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Anybody been doing this and what results have you been getting? I have a Firebox, which runs without a hiccup on my system. I'm...

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js1 30th July 2008
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I believe the song is specifically named "Hedwig's Theme." What instrument plays the central theme? Is it a celeste?

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kafka 30th July 2008
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One of my stupid gear sales of all time. I sold my '74 Les Paul about 5 years ago and regretted it ever since. I've been...

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IntenseJim 30th July 2008
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share with me your standard operating procedure for fast, efficient auto-tune (5) ing! i've got like 9 tracks worth of crap. ...

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EvilE 30th July 2008
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Hi Folks! I just bought this compressor second hand (but actually brand new). I test it at home and I like the compression...

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Erik Papp 30th July 2008
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Hi, I'd like to start using a Lexi PCM 91 for outboard reverb. I've connected the PCM to the Rosetta 800 via AES. I'd like to...

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jamwerks 30th July 2008
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hi, i'm new. what kind of device do i need to eliminate that voltage drop (if that's what it is) my fridge causes every five...

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AudioFocus 30th July 2008
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lately i've been having alot of success recording bass drum with an sm57. i even got a good sound with the mic near the...

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YRLK 30th July 2008
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I mix in Logic using a fireface. I know the fireface is not a premium product but it does a preatty good job minus that A/D. For...

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Knastratt 29th July 2008
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So I am getting ready (finally) to buy an Pro Tools HD Setup and have a few questions. First off, I have Mac G5 DualCore 2.3...

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kittonian 29th July 2008
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Hey guys, I am looking for the best/quickest way to edit drums using beat detective when the drums were not recorded to a click....

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Noize919 29th July 2008
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Might any of you identify the equipment shown in this photograph? View I'd imagine that naming the shotgun mic would prove...

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tINY 29th July 2008
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anybody else dig that record? there are some good tunes and some GREAT sounds on there. the whole album has a real ambient feel...

James Guitar
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James Guitar 29th July 2008
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I posted this in low-end also, I hope no one will get too wigged that I've crossposted. One of my bands bought a Heil PR20...

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tINY 29th July 2008
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Caveat: this is probably a dumb question. I am anxiously awaiting my new Adam A7 monitors to integrate in my project studio. I...

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tINY 29th July 2008
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anybody using this little box? I've heard it's got some nice sounds, and is a very original sounding effects box. Me likey new...

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steelyfan 29th July 2008
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I'm curious to see when in the recording process you might go through and do some "tightening up". Whether it's with...

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fooman 29th July 2008
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Does anyone know what exactly Peter Cetera uses in his FX chain? The question has never really been resolved in this forum. Is...

The Studio RI
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rob S 29th July 2008
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I think we might all have this dilemma at some point. You buy a piece of gear thats cool at the time, then 5+ years down the...

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danbronson 29th July 2008
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i start gigging with a new piano trio (bass and drums) next month and need an amp system that will cut small to medium rooms in...

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rbacavallo 29th July 2008
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one 24 input/output patchbay (maybe i should get another...) Digi 003 Board: Neve 54 Series Console (8x8-channel) TAPE!: MCI...

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deckerluke 29th July 2008
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I'm looking into a paif of ANF-10's or P 11A's. The ANF-10 just blows my mind because it is a great sounding pair of monitors for...

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herrhafen 29th July 2008
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Wow... only one person had a question for Oliver? What? Y'all don't feel comfortable doing anything except "vs."...

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DanDan 29th July 2008
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I will be expanding to 16 inputs in the very near future, and my search/research has lead me to give serious consideration to the...

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rxfit06 29th July 2008
Avatar for James Lugo

Oh man they are cool sounding. After years of KRK V4's in studio B this is a whole new trip. I can't believe ADAM sells them so...

James Lugo
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danbronson 29th July 2008
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So I have a Neumann TLM 49 on the way and I will be using it into Apogee converters; I will thoroughly test it as is utilizing...

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RuffJazzRecords 29th July 2008
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is it totally nessasary if got another ff800 to have an external word clock? or would it run fine with running one off the other?...

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theblue1 29th July 2008
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Hello guys! So what do you think 300 + Larc or Pcm 96? I know i'll love quality of 300L, But its old. Pcm has plugin...

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Jim Williams 29th July 2008
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Hi, can DIY-gear (if it's build well with high quality components) f*** with commercial gear? What about...

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Deleted 99dc753 29th July 2008
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I'm looking for a run of 1000 digipaks with a 12-page color booklet inserted in a slit in the side of the digipak. ...

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river 29th July 2008
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Hello: I'd to know your opinion/experience about recording and mixing in digital and mastering in a reel to reel recorder. Does...

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floydisbest 29th July 2008
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Do mixing engineers get too much blame if the mix is not good and too much credit when it is good? When I give people...

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Jules 29th July 2008
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I own drums, bass, tons of guitar stuff, a midi keyboard and I sing, so everything I've learned has come from recording myself...

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danbronson 29th July 2008
Avatar for Brett 123

Hi I was wandering what is the best output levels from tools to feed to a desk ? I have a makie 32 which isn't the best desk so...

Brett 123
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RCM - Ronan 29th July 2008
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I was thinking about gear that never seems to go down and after 30 years of owning Shure mics, I can't recall a mic that ever...

Ken Walker
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RCM - Ronan 29th July 2008
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So I was recording to a friend's Reel to Reel the other day. And while it was fun the main thing I got from the experience was...

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TheBlade 29th July 2008
Avatar for Renegade Prod

Hye guys, Wanting to pick up a Gibson LP Custom in states while over there. Where can you guys advise me to head for a great...

Renegade Prod
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ark 29th July 2008
Avatar for wakestyle

Hey again, Is there any sort of 'standard' when it comes to manually controlling the bpm's in a session of a DAW? I know that...

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wakestyle 29th July 2008
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I have a solo experimental rock project. Solo meaning I do everything myself and then get musicians to play live as a...

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cortisol 29th July 2008
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any tips for mixing with them seems my mixes are very bright

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spektor 29th July 2008
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Searched the forum, searched google and the bands actual forum. looked for interviews... im not able to find any information as...

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RonCarlston 29th July 2008
Avatar for Mixbuster

Hey. Guys, for metal/rock mixing, whats the go go? Mackie HR624 or Event TR6? Thanks!

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Solar 29th July 2008
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Sofa King 29th July 2008
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congratulations to whoever did, though... some cat from portugal, i believe.

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mdjice 29th July 2008
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I downloaded all 168 recordings from the Tuesday Testers Mic shootout. 28 mics, each tested on 6 sources...

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bgrotto 29th July 2008
Avatar for n8tron

So after years of a spill free setup I finally knocked a glass of juice on my mackie control. I even have a separate area to...

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n8tron 28th July 2008
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I'm looking for somebody to do some really, kickass Earth, Wind, & Fire style horn arrangements... almost cliche 70's horns,...

Matt Grondin
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[email protected] 28th July 2008
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Hey, I have a Soundcraft MPM 12/2 and in all honesty it sound horrific. I makes me think of throwing a speaker into a pool! I...

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gizm770o 28th July 2008
Avatar for lionheart

I have this sub with my 8040 genelec's, and was wondering if it's possible to use the conections on the sub for the rear speakers...

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lionheart 28th July 2008
Avatar for mdjice

Ok My Voice a a LOT of Sibillance problems, I would even say at 2 different frquencies (ssS and SHHH) I tried different mics...

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Avatar for PKatis
PKatis 28th July 2008