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hello, I'm a little new here but I love all the info on this board. I am building a small home studio little by little. I had a...

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ericcsong 24th October 2008
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hi, fairly new to the forum so excuse my ignorance. I am currently using an apogee duet through an iMac, but want to be able to...

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Doc Mixwell 24th October 2008
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How old can a speaker be before its sound is adversely affected by age? I'm looking into some 10-year-old, 3-way passive...

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AndreH 24th October 2008
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Hey is anyone here going to WOMEX in Sevilla, Spain next week? This will be my first time going. Can't wait.

Graham Tobias
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Graham Tobias 24th October 2008
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Just stumbled across this new DAC from Cambridge Audio.. Anyone heard one? It uses the twin WM8740 wolfson DACs , Balanced outs...

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flex 24th October 2008
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Hi Guys, My Airport base station just died after a couple of years of non stop action. Question to the more tech savvy members,...

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marcus 24th October 2008
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hi there gearheads in a bit of a situation.. i just bought a yamaha dtxplorer electronic kit and i have it in my bedroom, it is...

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mini1alex 24th October 2008
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any views on the STUDIORTA CREATION STATION anyone.. would like to hear your views as i am considering on purchasing one for my...

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mini1alex 24th October 2008
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Hello ladies and gents What do you know about them??? Googled my night for it, and nothing came across....could you help me out?...

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Ry-Fi 24th October 2008
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I'm try to route audio from daw (DP) to outboard gear (on a trs panel sent to Switchcraft 9625) back into another input channel....

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circa70 23rd October 2008
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I need a simple speaker selector rackmountable unit for my setup. I don't want to use a Central Station or anything like that.....

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Dave Peck 23rd October 2008
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Hello and thank you in advance... I recently had my 002r modified by Black Lion...lovely btw...and also picked up a Daking...

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amba 23rd October 2008
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Budget is about 300-400 sterling for three tracks. I have a mate here with a CD-duplicator, so I guess we only need a couple of...

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Jules 23rd October 2008
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hi I'm looking for a new switchbox for my studio monitors and ghettoblaster what do you guys use? I dont need any talkback...

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pete 23rd October 2008
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OK, I'm just about to purchase these headphones. Before I do, just wanted to do a last minute check with people who have these...

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TOTAL 23rd October 2008
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... it's not all that necessary. I mean, I like it some of the time, but I'm finding I prefer my mixes without a bus comp more...

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ProducerBoy 23rd October 2008
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It happened again. I bought a peice of gear via an Auction site, and it came with a bit more wear and tear than advertised. 3 of...

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ssaudio 23rd October 2008
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Hello all . I am recently planing to buy a Burl Bomber and Lynx Aurora convertors to use them with PT HD I would like to...

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Doc Mixwell 23rd October 2008
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Does anyone know if there is a preset available anywhere to use pro tools quick keys with cubase like you can do with...

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kellyd 23rd October 2008
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What do you guys think? Is the AE just a hype? Should I stick with the classic LN unit, or will the added features on the AE...

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rob S 23rd October 2008
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How to make the vocal sound like this - so direct and upfront? Is it mainly the voice / artist ......? Honky

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pan 23rd October 2008
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Fellow GS's members, I need your opinions I have the choice between the following: 1 - Soundcraft Delta 8 8x4x2 in good...

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tribeofenki 23rd October 2008
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hello guys, i really appreciated the recent API500 module shootout but here is my question : - i am really happy with my A...

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zakco 23rd October 2008
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Hello all! I would like to get a V672 and V676 serviced and racked (in that order), preferably in the London/ South East...

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Karloff70 23rd October 2008
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Hi there, I just wanted to know, from all live sound and recording gigs you guys did, what was the best direct out from a bass...

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mrkode 23rd October 2008
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hey guys, I had originally planned to go for an Auralex Roominator pro plus kit for my new (semi) pro studio, but after reading...

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Glenn Kuras 23rd October 2008
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Hi guys. I have often heard of Captain Beefheart but I have never heard his work until recently. It definitely setof my WTF?...

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steelyfan 23rd October 2008
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I play both piano and guitar, though not a virtuoso at either. I prefer them as a bed of rhythm. So, since I don't need to save...

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ryst 23rd October 2008
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Hello it is possible to let the H8000FW run by tree digital mulitple I/O's protocols/connections: * FW * ADAT * and AES ( the...

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TAXS 23rd October 2008
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I just had the opportunity to buy an ol' TAC 16/8/2 Console for NZ$520. The console had been expanded to 24 channel at some...

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dlmorley 23rd October 2008
Avatar for nonamesleft

hey all...so i got a rosetta 800 a while ago (used 2 firepods previously) and from day 1 have had a problem that i have been...

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nonamesleft 23rd October 2008
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what is the biggest difference between tracking with a 1073, 1176 with live takes (through high-end mic and converters) vs....

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jigsawlogic 23rd October 2008
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what's the electric chain of your monitors? why?

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migsoto 23rd October 2008
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I've spent the past two hours researching both in-ear monitors and musician's earplugs. I'm a fan of throwing away money, so I've...

2A Batterie
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skatingbasser 23rd October 2008
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anyone know what the differences are between the new LA610 mk2 and the previous model? i know the new ones have a black face,...

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A LaMere 23rd October 2008
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As the "mid" mid to lower mids really affect the color and punch of a project, I wondered what some are doing to...

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allencollins 23rd October 2008
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My U87ai is acting up. It's like there's a bad solder joint at the connector and if you tap it, it works. I'd like to fix this...

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michaels 23rd October 2008
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The Indie Age of Music | Moozek Opinions on the article?

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AdamB420 23rd October 2008
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Anybody knows the gear used for the new Heather Nova Album? (The Jasmine Flower) Some of you may know, that it was recorded and...

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DAWgEAR 23rd October 2008
Avatar for catastrophic

I'm looking for the power supply pinout on the console. The one with the barrier strip, not the molex connector. I'm having...

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RemyRAD 23rd October 2008
Avatar for Scott Cairns

Hi, this is going to sound dumb, but here goes... do AD converters have a 'sweet spot'? Im recording through a Focusrite mic...

Scott Cairns
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Scott Cairns 23rd October 2008
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In my neck of the woods there's a trend brewing against sliding scale rates...for instance, charging signed acts more than...

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numrologst 23rd October 2008
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I can't barely listen to it without a big -2.5 db on a shelf starting at 3.5 k. It's particularly obvious on the voice which...

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zoink 23rd October 2008
Avatar for ichormusic

Hi, I have an old soundtech mixing board that I'm looking to get rid of, 8 channels. It's a PC830T, it has digefx 128. It still...

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ichormusic 22nd October 2008
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Okay, here's the deal. Bought this thing off my buddy a while back and fell in love with it. Then one day I plug it in and it...

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the_man361 22nd October 2008
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ok i am sure there have been many threads about this in the past, but i am curious as to what people are doing with their...

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MarkRB 22nd October 2008
Avatar for intolerance

Does anyone know who mixed their self titled 'MUTEMATH' L.P.? F'n fantastic! Anyone?

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Neon Heart 22nd October 2008
Avatar for LSProductions

Just hooked up my new Adam A7's into/through my M-Patch2 passive attenuator. Since the A7's are so highly regarded, (and...

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LSProductions 22nd October 2008
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Jeez . . I recently got the chance to try these out, an old pair bought from france. They were just amazing, a huuuuuuuuuuge...

Akira K
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doorknocker 22nd October 2008
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At what SPL (A weighted) do you mix with in your control room? 80 DB. has been suggested as a base line control room level,...

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gainstages 22nd October 2008