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New bundle out from waves. Fairchild and pultec emulations. Anyone arleady demoed?

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mdoelger 3rd July 2008
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Following a previous thread - does anyone know of any plugin that performs a similar function to SPL Vitalizer for use on master...

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FirstLoveStudio 3rd July 2008
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I am going to purchase an Apogee duet and I am wondering which plugins go the best with that interface and no other hardware. I...

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Aearth 3rd July 2008
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what are some of your guys' takes on this and what have you used it on or for? I read about it breifly in Tape Op. I am just...

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Jules 3rd July 2008
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Hi Folks, I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice as to whether the Tube-Tech CL 2A really sounds like two CL 1Bs. Im...

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GYang 3rd July 2008
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I am thinking of upgrading from my D&R Orion console to the next level. the Orion is great: very quit ,flexible , NO...

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GYang 3rd July 2008
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Its preety common knowledge how API have a thick agressive midrange sound, and neve's are known for their warm fuzzy low end and...

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TonyBelmont 3rd July 2008
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I'm about to mix an album in a different studio than my own. I use a Fireface 800 in my studio. The plan is to rent 1 or 2 more...

Rasmus Faber
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Rasmus Faber 3rd July 2008
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hey can anyone help i just upgraded to rokit 8s gen 2 and am so impressed i want 2 more, im looking at krk 5s or vxt 4s would...

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digging 3rd July 2008
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Aloha, I know it's been asked here before, but could you good folks please give me your thoughts on a pair of Peluso CEMC6 mic...

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mics 3rd July 2008
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I currently run a Projectmix, but have never really liked the pres in it. After reading such great reviews on the pres in the...

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Dysanfel 3rd July 2008
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to audio problems during session

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JR11 3rd July 2008
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Hey guys, Just wondering if there is anyone in North East NJ, or NY that would be kind enough to have a homestay student /...

Renegade Prod
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GilWave 3rd July 2008
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Id like to get some feedback on how you would mic a kit with my tools. My major shortcoming is no stereo pair of LDC or SDC's so...

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stuntbutt 3rd July 2008
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You guys ever listened to a really really good mix and than get depressed? ....I had finished a mix tonight and was pretty happy...

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AllAboutTone 3rd July 2008
Avatar for Pericles II

Is anyone still making a replacement for the kevlar tweeters in KRK 9000's? Thanks.

Pericles II
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AllAboutTone 3rd July 2008
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My mixing rig is a Lavry blue A/d receiving the stereo analog outs of a Trident series 80 console. This past week I mixed a very...

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TonyBelmont 3rd July 2008
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I'm a Gearslutz vuuurgin so bear with us.....here goes. Me and my studio partner have been in the dark ages and have been...

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acebassface 3rd July 2008
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I am looking for the best plugin compressor. I'm guessing that the plugin refers to it being software. I am a little new to...

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cbc459 3rd July 2008
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I've been trying out Ozone and gave the EQ matching a spin. It's a very cool feature, but I'm not sure I could ever find a place...

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danbronson 3rd July 2008
Avatar for The Greening

Hey all, I've read Mixing for the Mind, as well as a million posts on this site and have decided I need a good basic mono...

The Greening
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The Greening 3rd July 2008
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How do you guys overcome this...beat detective to a click afterwards?

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henryrobinett 2nd July 2008
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How would you spend the money. I figure stereo pair of fat heads, Sm7b, Studio project t3 and presonous digimax. let me hear your...

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TYSTYX! 2nd July 2008
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so i recorded a e.p. for local band last april and it turned out really well and they have became one of the more well know indie...

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wes 2nd July 2008
Avatar for David Williams

I am looking for a simple, high quality pre-amp A/D conversion box for my personal use. I am looking for something not to exceed...

David Williams
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TurboJets 2nd July 2008
Avatar for IzzyRock

Tell us your stories.. Lost a whole session? Didn't record on a great take? Burned a piece of gear by not using a transformer?...

