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Yes, if walk fast in a quiet place I can hear a low swooshing sound in my ears. It kind of like a sound effect from a cheap...

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Jules 20th August 2008
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Is this a solid mathematical relationship or does this figure vary between systems?

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Farview 20th August 2008
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Where can I find a good studio vocalist in the Bay Area? Is there a website that you can direct me to, or a recommendation of...

10 Dollars
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10 Dollars 20th August 2008
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Hi! Can a microphone be damaged by too high SPL making the amplifier inside it clip? I wouldn't think so, but I'm not expert so...

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shadewind 20th August 2008
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I'm wondering what some good options are for a compressor that has the flexibility and control of a Distressor, but without the...

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Norman Lindsey 20th August 2008
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Howdy mates.... Need a new flat-panel monitor screen for my DAW... I see that monitors come with "response time"...

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Savernake 20th August 2008
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Hello! I finally got myself out of the small town and here in Hollywood! I made it past my first year (1 year and 4 months...

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c.dizzle 20th August 2008
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So I've won a recording competition that was recently judged at my school. Big whoop, right? I beat out a bunch of...

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DontLetMeDrown 20th August 2008
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Just wanted to show my appreciation for having such a resource like GS. I started reading the forum (like the bible) a few...

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smashbrand 20th August 2008
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I've heard people say that Digidesign is a hardware company. However most people don't like their hardware like converters and...

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Max G 20th August 2008
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Anyone try using these together? I'm thinking of getting a 2192 to do primo A/D/A conversion, and using my 400F to be a bridge...

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Never1 20th August 2008
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All of you should love this, I know I have been XeroTheory basically the songs in rock band have to be multitrack in order...

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Andrew07 20th August 2008
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Hello, I am about to embark on a dissertation on Joe Baresi and his production style, etc. I was wondering if anyone could...

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Savernake 20th August 2008
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I have a pair of JM27s with bad capacitors. I am going to replace the caps but wanted to use some quality electronics and good...

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slowjett 20th August 2008
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Short-term Housing Needed Hi Glasgow folks, My daughter Eva, a final year student at the School of the Art Institute of...

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Michael_Joly 20th August 2008
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This might sound strange, but it stems from relative ignorance... I have recently acquired a Leslie amp. It is a 330 that has...

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Fishmed 20th August 2008
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I'm at wits end here. I play guitar regularly at church and they're thinking of making people switch to Pods. I'm an...

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custom24 20th August 2008
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Hello eveeryone, Was wondering if anyone had any information on what gear was used on the guitar sound on their latest...

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bigggidy 20th August 2008
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I want to buy something really small thatll sound pretty similar to my powerbook speakers.. I find my stuff sounds pretty good...

planet red
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DivineMusic 20th August 2008
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Hey folks, As this is my first post here let me start by saying what's up to you all, and say I have really enjoyed reading...

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gainreduction 20th August 2008
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Hi all, Was using the Distressor on a guitar today and was considering how useful it would be to use in a guitar switching...

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psycho_monkey 20th August 2008
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Hey, whats up ? :) Im new here , its good to know such a professional forum, ive been reading a lot here on mics and gear in the...

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delasoul 20th August 2008
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Anyone know of, or had any experience with online brass - I'm in the middle of an album & don't really have time to sort...

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duckoff 20th August 2008
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Hi! I'm gonna record linesignals and then re amp it in my studio. have never done this before. I have 1 Neveclone called...

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Limepit 20th August 2008
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I bought a Duende fought with it for 2 months it never worked properly got rid of it. I got an SSL Alphalink sent to me with...

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T_R_S 20th August 2008
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Hello felow slutz! I am adding a 2192 to my setup and would like to use it as a master clock for my RME Multiface II and ADI-8......

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peeder 20th August 2008
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I have been trying to mix with an attitude of, "I will make the most important instrument the loudest, then as their...

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amishsixstringe 20th August 2008
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I just got the GC 44th anniversary e-mail, and one section has blemshed items at a discount. This is one of those items: ...

Ken Walker
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stuntbutt 20th August 2008
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Look at this. What is going on here? Is this some rip off, or a prototype? I say ripoff. NEW Digidesign DIGI 003...

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C Heat 20th August 2008
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I just bought a vintage 70's mxr distortion + guitar pedal off of evilbay and it smells of smoke so badly that it's stinking up...

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Sounds Great 20th August 2008
Avatar for apadua

I currently have a Lucid AD9624 and DA9624 which I use to bypass the conversion on my MOTU 828mkii.. Which is a noticeable...

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Matt Hepworth 20th August 2008
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Hi, can the Sonalksis plugins (SV-315, SV-517) still keep up with the quality of new plugins like the Waves Studio Classics or...

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rhizomeman 20th August 2008
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I'm going to be adding some mics in the next few months and had almost decided to pull the trigger on a pair of AEA R84's. I...

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digibird 20th August 2008
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Just put together two new Argosy Spire racks. ugh, what a chore! took me the better half of the day... some assembly DEFINATLY...

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ddageek 20th August 2008
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Hey guys I'm a pretty good singer and I believe I have a good range for a guy singer yet I really need to practice control...

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Baderup99 20th August 2008
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I want to nail down a super cool clean yet meaty DI funk guitar sound, a la Prince. I've been looking at the MC77 (with a good...

J.S.Vega III
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J.S.Vega III 20th August 2008
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I'm stuck. I've been offered a U87 AI for about $1600 and a Soundelux U95 for $1200 and I don't know which to get. Both are in...

Sean Sullivan
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Sean Sullivan 20th August 2008
Avatar for mikymike

Anybody BESIDES Fletcher or anyone from Mercenary tried/demoed/bought the NPNG? Do they live uip to the hype from Fletcher? How...

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mikymike 20th August 2008
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On the Digi 002 can I use in's 1-4 (pre's) for hardware inserts like compressors or reverb returns? The pre's can't be bypassed...

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Lipps 20th August 2008
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Is there a stereo plug-in that I could use to move certain frequencies left, right, or center? I'm particularly interested in...

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Sk106 20th August 2008
Avatar for stonewall40

Just wondering, would you consider going from Dynaudio BM6a's to Adam p33A's an upgrade? I cant audition any where I live. But...

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stonewall40 20th August 2008
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I talked to Tim and had him speak at a NARAS event..too bad NARAS lobbied to up the royality rates..Pandora was one way for...

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Savernake 19th August 2008
Avatar for naethoven

Hi, I realize the 96i is intended for line level gear, but isn't the direct out of the board/pre coming out at line level?? Why...

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Duardo 19th August 2008
Avatar for TAXS

What do you guys think of the following thoughts; the right order of the recording chain when it comes up the the fase of FX. ...

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Flying_Dutchman 19th August 2008
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Trid to find info on here, but wasn't satisfied given my needs... I want to take the signal off my guitar, and split it. Send one...

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ben_allison 19th August 2008
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I have logic studio, and wonder if its better to set up the reverb, and compressors as a send effect versus on the track...

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kincept 19th August 2008
Avatar for mdjice

I'm getting a 36 input console (about 9 feet long) and it's pretty heavy It is located like 6 hours away from my studio. I could...

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mdjice 19th August 2008
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What's so great is I actually first thought this was an Onion article. What makes it so much better is that it's not. Digg -...

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travisbrown 19th August 2008
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I Bought a Yamaha KX8 and I am not completely "wow"ed by it's action/feel... The keys seem to have a shorter throw, I...

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hduncan 19th August 2008
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Check out this article on the new Byrne/Eno album. As a fan of "Bush Of Ghosts," I'm psyched/curious about this new...

Silver Sonya
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ambo 19th August 2008