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Hi, I'm dabbling a little with singing rough / guide tracks but would still like to get a nice sound straight from the mic. I...

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Nolet 12th October 2008
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Hello, first post here for me! I am buying a vintage mic off ebay that requires 12 volt T power. I want to know what is the...

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John Willett 12th October 2008
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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of any decent places in the Los Angeles area to get tape transferred to digital...

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davidollard 12th October 2008
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I have a chance to pickup a really well maintained Lexicon 224x for a VERY good price. I'm wondering if I should get it or hold...

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dbbubba 12th October 2008
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Boz Scaggs' "Lowdown" has two hi hats going...any other notables? Why isn't this done more often?

vodka gimli
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allencollins 12th October 2008
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Hi I want to have a CD recorder for recording performances live, and was wondering what my options are - here's what I...

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celebritymusic 12th October 2008
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Hi everyone (my first post ever, nice forum you got here :)) I have just bought a second hand moog voyager rme. But I think it...

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Jazzpunk 12th October 2008
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I know API 7600 is a solution . Any other idea ? thx jkthtyrt

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adisc 12th October 2008
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I'm always tempted to buy a clavinet when I see one for sale, but at the moment really can't afford the space it would take up....

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u b k 12th October 2008
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Greetings GS'ers, I was doing some maintenance on our site today (besides being the second over here, I'm the webmaster as...

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Rob-K 12th October 2008
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Moderators please delete this

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Mike Brown 12th October 2008
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I was wondering if anyone knew of a website that sells the studio rta producer station for less than the typical $499 that you...

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lazi 11th October 2008
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I was just looking to book a week away somewhere in Europe and was thinking I'll go somewhere that my euros will carry me far...

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Greg Curtis 11th October 2008
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Hi, all. I have had my Roland digital piano for over five years. All of a sudden, the sustain pedal works backwards. Any ideas...

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sahiaman 11th October 2008
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Hey Guys, I am thinking about getting a console for home use. We have a Neotek Series 1 Prototype at the studio. Unbelievable...

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dlmorley 11th October 2008
Avatar for The Reel Thing

hi there, i bought a second hand OSA rack with two preamps. they are wonderful. problem is the power supply sucks. we...

The Reel Thing
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BBoylan 11th October 2008
Avatar for recall

Hi Guys, Following on from the analogue modeling thread, I did some more research on the SPL line after having never paid much...

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recall 11th October 2008
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Hey, Has anyone tried the URS saturation plug across the two buss? A number of people are speculation that some of the magic...

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doubledecker 11th October 2008
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Ok, that sounds pretty bad I know... I've got a classical recording in early November (Rehearsal 4th, Recording 8th) for which...

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pmx 11th October 2008
Avatar for uptoolate

Option 1: Purchase an RNC (or two). Or Option 2: Prchase another UAD-1 card, so I can realistically run the 33609 plug...

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4damind 11th October 2008
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I recorded a singer singing the same sound using a Brauner Phantera and a U47 (blue refurb). At first I thought the Brauner has a...

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gregohb 11th October 2008
Avatar for James Lugo

Nathan's Juggernaut didn't make it to the 500 series shootout in time so I just did a mini version for you'all. Female vocals...

James Lugo
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rhodesp04 11th October 2008
Avatar for ricfoxx

What do you use to burn CD's for your clients after their sessions. Or how do you deliver their work to them and by what means? ...

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Avatar for DrSax
DrSax 11th October 2008
Avatar for gbauley

Hey guys, I'm relatively new to recording live stuff, especially drums. I have a PreSonus Firewire 8channelpreamp, a computer and...

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DrSax 11th October 2008
Avatar for yumdrum

Hey guys, I have been mixing ITB but have just purchased a small format DDA CS3 for mixing. It is a 16/4/2 and I'm a little...

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psycho_monkey 11th October 2008
Avatar for lovephonic

Hey all, I'm in need of a large rehearsal hall in Vegas from Oct. 13-20. It needs to be large enough to accommodate full...

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lovephonic 11th October 2008
Avatar for krs

Hi - quick question for the PT gurus, I don' often use the MIDI/tempo features of PTLE (7.4, MPTK), but I've had to create a...

