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yeah ts weird, but the primal character fits my acoustic guitar very well, much better than my other mics. so, which...

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Niv 18th July 2008
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I've been struck at the ear last week...

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lozion 18th July 2008
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Dear Sluts I am running a project studio in Istanbul TR. where I mostly do personal work of sound design and occasional music...

Ferit Ozguner
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plexisys 18th July 2008
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I am just curious what the usual mic type is for the typical parts of a kit. Snare Kick Overheads Rooms Tom Floor...

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Black Seal 18th July 2008
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I've got to track a big band live soon and my laptop is not exactly the fastest, so I can't waste CPU unless it is worth it. I'm...

The Studio RI
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The Studio RI 18th July 2008
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Hi! I used to be one of those people you all don't like who had $500,000 in cracked plugins. Controversy aside :) I decided to...

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luddite 18th July 2008
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Jules 17th July 2008
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What percent of the time is the improvement one "hears" in a guitar or other audio cable merely psychological, i.e....

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TurboJets 17th July 2008
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The capsule in my C48 is jigglin' around! I can't figure out how to open the housing so that I try to fix it. When I pull out the...

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lilshalimar 17th July 2008
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I record rock, metal, hardcore, and the likes. I have plenty of compressor plugins, but want the real deal to start building...

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skythemusic 17th July 2008
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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a Blackbird-type studio equipment rental facility based in New York City. I'm looking to rent...

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Marlowe 17th July 2008
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Lynx Aurora 8LT - Do I have to buy the LT-FW (Firewire) and the LT-ADAT to make it work with a Mac Pro and Logic?

Nilo Santos
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Nilo Santos 17th July 2008
Avatar for Elvis Christ

Hey guys, I have the opportunity to purchase a Baden Rosewood A-style brand new. My main acoustic for years has been a Taylor...

Elvis Christ
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kafka 17th July 2008
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Hi all music and gear enthusiasts, I have run my own home recording studio now for about 4 years, but I'm a musician since 22...

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RainbowStorm 17th July 2008
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Hi, I screwed up last night and opened up my twenty year old EV N/D408 mic to see what shape the foam was in. Of course it's...

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Jidis 17th July 2008
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It looks all white and stuff?? Am I on drugs?

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Funkster 17th July 2008
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nm, found it. Can be deleted. :)

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Mystic 17th July 2008
Avatar for adoucette

A friend of mine says 192 is overrated and swears by 96, is he accurate? I understand that at the end of the day it all gets...

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Toad 17th July 2008
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I’m the musician type with good understanding of the tech process, but I stay away from the final mixes since it’s not my...

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muziqfreek 17th July 2008
Avatar for CK9

I've got a bunch of songs written and I'm currently putting together a band. If our gigs go well, where do we go from there? How...

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drejmer 17th July 2008
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I am in the market for an entire set of drum mics (only 8 I/O). Which ones should get the biggest slice of my budget- AKA, which...

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tINY 17th July 2008
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WestBerliner 17th July 2008
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I recently attended the mastering session for my band's CD, which I had mixed, and one of the comments the guy had about my...

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big country 17th July 2008
Avatar for Matt Grondin

What do y'all typically do since panning makes it feel one-sided (this is when the only rhythm track is a mono guitar, no...

Matt Grondin
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mstrom 17th July 2008
Avatar for barryjohns

Ok, it's been a while since I used a 003 Rack, so I don't really remember. I am getting my son an LE System. He's really a...

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gearaddict 17th July 2008
Avatar for ryangeller

Where did you get your rack/ table top? Looking for something w/ 4 bays of 14 ru; where I can but my amp heads on...

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Deleted bd1be4f 17th July 2008
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I've heard the peluso Vtb vs. Sony shootout. I still like them with a colored pre like a great river or neve. Give me some info...

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ssl_ambition 17th July 2008
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I need to get a string plug for around 500 or so. I was looking at Vienna Special Edition, Philharmonik and Quantum Leap Gold....

