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I have a small home studio in the second bedroom of average size 2 bedroom apartment. The average household in the UK uses 9...

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The Byre 3rd August 2008
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OK... It is the silly season. Songs where the chord progression spells out something... You know... EGAD BAD FAD DAD... (I...

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russrags 3rd August 2008
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Hey guys, I know this isn't really GS related, BUT... I have an old yamaha fg 280 acoustic guitar that I'd like to get some...

king of sweden
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king of sweden 3rd August 2008
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There was a recent thread asking what people said before pressing record - ("rolling" seemed to be very popular.) I was...

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Karloff70 3rd August 2008
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Will any of these allow two networked machines to use the same iLok? silex America | USB Device Servers - silex...

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eclectic 3rd August 2008
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Hi, I recently got hold of a D-Drum kick trigger for a metal project. I used it with the Roland TD-3 brain(borrowed) and also...

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zeppe 3rd August 2008
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How does one learn the craft teching, of, recapping fixing gear consoles etc? Is there a beginners book or good resource. ...

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gurubuzz 3rd August 2008
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Hi there Fellashowdy Has anyone heard -or seen- this compressor already? Neve's website tells that it's been released..! Any...

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transsylvan 3rd August 2008
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My question is if I decide to have my end product on CD and Vinyl does the sample rate I am recording in matter. I have been...

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The Reel Thing 3rd August 2008
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I'm not that experienced at all with producing, so I'm leaving it up to you guys to debate the features and benefits between...

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hawaii82 3rd August 2008
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I've read a few threads on here about the bass extension of the Adams, especially from Fletcher when he describes the 'extra...

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Ruphus 3rd August 2008
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I wanted to post an update to an ongoing debate. I believe that most engineers do not know how to correctly mic a Marshall. The...

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jefferson 3rd August 2008
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I'm looking for one outboard EQ that's great for vocals and stereo mixes/stems. Any suggestions? I want CHARACTER...something...

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chandlersonic 3rd August 2008
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I have either been in recording or around live sound all my life but ive always wondered where is the magic in the theater sound,...

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Chaellus 3rd August 2008
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I just read a thread on the TOMB about recording levels, and how you should aim for an average level of -18dBfs. I'm a newbie...

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steveschizoid 3rd August 2008
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REAPER! I have Vista Premium 64 bit operating system and thought that waves plug-ins don't work with all DAWs because even Waves...

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heisleyamor 3rd August 2008
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I'm curious about mixing OTB with a 002 and a Rosetta 800. What is the maximum number of simultaneous analog outputs provided by...

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nukmusic 3rd August 2008
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Did a search and found no comments on this new CD from Steve Winwood. The title is 9 lives. Just amazing musicianship and a...

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Oldone 3rd August 2008
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I have a Lexicon Prime Time Model 93 which is in excellent physical condition. It's sliders do not sound scratchy at all. They...

Jake Holland
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C.Judd Karn 3rd August 2008
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I need to sell a mint condition 9/11 commemorative american flag Les Paul Custom in the case for my girl's dad. I think it sound...

James Lugo
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GregoryC 3rd August 2008
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Hello, I want to hear how recordings (singing) with the shure sounds, not only lows but mids and highs aswell. Could anybody...

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Jackie Moon 3rd August 2008
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Came across this on the net. Me thinks this is how the "Big Boys" get there tone. Looks pretty spot on to me!

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GuneyOzsan 3rd August 2008
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So, I'm curious as to how these things are holding out? are they still hype or, pas'se? I've heard that, they are a little...

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Klauth 2nd August 2008
Avatar for musical5

Does anyone have any examples of known mixes where most of the verbs were plugins? Thanks

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Dean Roddey 2nd August 2008
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£1500 (that's pounds!) to spend on mic + pre for ambient/choral/soundscape. Want the vocals to sound lush and beautiful. Female...

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Kroy 2nd August 2008
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First of all - hello! howdy I've used this forum passively for years to answer various queries I've had in the past on all sorts...