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contempo 2nd July 2008
Avatar for rems

Hi everyone! I'm looking for suggestions on a pre that would complement the mp2nv (neve-ish) which I currently own. For pop/rock...

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heyman 2nd July 2008
Avatar for oldanalogguy

A friend has a Command 8 and PT HD2 on a Mac and wants to add a jog wheel. Someone suggested the ShuttlePRO V.2, any thoughts,...

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oldanalogguy 2nd July 2008
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nickynicknick 2nd July 2008
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I know that there are many types of file formats to record in and I was wondering what the best format to choose is? regarding...

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andygomez 2nd July 2008
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VST, AU, TDM, RTAS, MAS and Direct x(for pc) are all the formats for plugins that I have learned. I am using a macbook pro and...

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manthe 2nd July 2008
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What are the sound characteristics for the Microtech Gefell UM92.1s? Thanks...

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MSR74 2nd July 2008
Avatar for Rigg

I've got a bass session today where i will be miking a Galien Krueger 1001 rb II and an RBH 410 cab. I'm thinking of close...

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Rigg 2nd July 2008
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...because now even paper is digital. http://www.rapidonline.com/netalogue/zoomed/Large/34312301.jpg

Clem Snide
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Avatar for Full Clip Audio
Full Clip Audio 2nd July 2008
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j-madd 2nd July 2008
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Trying to get a pr40...

Infernal Device
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boyinthebox 2nd July 2008
Avatar for Fabi

I just can´t decide what to do, so I need some opinions plz. Aside from where I work I also want to do some tracking at home. ...

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Avatar for Mark Adams
Mark Adams 2nd July 2008
Avatar for Oxytoxine

i would like to improve my acoustic guitar recordings. until now i used a singe large diaphragm condenser (akg perception) but...

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manthe 2nd July 2008
Avatar for Renegade Prod

Hey guys, On my portfolio/resume should i incorporate a list of gear that i have used thoroughly? Or a list of the minimal gear i...

Renegade Prod
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James Meeker 2nd July 2008
Avatar for barryjohns

I just can’t understand this. In my opinion, UAD plugs are the very best you can buy. I’ve yet to find a plug-in that is...

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iomegaman 2nd July 2008
Avatar for ricfoxx

Can anybody with real experience with these pieces give me info on converter quality. I want to have a PT Le solution for my...

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ricfoxx 2nd July 2008
Avatar for ngrey

What do you guys use to send session files out to get mixed or mastered? FTP? P2P? Lacie in the mail? Is there anything...

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mdjice 2nd July 2008
Avatar for theGeek

So I've been using the little Korg tuner for a long time but I've started doing my own setups and I'd really like to get a...

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I.T. 2nd July 2008
Avatar for AntillesSound

Hey, everyone. Here's a dilemma that I'm facing. Lets say you are given a day rate in a studio of $500. That includes and...

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Newcleardaze 2nd July 2008
Avatar for IzzyRock

I know this has been discussed before. The sound between DAWs. But , how can you describe these differences, if any? Like,...

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Dean7 2nd July 2008
Avatar for gainreduction

I switched to PTHD recently after years with logic. The ADC is confusing me a little. Say if I have a session with some tracks...

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Dan 2nd July 2008
Avatar for dubaifox

I am looking for a sub for my Mackie 824's. The Mackie HRS120 which is supposed to be a match for these monitors is currently...

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StudioTinPanAll 2nd July 2008
Avatar for alohachris

Aloha, I am auditioning mics here and looking for opinions. But there is no place in Hawaii to hear ANY quality mic. I am...

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PheelTheMusic 2nd July 2008
Avatar for Brent

Obviously at different price points. I'm buying some EQ's in the next week for tracking/mixing. My immediate options are: Buy...

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Avatar for msmith
msmith 2nd July 2008
Avatar for littlenemo

Hi all, I need a tech to inspect a D&R cinemix console currently located in Munich - Germany. I can't go there myself and...

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Avatar for toolstudio
toolstudio 2nd July 2008