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Hi GS, I'm interested in obtaining one of the smaller rhodes pianos somewhere in the used market, but I'd like to also find a...

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soupking 5th August 2008
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I recently bought an arsenal of tambourines, shakers etc... that I need for some tracks. which kind of mic do you choose for...

Neon Heart
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reid 4th August 2008
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Just picked this record up. THE MIX IS AMAZING! Koudos to everyone involved on that record. Would love to know more about how...

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EvilE 4th August 2008
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I was just curious what kind of COmpressor or limiter do you guys put on the vocal bus (all vocals routed) with what Kind of...

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Benmrx 4th August 2008
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Is low latency software monitoring anything that most singers will notice?

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theblue1 4th August 2008
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I have a chance to pick up a 1960 Marshall that has 4 Eminence Legend GB128 speakers in it. The price is around $300. What i'm...

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rekloos 4th August 2008
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Hi all I don't write reviews much and I don't tend to get overly excited about gear, I like what I like but I don't often go...

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Paul Wolff Designs 4th August 2008
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Hi there, i'm looking for a good fx device and i've been offered both a Fireworx and a Mangler at a very good price. I've...

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Overdrive 4th August 2008
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Mackie DXB200, I purchased this board new two years ago. Moving to an API. This console has been great and there is nothing to...

Jeff Herrmann
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Crash 4th August 2008
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Hi everyone! I am looking for a nice audio interface to bring out the analog in my Voyager and Andromeda. Right now I have a...

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Ryowolf 4th August 2008
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Hi GS, This one is kind of hard to explain, but it's really cool and going to be a big help for us calibrating these machines in...

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soupking 4th August 2008
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i just moved to boring old utah and i have been looking all over for an assistant job or even someone who shares the same musical...

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wes 4th August 2008
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hi everybody I have this question after two years to sleeping my prefered machine a emt 252 that fix no more new sets...

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pongo 4th August 2008
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Hi all- I've been mixing with my P22a's for about a year and a half or more now and I'm finding that my mixes translate as...

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norman_nomad 4th August 2008
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Hi, I've posted my first thread on this site 30 minutes ago. The entire message was not displayed and the site is now...

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Jules 4th August 2008
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Is this mission impossible: I'd like to be able to bring 24-32 tracks (staying digital) out of my DAW, through some sort of...

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Bassmankr 4th August 2008
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I'm looking to expand my knowledge of the entire recording process. I have read some really good books and some really bad...

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Jules 4th August 2008
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Hi to all, I'm new to the forum. I have read and agreed to abide by the gearslut rules. I've noticed that one is not allowed...

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warhead 4th August 2008
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Hi; Just wondering what announced, but not yet released, new gear is blowing your skirt up? Maybe I may see something that I...

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Sk106 4th August 2008
Avatar for TheLoud1Please

or does it just offset the strain on the CPU? I can only find opinions about plugins in the search, not this sort of detail.

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zeljkom 4th August 2008
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I am having trouble finding a direct comparison from seventh circle's A12 and API 512c. is it worth the extra cash going with api...

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Deleted 93bb4d4 4th August 2008
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At this stage I feel like this is probably my biggest obstacle in obtaining polished sounding mixes. I Would appreciate any...

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gurubuzz 4th August 2008
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I don't meant the Cher-effect use of it, which I think of more as a special effect or studio trick. Although I do still continue...

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doorknocker 4th August 2008
Avatar for spektor

If you did 2 or three mixes and you like them all what do you pick?

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Deleted 99dc753 4th August 2008
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I have a project studio which consists of a 003 with some outboard pres. i go out of my 003's LandR outs into rokit 5 speakers. I...

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d.dot 4th August 2008
Avatar for heisleyamor

I'm listening to Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice on vinyl. The guitars sound amazing and you can really tell they were recorded...

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u b k 4th August 2008
Avatar for BlakeJohnsonCSR

What is the best way for a new studio to attract business? I have some bills to pay!

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TheChariot 4th August 2008
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HI all, I have a new Mac Pro which shipped with 2 GB of RAM, and I have purchased 4 more 2GB sticks from crucial.com...My...

