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I ordered a VMP 2000 from the US (I´m in Sweden) and got it today. I need to switch the voltage to 220v but I just can´t find...

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AON 12th November 2008
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My main purpose for buying one of these would be for tracking acoustic and electric guitars. The electrics ranging from beatles...

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RCM - Ronan 12th November 2008
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so i just bought a new board, and im wondering something. this thing is laid out so that there are 4 groups. you assign each...

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PhillyAudioWorks 12th November 2008
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I am wanting to know people's opinion on this. Do you think it is better to buy a nice converter first or to buy nice outboard...

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Thebassist 12th November 2008
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I have a bunch of old LOGIC 4 sessions I need converter to Logic 8. The only way to do this is to open them in Logic 7, and save...

rack gear
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rack gear 12th November 2008
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Is this going to happen? I could not find any information about this here or on Digidesigns website. It would be great if...

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Kenny Gioia 12th November 2008
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PreSonus FP10 10x10 FireWire Interface (Firepod) $399.95 PreSonus FireStudio Project $499.95 PreSonus DigiMax D8...

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Matt Whritenour 12th November 2008
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Just picked up one of these for $20. The mic pre's are actually very useable. Any info on these? I think they were made in the...

Unknown soldier
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Unknown soldier 12th November 2008
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Just got 5 Mccurdy AU300 tube preamps.. I'm going to have these racked up in the near future. what mods are suitable for them you...

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FredrikCarno 12th November 2008
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I happened to come by Ocean Way's web site and notice that they list Studio A as available for booking after a 13 year lockout....

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I.T. 12th November 2008
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I recently swapped a pair of tannoy reveal actives (mk1) for a pair of yamaha HS80s with a friend. I wasn't using the Tannoys at...

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Deleted 11th November 2008
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Hey does any one have any idea how the vocals and guitars were mixed on Chris Daughtrys Single It's not Over. The vocals sound...

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allencollins 11th November 2008
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I know I sound stupid but with, for eg, the new ProTools everyone keeps going ADC; can someone explain, in ENGLISH, what this...

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strewnshank 11th November 2008
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Hi there! I noticed that a lot of people use the processing knob on Phoenix to adjust the amount of effect, they like on the...

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robot gigante 11th November 2008
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These are the only custom molded in ear monitors I know of that are $250. What are the differences in quality between the FreQ...

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neekoriss 11th November 2008
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I am an Italian guitarist and at the moment I am working on several musical projects, I always recorded with Amplitube or Guitar...

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Vogon 11th November 2008
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and i must say... damn. i'm actually impressed.

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sevendaysoff 11th November 2008
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Hi Guys, I picked a VMP2000 up a couple of weeks ago. Tracked a remote session with it last week and love what it does, but...

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AON 11th November 2008
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Here is my setup: G5 with Motu 1224 X 3 Ins cabled to the 24 group busses Outs cabled to 24 channel strip line inputs on...

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The Byre 11th November 2008
Avatar for Mattsson

Any thoughts on the Vintage Design Comp? I'm always a bit sceptic about Neve replicas, but have heard this one is supposed to...

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Deleted 99dc753 11th November 2008
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As the subject suggests, I'd like to know the quality of the preamps on the Fireface 400. I'm aware that they're good, but I'm...

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Les 11th November 2008
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I am student in the Audio Arts and Acoustics program at Columbia College Chicago. I have been getting a steady flow of paying...

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u b k 11th November 2008
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I'm looking for a decent turntable. I have a realllly old Technics turntable and a reallllly old Technics amp. I don't want to...

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tINY 11th November 2008
Avatar for heisleyamor

One of my speakers blew out so I'm looking for a pair of new speakers to listen to my records. I'm looking for some nice...

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tINY 11th November 2008
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I recently picked up a Moviola URS and I love it as a low-wattage tube amp BUT the speaker is buzzing like hell and has to...

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Marlowe 11th November 2008
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I came across this auction and felt like I had entered the twilight zone. Thought the folks here would get a kick out of it...

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cornutt 11th November 2008
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hi guys!! i have a pair of Alesis M1 Active 520, but i find out the sound from it isnt really clear(so sry about my english..)...

