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I'll be there demoing Wizard Amplifiers.

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edcampos 11th November 2008
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Haven't changed tubes for a while, did I forget something? I cannot get the old tubes out. Is there a trick to it on this...

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drtechno 11th November 2008
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I am looking for a Leslie 145 or Leslie 147 speaker near Atlanta. Does anybody have one for sale?

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jtwoods4 11th November 2008
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hello I mix out of the box. I just got offered a great deal on a new korg mr-1000. Korg just released the mr-2000 will I...

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Bluzzi 11th November 2008
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...and holy crap! i can't believe how much I've been missing! mackie hr624 mkIIs with a krk rokit rp10 sub What would be the...

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Mihaly 11th November 2008
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Hey guys... Sorry, I know this has been up before. But not for the last cobble of years, so I thought it would be interesting to...

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tunasafedolphin 10th November 2008
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yamaha 15/horn stage wedges. 2nd time used someone presses a wrong button and allows a very loud low -mid feedback for 6 or 7...

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jaykay 10th November 2008
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Heylo, My rather Modest/Prosumer collection is as follows; Audix D6 AKG D112 Yamaha Subkick Shure SM57 (TAB Funkenwerk...

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Jimbo 10th November 2008
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Hey guys, I currently have 2 A12 and 2 N72 in my SCA rack and I'm ready to add another pair. So for another...

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NuSkoolTone 10th November 2008
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i was wondering if the digi 003 rack is capable of taking in 8 ,500 series or other preamp channels through an a/d converter (if...

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bwaudio 10th November 2008
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I'd like to replace some worn out units, but looking around there doesn't seem to be much choice. which ones do you use?...

Neon Heart
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michaels 10th November 2008
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Hey everyone - Here's to my first post! After a few years of lurking whenever I needed good gear reviews, I've finally joined...

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libertine 10th November 2008
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Ok, I've read the threads about Angels & Airwaves. Some like them, some don't. That's fine. I absolutely love the sound...

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Nova444 10th November 2008
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Has anyone had a chance to compare the sound quality of the excellent 882 and the new 003?

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markitson 10th November 2008
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just spent almost money on a Nexus bundle. It is advertised it comes with 4GB library and Dance Vol. 2 expansion pack (plus 2...

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Serra 10th November 2008
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anyone have a chance to hear the Avantone mics... one of my boys wants me to find him a good mic that's not gonna break the...

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asagaai 10th November 2008
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Does anyone have experience with this mic? I'm looking for a nice c12ish sounding mic. Is this mic worthy?

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Bob Amirian 10th November 2008
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I'm going to buy one of them, I know they all use the same converter, but do they really sound equally good??? Anyone...

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jeronimo 10th November 2008
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Hi, I have tried to find information about the recording and mixing process of the Live album -Secret Samadhi but pretty much...

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jujumies 10th November 2008
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How come no matter how loud I turn this up, it is still is the fattest, most pleasant-to-listen-to, spacious mix I've ever heard?...

Matt Grondin
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Phaidon 10th November 2008
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I'm very new at this, but am getting into recording my own music. After doing some research for quite a while, I've come up with...

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allyouneedisears 10th November 2008
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And wondered what took you so long? For example, I've only been in this game for 6 years, and as a full time career for 3. Like...

king of sweden
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Jaques Beraques 10th November 2008
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I have LSR 4328p connected through AES/EBU (digitally) ... They are totally quiet, but as soon as I start playing something...

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mikeroephonics 10th November 2008
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And you deserved the credit and wanted it? What did you do?

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mattzen 10th November 2008
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What's the best way to deal with these phantom kick flams on mx down? with a gate or something I can do in PT LE? Thanks for the...

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TonyBelmont 10th November 2008
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I've yet to enter into the audio lunchbox set of tools. It seems when I starting following this (maybe four years ago?) it was a...

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TonyBelmont 10th November 2008
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I haven't posted too much around here, I tend to hang out at Studio Forums, but I read a lot around here and value most of the...

Richard Salino
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Richard Salino 10th November 2008
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10 Mic Pre, 12 line in, about $6000, in good condition, how about that? Is it good for summing and mixing music? how about the...

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kinghand 10th November 2008
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Hi, just came in to L.A from sweden and I wonder if someone could recommend any slutty gear dealers for me to visit? I am in W....

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plexisys 10th November 2008
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So I've been doing this a while, and I've watched my work improve as I learned more and practiced more. I've gotten to this...

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Bang 10th November 2008
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I know mic mods get talked about a lot on these forums. A lot of people swear certain mods make a cheaper mic stand up to some...

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wakerickman 10th November 2008
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I am not loving the fact that drummers are sweating all over my good tracking headphones, so I'm wondering what's the best...

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Miles 10th November 2008
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With much amusement I read David Pogue's recent review of the new MacBook where he pointed out the groundbreaking news. The...

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papawhitehead 10th November 2008
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Hi Guys - does anyone know a good place in the UK for getting cables built ? I want to connect an Apogee Duet to my Genelec 8040...

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Dave12345 10th November 2008
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I have finally aquired a Moog Voyager (with keys) as well as a Moog Voyager Rack Mount Edition (RME), but I am curious about a...

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fross 10th November 2008
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e-are 10th November 2008
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There's sure no definite answer, but some of you may have some experiences with similar equipment or this brand. I have been...

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TOTAL 10th November 2008
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Did someone on here mix that dvd/ blue ray by any chance? Huub

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huub 10th November 2008
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Hello. I own the Native Instruments Battery 3 sampler, and I noticed that its compressor has an incredible ability to create that...

Nick Laho
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007 9th November 2008
Avatar for laperlestudio

Is there is any mod for a pg-58, maybe to transform it in sm-58 or 57 or any intersting mod for it to be more useful in the...

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Tomer1 9th November 2008
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Johnkenn 9th November 2008
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Hello Everybody, well then my first thread here on gearslutz! Have been reading here for quite a while now, and learned a...

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netrom 9th November 2008
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Hi at my place, i got (2years ago) a pair of HEA RL403 Monitors from the Asutrian broadcast. They are 3-way speakers 12"...

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chrizzle 9th November 2008
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Hi there guys, I have been a Gearslutz member for quite some time now and I am enrolled in a "Broadcast Systems...

Night Train
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manning1 9th November 2008
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Hello there I was wondering if there were any good headphones in the ballpark of $50 to use in the studio for tracking purposes...

glenn Taylor
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warhead 9th November 2008
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Creation Audio Labs has announced they are dropping dealers and selling direct. The products will have new lower prices to...

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Ethan Winer 9th November 2008
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The primary function (non creative) of a comp. Seems to me, to lessen the dynamic range of material. However, if you really...

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heavi5ide 9th November 2008
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Hi folks, I've got some money left and wondering what gear to buy. I record with a MOTU 8Pre, very happy with it, sounds good....

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JPeters86 9th November 2008
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I've come to the conclusion that Logic is not for me. At this point the software is way to buggy, and I don't have the time or...

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Matt Whritenour 9th November 2008
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Hi, I'm a newbie for digital audio clocking, since I've been using only one converter, until now. I had Lynx Two-C and an...

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heavi5ide 9th November 2008