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krs 11th October 2008
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I have a composer using my studio who brought his own rig, but he'd like to use my outboard effects rack - which is way out of...

rack gear
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rack gear 11th October 2008
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My monitors pick up a huge amount of cellphone interference. The signal comes through much louder than I normally listen to...

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hduncan 11th October 2008
Avatar for bigos

And yes the music industry is going to ****. The only uplifting thing that I discovered for the three days that I was there was...

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bigos 11th October 2008
Avatar for Curve Dominant

We all know Massey plugins sound deliciously good, are exceptionally functional, and are a strong value from a price...

Curve Dominant
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Avatar for TonyBelmont
TonyBelmont 11th October 2008
Avatar for tuco

I'm guessing a lot of us are looking at the new generation of Firewire mixers -- something that could be used as universal...

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tuco 11th October 2008
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TonyBelmont 11th October 2008
Avatar for adoucette

Need some help deciding.. Preamps API 3124+ 4 channel mic pre, or 2 of the 512C's racked in a 'lunchbox'? Having 4 channels for...

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BBoylan 11th October 2008
Avatar for ReeseB

Weren't quite ready when it was posted the first time. Anyway, here's AES '08 through the eyes of Mercenary, filled with...

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IntenseJim 11th October 2008
Avatar for MartianRec

Listening to Robbie Williams "Feel" recently has me wondering what mic was used for vocal. I've always liked the...

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MartianRec 11th October 2008
Avatar for LSProductions

Over the last few months I've started getting the occational digital "pop", or "glitch", usually while...

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LSProductions 11th October 2008
Avatar for De chromium cob

I'm toying with the idea of trying out some fiberskyn heads on my early 70's Gretsch kit and was looking for some opinions on how...

De chromium cob
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marcus 11th October 2008
Avatar for blinkSaunders

I have heard that people remove the cloth covering the speakers in some headphones to avoid muffling the high-end. Would anyone...

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tabiggs 11th October 2008
Avatar for tarabok

Hey Slutz Just looking for a theremin kit to build from scratch thanks guys this place rules!kfhkh

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Avatar for tarabok
tarabok 11th October 2008
Avatar for ricfoxx

I will have the Ilok asset for 7.4 but where do I download the XP version of the software. I emailed Digi and have not heard from...

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Avatar for ricfoxx
ricfoxx 11th October 2008
Avatar for jeff4h

the insert returns on my amek console are right before the faders and the aux sends if they are set to pre. Does this mean it...

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Avatar for AntillesSound
AntillesSound 11th October 2008
Avatar for EstateMatt

Just found out something pretty important. Bottom snare mics sound a TON better when you mic as far away from the snares as...

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Avatar for phaqu
phaqu 11th October 2008
Avatar for lalalalala

To save my converters being powered on all day I have got a cheap pair of Behringer digital speakers - the idea being that when,...

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Avatar for lalalalala
lalalalala 10th October 2008
Avatar for Dixiechicken4414

I 'm wondering what mic Michael McDonald is using on this vid. Can you tell me ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vucmtLvIXMg

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fhames 10th October 2008
Avatar for beesee

Just wrote to Art tech support: "Hi, I'm writing to ask a general question about routing configuration for the Pro...

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beesee 10th October 2008
Avatar for pedrohead

howdy, howdy... so i've got a little concern that's been keeping me up at night. i'm a home recordist and recently took...

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Avatar for Link0126
Link0126 10th October 2008
Avatar for Mr. Liszt

I have a recording and live performance project that I am increasingly drawn to vocal sound amplified by the tube amplifier. ...

Mr. Liszt
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Avatar for ssaudio
ssaudio 10th October 2008
Avatar for juicylime

It's for an album of left of centre pop rock with some funky leanings. There's a bit of MIDI going on in most tracks and...

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Avatar for greatgreatriver
greatgreatriver 10th October 2008
Avatar for marcz

Could someone here please explain what the potential negatives of using a 2.1 system are ... ...OTHER THAN the issues associated...

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Avatar for Confusionator
Confusionator 10th October 2008