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Getafix 11th November 2008
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Hey guys, I have searched around and not been able to find any shootouts of the Nebula 3 versions of their sampled API pres, Neve...

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Tranny-Cap-Tube 11th November 2008
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This is more funny to me than anything else... our drummer's cousin just e-mailed us to let us know that a song on Travis' new...

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author 11th November 2008
Avatar for Niv

its just to carry 96/24 via spdif into the box, and using the analog outs of it for monitoring. i don´t want to mix in ableton...

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Niv 11th November 2008
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Hello. I am about to buy an Audio Technica AT2050 "Multi-Pattern Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone" and I had two...

[email protected]
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[email protected] 11th November 2008
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Hi guys, I am basically a newbie here and have little knowledge about recording equipment beyond what is available to read on...

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James Meeker 11th November 2008
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I'm listening to Republic Tiger's CD and they have a certain shimmer up top that's exclusive to pro mixes. What makes it do that...

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mbradzick 11th November 2008
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I have an old pair of AR-2ax's with blown woofers, the 11" variety. Does anyone know of someone who can re-cone the 11"...

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boojum 11th November 2008
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I am trying to do a simple test on a used Apogee Ensemble before purchasing it. I plugged headphones into the headphones jack,...

Nilo Santos
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NotVeryLoud 11th November 2008
Avatar for JordanA

I need to find a reel of 1 inch gp9. Where would be my best source to find it?

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Mike Brown 11th November 2008
Avatar for perx

How does the buss in/out work? Can I patch buss out from my 5012 with regular trs cables into the buss in on the 5043 and simply...

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stenerlov 11th November 2008
Avatar for rack gear

I'm at a point with my mixes where I feel like they're really starting to hold up, in terms of clarity, mix depth, balance, etc...

rack gear
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Avatar for Juan2daPaab
Juan2daPaab 11th November 2008
Avatar for camerondye

Why hasn't one of these companies made a Helios type 69 clone? It seems like it would be hugely popular, and with the originals...

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Avatar for Paul Vnuk Jr.
Paul Vnuk Jr. 11th November 2008
Avatar for Deleted 99dc753

Very interesting I always was using reverb as it was searched for the right reverb I like and set up different pre-delays to make...

Deleted 99dc753
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DesertDawg 11th November 2008
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found this in the local classifieds...by the look of it it may work as a lunchbox rack. could my assumptions be right?

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andychamp 11th November 2008
Avatar for zenwolf

I'm living in a 2 bedroom flat and my DAW is setup in my 2nd bedroom, which also belongs to my 11 year old! So setting up some...

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zenwolf 11th November 2008
Avatar for jindrich

And it's the SGAE that's financing it, that is, an extremely greedy and polemical organization like the RIAA in the US, which is...

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Avatar for big country
big country 11th November 2008
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Tony Shepperd in Mix Mag this month, to cool!!!!! check it out fellow sultz! Tonysound Recording Studio | Mix Profiles San...

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bcgood 11th November 2008
Avatar for slickshoe62

I've been looking for a U47 style mic for a while now, something in the $1800-$2000 range. I heard most of the samples and...

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Avatar for NathanEldred
NathanEldred 11th November 2008
Avatar for Monster_Drew

Hello, I am looking to run 2 PF2626 units at a sample rate of 96khz. One would be setup as normal and the other would be setup...

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polantis 11th November 2008
Avatar for warhead

Come on, I have a mug for my coffee but with winter here...can't you come up with a long sleeve shirt? War boing

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warhead 11th November 2008
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I have always wondered how much a patch bay can affect a signal. I recently purchased an API 500 series rack and a few modules. I...

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Avatar for IzzyRock
IzzyRock 11th November 2008
Avatar for grantlandau

So it seems like my MA5 is consistently pegged on the 70 setting. I can't get enough of the saturation that this preamp...

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warhead 11th November 2008
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I havn't seen a lot of clips of this mic here, so I thought I'd throw one up. This is a female vocal singing to a backing...

The Studio RI
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Avatar for The Studio RI
The Studio RI 11th November 2008