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k1dfarthing 2nd August 2008
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nowadays most consumers listen to music on their desktop? Music downloads dramatically increase, less consumers buy it on a...

Neon Heart
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Tony Shepperd 2nd August 2008
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I'm looking for a headphone amp. I'm thinking about the Benchmark H1. I've heard that the "maxxed portaphile" is...

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heisleyamor 2nd August 2008
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say I did something in OceanWay drums and I wanted to save RAM usage by putting it into a track, which I would be able to edit...

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BLUElightCory 2nd August 2008
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Has anyone recorded both? How do they compare? Warehouse is 80 including shipping. Celestions start around 110 plus...

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Tibbon 2nd August 2008
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Hey slutz! I am thinking about an acoustic-improvement for my room, trying to get the bass response more even. I have big...

WunderBro Flo
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WunderBro Flo 2nd August 2008
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ripper 2nd August 2008
Avatar for AllAboutTone

I have a small issue, which can be a great one for some as well, my room eq is pretty much right on and my monitors seemed to not...

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AllAboutTone 2nd August 2008
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Were is the tread about mix war ?? Maybe i´m a clown to search for earlier treads, but can´t find it. I have a mix to...

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DontLetMeDrown 2nd August 2008
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So Rush was on Colbert and now Feist on Sesame Street. Mad props for Canada. This song makes me so happy. <object...

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Meriphew 2nd August 2008
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i just got logic express and theres all theses cool synths built in so if i got a cheap controller with no built in sounds can it...

Deleted User
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HeavyG 2nd August 2008
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Have a look a this article about the invention of stereo. There is one of the first stereo video clips and there is a programme...

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zooloo 2nd August 2008
Avatar for AllAboutTone

Thats right, im not worried about cash but rather perfection. Should i buy (2) 525s or a 2500 in the further. ps: i lean...

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AllAboutTone 2nd August 2008
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Hello, Unfortunately I don't have friends, which have analog tape recorders, but I read a lot of information about sound of...

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reax 2nd August 2008
Avatar for T bill

7.4 with the CS 5..... update and it still draws the wrong audio file, now and then. It never did it in 7.3. It is a total pain...

T bill
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dangoudie 2nd August 2008
Avatar for lynyrd

Well, I just pulled the trigger and ordered another N-72 preamp kit from Tim at Seventh Circle Audio bringing my total to 4 in...

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drBill 2nd August 2008
Avatar for Umlaaat

I want to be able to send a channel to multiple outs/aux WITHOUT using sends... Is this possible?

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u b k 2nd August 2008
Avatar for Lindell

Hey ho, Could someone please take a photo of the new Wunder console and post it here? Thanks, bumpkin

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HonkyTonk 2nd August 2008
Avatar for Daystar

I'm thinkin on gettin my first Compressor . I used Plug ins until now . currentley i have Great-river ME1NV as My pre-amp ...

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indravayu 2nd August 2008
Avatar for iomegaman

Anyone have any experience with the older Sonic Solutions D/A? Stand alone box, toslink in XLR out DAC only, half rack no real...

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iomegaman 2nd August 2008
Avatar for AnalogBrain

Hey guys, Seen a few posts over the last few months discouraging using a DI for bass guitar, as well as micing the amp, unless...

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Avatar for AudioFocus
AudioFocus 2nd August 2008
Avatar for heisleyamor

Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem! Here is a wav file of me playing the same riff 2...

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heisleyamor 2nd August 2008
Avatar for deckerluke

Trying to figure out how to most logically dump 2" tape from a MCI JH 16 into an 003 - pro tools LE anybody got any...

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themaidsroom 2nd August 2008
Avatar for josva

maybe a stupid question..sorry I know some hardware effects like lexicon pcm96 or eventide h8000fw can be used as a plugin.....

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Avatar for drBill
drBill 2nd August 2008
Avatar for IzzyRock

I'm looking for a computer programmer with experience in VST plugins, also with knowledge in Impulses/Convolution. The idea is...

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IzzyRock 2nd August 2008