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“Groovy Electronic Funk Rock” by HuskyProductions https://100audio.com/en/download/1055368/ #royaltyfreemusic Powerful...

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Nicoletta 21st June 2019
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Like a compressor that looks at the entire wav file at once and decides how to even it out as a whole instead of in linear...

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elegentdrum 21st June 2019
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I have an Id14. I thought at first my tubes on my preamp before were going out because the sound cut in and out a couple times...

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TurboJets 21st June 2019
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I'm having trouble with my SM7b . . . it wobbles when connected to my mic stand. I'm not talking about the side mounts - they're...

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Lee_Diamond 21st June 2019
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Just got this gorgeous mic. Sounds excellent. Except that it's picking up a radio signal. Really loud too. I've never had this...

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HackyZach 20th June 2019
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Hey y'all, I'm quite new to all this and I'm not sure if this is the right forum so please advise me if I'm intruding in the...

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warhead 20th June 2019
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Most technically advanced hardware compressors?

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warhead 20th June 2019
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So I'm using a control surface for the first time after getting an Icon QCon from a friend. I hear of lots of people who pretty...

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Drumsound 20th June 2019
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Hey all, A friend of mine has an old Crumar DP-50 (vintage analog synth made for EP sounds) hanging out in his basement and...

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soniccouture 20th June 2019
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Hi everyone I have the possibility to buy a pair of Rode NT2A's secondhand. Theyre moded but the owner (who is the second owner...

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Patrick Norton 20th June 2019
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I just listened to the Top 50 charts. Very very different than 10 years ago when I was doing more work in music. Man, the 808's...

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ty45 20th June 2019
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After finally discovering a way to make the UAD JMP 2203 amp sim deliver acceptable tones I'm renewing my interest in amp sims....

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dscuyamungue 20th June 2019
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Hi, having been interested in Mackie MR624 and XR624 models, I cannot find published distortion figures anywhere for their...

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Woodhouse 20th June 2019
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That if you go to Zen Pro Audio and search for ‘mic pre’. It shows 1073 results. Haha, I kid you not!

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warhead 20th June 2019
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Hello everyone, I often hear people say that a mic pre will make vocals sound fatter and nicer. I have seen many videos...

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psycho_monkey 20th June 2019
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I've got 2 Genelec 8030Cs, which I really like- I occasionally get a lilttle bass farting out/crackling in playback, I chase...

Pale Rider
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FranciscoFrugoni 19th June 2019
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Are the Latch Lake 1100 sturdy enough to hold a Cole 4038? Looking to get a proper stand for a home studio, to use for drum...

Pale Rider
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Pale Rider 19th June 2019
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Hi. My chain: Focusrite ISA, Klark Teknik Pultec, Klark Teknik 1176, Klark Teknik La2a. In wich order do you plug them? I use to...

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terrible.dee 19th June 2019
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Have 2k Have tlm 102 and id22 and pc and monitors and phones. Wanted cranborne 500 adat to analog sum mixes. Opportunity to...

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Dlane 19th June 2019
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Anyone familiar with broadcast headsets? I am wondering what headsets are used by the commentators here in this video:...

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John Willett 19th June 2019
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Apparently flat with no need for correction software, but is that just marketing BS? They have some heavyweight endorsements...

Mr Funk
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Mr Funk 19th June 2019
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Why is the ADAT output level 6db less than line level on this unit? My chain is this: mic > 4-710d > UFX I send the...

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Pcat 19th June 2019
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Hi all, I'm considering doing a studio build with soffit mounted speakers. I'm looking for near-field monitors that'd be my...

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HeatMan 19th June 2019
Avatar for crying1986

Hey, We have two of these in my studio. They have only been used for about a month now and out of the 8 total channels...

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Pcat 19th June 2019
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Do any of you run any salvaged vintage Alnicos (Rola, Utah, CTS, etc) in a 212 or 412 Marshall setup successfully? I’m looking...

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Dannot 19th June 2019
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I am in desperate need of a schematic for a DBX 160SL... does anyone have one or any idea where to find one? DBX does not seem...

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PhonicSpotlight 19th June 2019
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Hi Everyone, this is my first post here, although I have been an active reader for years. The reason ive decided to finally make...