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turnstile 4th August 2008
Avatar for Nu-tra

Anyone know any good tape machine techs in Los Angeles?

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Nu-tra 4th August 2008
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Okay, I'm new to gearslutz so I hope this is in the right section of the forum...but I just picked up a pair of Yamaha HS-50 and...

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BeatJunkie5 4th August 2008
Avatar for Ben B

A colleague of mine today was extolling the virtues of this product. (In case you're not familiar with it by name, it's that...

Ben B
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Charles Dye 4th August 2008
Avatar for Nightbreed

I saw this mixer at a local thrift store. The info on it shows its from the early 70's. Solid state stuff, I assume. It looked...

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Steffmo 4th August 2008
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Go ahead and post, have you pushed a Hammond up hill for 4 miles to get it home? Other crazy gear stories? I'm in Atlanta and...

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NorseHorse 4th August 2008
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I often hear people say that the difference between different preamps is huge and the difference between this EQ and that EQ is...

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NorseHorse 4th August 2008
Avatar for ARIEL

Hey Guys , trying to find some info of what type of brand digidesign is using for all of their digisnake cables . I had to grab a...

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ARIEL 4th August 2008
Avatar for TRA

I purposefully didn't post this in the mastering section because a mastering engineers opinion isn't what matters to me.... What...

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NorseHorse 4th August 2008
Avatar for toasteh

Is it common practice to use preamps to send a mix through? If so, why? Coloration, loudness? Is it common to do this to an...

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NorseHorse 4th August 2008
Avatar for museic

I have a Warwick Corvette 5 string with active MEC J/J pickups. I know I want an active DI to bring it to the board. I was...

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museic 4th August 2008
Avatar for koostix

I have a small project studio centred around solo acoustic guitar music. I am running Cubase SX with an EMU 1820m, a pair of...

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PRobb 4th August 2008
Avatar for Dog Boots

I've been lurking here for a while, and posting within the last few weeks and something been annoying me about the...

Dog Boots
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the_man361 4th August 2008
Avatar for xiandishinger

what are your favorite preamp choices for kick/snare and ovhds? i have UA2108 that sounds good on kick/snare but would like to...

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Avatar for vernier
vernier 4th August 2008
Avatar for oldspeckledhen

...apart from removing the 3 philips screws from just underneath the bottom of the keys, and the two control knobs, is there...

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ebot9000 4th August 2008
Avatar for simplecarnival

I'm considering picking up a LynxTwo-C. There's no MIDI input/output on the card, as far as I can tell. So I was wondering... If...

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simplecarnival 3rd August 2008
Avatar for AnalogBrain

Well, I am really happy with my CL 7602s. The DI input on bass is badass!. Looking for another 2 channels with EQ. Any...

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Benmrx 3rd August 2008
Avatar for JMAV

Hi guys, So I've picked up this audio technica pro 2ax vocal mic. I know that its garbage but i'm interested in fixing it. The...

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JMAV 3rd August 2008
Avatar for rodge

anybody know of any good links/sources where i can find information on the noteworthy producers and engineers of the past (and...

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Avatar for Bob Olhsson
Bob Olhsson 3rd August 2008
Avatar for bulley

I was thinking of getting some but can anyone tell me what happens on the A7s if you have both the balanced and unbalanced...

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Avatar for bulley
bulley 3rd August 2008
Avatar for deardaddy

With the july special from Mcdsp, I decided to buy 2 of their native plug ins. Here are the plug ins I already have : Waves...

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Avatar for Deleted 1a30a04
Deleted 1a30a04 3rd August 2008
Avatar for rxfit06

I just purchased a pair of the M-Audio Ex-66 monitors, but haven't received them yet. I read all of the posts here, but most...

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rxfit06 3rd August 2008
Avatar for KidGibRic

Hey guys. I need some help with micing up a drum set. I'm just kind of learning the ropes and wanted some suggestions. For...

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Avatar for TeReKeTe
TeReKeTe 3rd August 2008