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imnickb 17th July 2008
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How do headphone mixes work? I want to tack a jam session with my band and I want to setup monitor headphone mixes for...

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danbronson 17th July 2008
Avatar for sleestack

Why are people so anal about tape width? All the classics like the beatles or fleetwood mac, if you learn about what they did,...

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jchadstopherhuez 17th July 2008
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Is this possible in LA? Need it to cross-reference mine cuz sensors along the way freeze when it gets to full speed Rew/FF. But...

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dbbubba 17th July 2008
Avatar for Matt Grondin

Loving it on my MacBook, although the two months I waited before I could use my MBox kinda sucked mezed Is HD running fairly...

Matt Grondin
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Matt Grondin 17th July 2008
Avatar for cloud10

I'm really itching to get some high quality studio monitors and these two are the most interesting to me. I've heard from several...

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zeljkom 17th July 2008
Avatar for buzzjoe

Hello, is anybody familiar with this converters? I am looking for an upgrade to the converters in my RME FF800. Would the Lake...

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buzzjoe 17th July 2008
Avatar for johnnybregar

Could just be my house, could be my setup, could be the tubes, could be the nature of the beast, could be anything, but I'm...

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johnnybregar 17th July 2008
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Hi Guys! I am looking for the best quality Stereo attenuator! Something that will preserve my 2 bus sound... I need one in...

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Jack Ruston 17th July 2008
Avatar for heisleyamor

I posted a question a month ago about how to place the mic for attack but not I'm curious what head would give me a better...

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imnickb 17th July 2008
Avatar for Nu-tra

I have a 5 tom set up 3 rack 2 floor. The tom sizes are 10,12,14,16,18. They will not be used all together it will either be 10,...

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Nu-tra 17th July 2008
Avatar for swankdoc

Requesting advice / suggestions on how to get bass tracks to be more 'elastic' / spongy? Bass visually to me has an upfront...

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underworld 17th July 2008
Avatar for sahiaman

Have any of you guys that do room designs, and gear designs looked at the CATIA software yet? I'm wondering if in the future, we...

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underworld 17th July 2008
Avatar for rekloos

I had this board for about 2 weeks now, it's an Allen&Heath System 8, oldye from the eighties and prior to my ownership the...

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Avatar for rekloos
rekloos 17th July 2008
Avatar for pbell

I just bought a pair of Grado headphones, and I'm trying to find something to use as a case for them when I go on the road and...

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Avatar for Phil Cibley
Phil Cibley 17th July 2008
Avatar for perx

I have not used the side chain on my 2500 at all. I love it and was thinking on testing out the side chain aswell. My question...

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Avatar for Mr. Z
Mr. Z 17th July 2008
Avatar for Quint

I'm a huge fan of The Band so when I found out this was coming on I had to watch it. Anyway, I saw some pretty interesting...

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scott petito 17th July 2008
Avatar for theblotted

(Moderators, please move this if it's in the wrong forum..) hey LA slutz, need a bit of help here. i'm making the big move...

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turnstile 17th July 2008
Avatar for hduncan

I am going down the DIY path with Seventh Circle Audio's Preamps. At first I was thinking about just loading up the entire thing...

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Avatar for The dman
The dman 16th July 2008
Avatar for Kris75

I recently bought a used Frontier designs Tango 24 as an 8 channel ADAT converter for my 002. It will sync from the 002, but...

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Kris75 16th July 2008
Avatar for Elvis

SCENARIO: I don't have a board. I do have a Firepod. I want to get a nicer preamp (probably chameleon labs 7602). QUESTION: If...

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Avatar for andsonic
andsonic 16th July 2008
Avatar for Rednose

I have a DBX 160 VU that needs some work. Its crackling and making noise in general. I don't think its the connections, I just...

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Rednose 16th July 2008
Avatar for macrae11

Just curious if anywhere sells the Cranesong Phoenix plugin suite at a discount anywhere. Everywhere I've seen, sells it for...

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Sui_City 16th July 2008