooking it, but I surfed around to find actual measurments of The API 6 slot luncbox. Can anyone help?

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pan60 27th June 2008
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i have my 3rd output card of my 2nd 192 connected to the patch bay which is B 9-16. I have all my pro tools ins connected to the...

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scott petito 27th June 2008
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Is there a way to bypass the preamp on the 003 DIGI rack, i use out 5 6 7 8 with some external pre's but if i use out 1 2 3...

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bigbone 27th June 2008
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:::Probably opening up a can of worms here gooof::: The science seems to say (fairly conclusively) that any given independent...

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Bob Olhsson 27th June 2008
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Hey, I do sound for my high school, and I want to start adding some compression to my mixes. What's the best way to start, and...

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lordmiguel 27th June 2008
Avatar for la grange

Hi guys, got a big ben as I am about to change my converters for a pair of aurora16. Right now, I am runing a 24 I/O from Motu. I...

la grange
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Doc Mixwell 27th June 2008
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The Goo Goo Dolls "Gutterflower" released in 2002 produced by Rob Cavallo. Its loud and actually has some air in...

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11413 27th June 2008
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Seems that the run of "all in one" boxes like the finazlier/masterflow/quantum has finished up years ago, and they seem...

Unknown soldier
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Unknown soldier 27th June 2008
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as a self taught recording engineer i feel pretty confident in my abilities to get good sounds when recording bands. i know the...

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Capstan Cappy 27th June 2008
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Arggh. I was just about--literally days away--from taking a shot at on the BLA Delta 1010 mod to see if if might be an affordable...

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djwayne 27th June 2008
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I don't have much as far as a budget goes, and I have heard plenty of engineer's recommend getting your preliminary mix in...

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hduncan 27th June 2008
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So i just bought BFD 2 through musicians friend. and i know some people use their midi/electronic drum kits to trigger the sounds...

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rackdude 27th June 2008
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Does anyone knows if the faders on the MasterControl are touch sensitive? Thanks!

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jeronimo 27th June 2008
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I posted this in response to a post in the "Show us your gear 2008" in the Electronic Music section... I figured this...

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thelead 27th June 2008
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Hi, I'm on Logic 8 recording solo acoustic guitar into two tracks. I run a couple of instances of URS CSP and a few instances...

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edwardsean 27th June 2008
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thumbsup SUP folks? I wanted to know any inexpensive gear that made you happy or produced good results while recording or...

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1954U1 27th June 2008
Avatar for barbaroja

I am in the search for a MIDI controller keyboard. Main uses are going to be note input for synths & percussions and...

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jmiller 27th June 2008
Avatar for filthyrich

For recording big rock/metal/punk guitars...is it generally good practice to put a room mic into the room along with the usual...

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vernier 27th June 2008
Avatar for Richierich

Here is the senario my ensemble is hooked up proper via adat optical to my new Digi 003r. I arm a track in pro tools and get...

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dangoudie 27th June 2008
Avatar for thesuitelounge

Hi, I am a songwriter with 20+ years of "home studio experience", and have a room at home (10x12, acoustically...

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TheChariot 27th June 2008
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

Hey guys, If I have all of my tracks outputs set to an aux or another audio track to record my bounce on, how can I set it so...

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BrandRecordingCo 27th June 2008
Avatar for coyotekells

I've been playin with this electric guitar I rented yesterday. I'm going DI into the instrument input on a Duet interface....

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judah 27th June 2008
Avatar for Keyflo

Hey whut up guys, My crew thinking about getting a Avalon 737, and i have a quick question, does my engineer have to get rid of...

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edvdr76 27th June 2008
Avatar for hduncan

I have heard different opinions on this situation- Some people say that using a bunch of channels of the same kind of preamp...

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hduncan 27th June 2008
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I thought this was an exceptionally relevant article to post here. Everyone should read this, as its clearly a sign of the...

Ken Lewis
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Jake Gilla 27th June 2008
Avatar for phaqu

Ok, my AD8000 just started to turn off, then back on again after about an hour or two of use. The fans are still working. It...

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phaqu 27th June 2008
Avatar for rems

Hi everyone! I just wanted to know if any of you has had luck recording the kick drum with an LDC like the NTK. My mic locker is...

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drumkideric 27th June 2008
Avatar for jambirn

Hi Folks, I'm considering a Massive Passive purchase and am wondering why Slutz here on occasion say the high shelving feature...

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Avatar for thethrillfactor
thethrillfactor 27th June 2008
Avatar for seanmccoy

Recently bought a Heil PR-40 in preparation for that next big screamo project (which will hopefully be a long time from now!). I...

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Avatar for MichaelPatrick
MichaelPatrick 27th June 2008
Avatar for fatboy

anybody here using a m15a? how does it sound compared to a studer? is it worth buying one? what´s a good price ? thanks for...

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Avatar for dan alexander
dan alexander 27th June 2008
Avatar for Deleted User

If i was going to use something like a compressor with my fire studio project would i plug the mics into the compressor then...

Deleted User
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Avatar for marcus
marcus 27th June 2008
Avatar for jchoukroun

I have an E4 Platinum at work I'm supposed to get rid of. It's never been used. I was wondering if anyone knew what value these...

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jchoukroun 26th June 2008
Avatar for fadeproof

Just curious, after watching Derek and Jeff (CD Baby and Tunecore) post, I was curious, as most of the people on this site are...

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Avatar for POPE
POPE 26th June 2008
Avatar for esrever Reverb

i have really crappy digidesign compressors (protools LE 7.1) and i wanna make my srnare really pop. i mic'ed both top and...

esrever Reverb
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Avatar for reflixtinian
reflixtinian 26th June 2008
Avatar for 1954U1

Hi all. I've lurked a lot, here, and I can only thank all people on GS, because I learned so much. Ten years ago I made some...

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Avatar for Mike Caffrey
Mike Caffrey 26th June 2008
Avatar for catastrophic

Does anyone know what an MTA 980 console is worth? more specifically, a 32 channel with no issues and no automation. i've...

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catastrophic 26th June 2008
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Not sure if I'm in the right forum for this question. Please let me know if this question would be better posted somewhere...

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ashbyhurt 26th June 2008