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IrieTy34 19th June 2019
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Saw this on Acme Audio's Facebook Page!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Acme-Audio-Manufacturing-Co/175279792484087

sam guaiana
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davehall6162 19th June 2019
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I'm feeling like my Scarlett 6i6 is outputting an unusably low signal for it's +4 outputs... From Ableton's Master (Computer A),...

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dwbkeys 19th June 2019
Avatar for xWhyohwhyx

So I've been the owner of the Simmons SDSV for a few months now. It's so much fun to use and toy around with, making all kinds of...

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Jack Luminous 19th June 2019
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I think the best sounding recordings are from this genre/era. Listen to Christopher Cross's "Sailing" for...

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CrankyChris 19th June 2019
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Hey Guys, I just bought a high end preamp...I would rather not say the name so I don't rub anybody the wrong way. I am picking...

turk sanchez
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Capej 19th June 2019
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Anybody have experience with both of these pre's? I've used the Pacifica before on a few sessions, and really liked the...

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tkaitkai 19th June 2019
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Shout out to gearslutz members! ..Guys i have Just recovered after an horrible experience with Behringer C-1U USB mic. The mic is...

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pencilextremist 19th June 2019
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I've looked through some of the other upgrade suggestion threads but couldn't find one where the starting point was similar to...

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elegentdrum 19th June 2019
Avatar for Dougal92

Hi! Was wandering if anyone had any experience replacing a tweeter on a focal alpha 65? My specific question would be, if I...

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Bushman 19th June 2019
Avatar for sprawl

I recently aquired a sony v77. Great unit! Everything works but occasionaly i get loud (0dB) clicks. This often happens when...

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sprawl 19th June 2019
Avatar for Dave.R

I bought KRK RP8G2 and a woofer just went after just 6-7 years (never played louder than 85-90 dB) please recommend some...

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Crazy4Jazz 18th June 2019
Avatar for rdpar

I have a Asus rog g752vt lap top. i7 6700 processor 32gig ram Has anyone used this computer with a Clarett thunderbird...

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Panelhead 18th June 2019
Avatar for jason1581

Hi, I bought a new Bricasti System 1 few days ago. But I can’t use it until now, it’s still show “Bricasti Design Model...

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Avatar for Casey
Casey 18th June 2019
Avatar for kmade

I have an Eve Sc208 in need of repair , it will just quit passing audio then start in a few seconds or maybe a minute at the...

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kmade 18th June 2019
Avatar for bash

Setting up a sort of re-amp station in another room where I can record EGs at high volume and I have a single open slot in a...

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theglow 18th June 2019
Avatar for Adonis Martine

Anybody think the 31102 is better than the 1073? Anybody feel the 31102 has more mojo/ smoother?

Adonis Martine
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burns46824 18th June 2019
Avatar for AtypicalRhythmer

Somebody is selling one for 40 bucks in my local area and I was wondering if anyone would know if there’s a catch such as...

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AtypicalRhythmer 18th June 2019
Avatar for t-slice

Tool - 10,000 days - Vicarious - 4:08 - Vocals What makes the vocals sound like that, is it a reversed vocal or is it some...

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Avatar for Trakworx
Trakworx 18th June 2019
Avatar for Aaron Miller

So for the people using non-stepped EQ on 2bus, how are you matching channels? I've got the Nail on the 2bus and here's what I...

Aaron Miller
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Carl Freeland 18th June 2019
Avatar for Rredline

This is the most amazing compressor I have used and have only dreamed of even using a distressor. I am blown away by this thing...

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Avatar for terrible.dee
terrible.dee 18th June 2019
Avatar for d33psp33d

I currently have a RME UFX interface and I am using 2x focusrite mkii Dynamic to extend the I/O. This way I can take full...

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Deleted 063dc0d 18th June 2019
Avatar for citrusonic

hi guys and gals, anyone know of any 500 series stereo VU meters, or can point me in the direction of a DIY build...

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James7800 18th June 2019
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My blackface Apollo 8 took a major hit and is dead, which gives me an excuse to buy the latest and greatest. I'm looking at the...

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snm10 17th June 2019