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I thought it was interesting to note that on this day in 1877 Thomas Edison recited "Mary Had a Little Lamb" into his...

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joeq 7th December 2008
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This is outrageous, Behringer has no shame at all at literally copying designs for almost all of their products, I don't think...

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dougb415 7th December 2008
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hi everyone, hope this isn`t too annoying. I have spent the last days reading an endless amount of threads about mics and...

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hidelight 7th December 2008
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dear friends, i´m going to record drums next week and i wonder if i should try some dynamics as overheads (i am recording the...

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Steffmo 7th December 2008
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I have a Profire 610 that I like very much. However, because of the limited I/O I have to use the conversion on my ISA220 at...

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CassidyGT 7th December 2008
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Hi, I'm desperately looking over the internet to find a mixer, preferably 19" rackmounted, but a small desktop format...

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littlenemo 7th December 2008
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Studiospares - STU. SN10 NEARFIELD MONITORS PAIR They have remade the NS10s but with a larger driver which was the biggest...

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Jimbo 7th December 2008
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I'll attach the one I most often use (sampled from Cubase,) but am curious to hear what everybody else is using.

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camerondye 7th December 2008
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I would like to start this new discussion on what all of the Gearslutzers believe to be the future in audio technologies -- say...

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syntheticwave 7th December 2008
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Hi there, I've never had that problem with ProTools LE7.3 before but all of the sudden anything I gain or fade does erase the...

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qwertaker 7th December 2008
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Sorry for the small pic. http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b30/14lunabeach/miccollectionkellikec.jpg

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jujufactory 7th December 2008
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I'm looking at a few DIY projects. I currently want a nice outboard EQ and compressor. I'd love to get a Hammer - but funds wont...

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Ben F 7th December 2008
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Hi ppl, I record acoustic music on location. stereo mics two channels max. I'm thinking of buying a rosetta 200 to hook up...

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ldk1609 7th December 2008
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Does anybody know of a PCI Card for Mac Pro with AES/EBU digital output. I do not want a multi channel card, just a simple 2...

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benjamin 7th December 2008
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I hate hi hat bleed into the snare mic most of the time. The Beyer 201 sound good on snare. Not bad but also not the best with...

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Hammer Mark 7th December 2008
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does anyone know a model #, brand, etc for the vu meter bulbs in the soundcraft 1600? i know the manual says that they are 9...

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casrec 7th December 2008
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Starting up my first own project studio after collecting years of experience in other places. Most things decided, only one...

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mh_bj 7th December 2008
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What is the name of that delay they used on tracks like Jugband blues and A Day in the Life? That short tape delay? And how was...

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andychamp 7th December 2008
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I know this is completely subjective, but I sold my 002R last night, and bought the Duet this morning. I have to say that I...

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ALL*MYTEE 7th December 2008
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Hi, I just heard a demo of Elastic Audio's time stretching plugin. It's fantastic. Does anyone know of something that works...

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edwardsean 7th December 2008
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I posted this in the Electronic music forum, but did not get any responses, so I figured I try here. Has anyone ever worked with...

Eric J
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mp3 7th December 2008
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like many people I guess, I have a mid-level sub in my studio to enhance my pretty good mains. I run the DAW out into the sub abd...

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seriousfun 7th December 2008
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Hey guys I have a quick question. I'm sure many of you are aware that a lot of metal bands today have quick little bursts of...

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Jesusfreak999777 7th December 2008
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I am looking for a device/software to record on my WM phone. Is there a device capable of taking a audio signal and sending it...

Alex Specht
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Alex Specht 7th December 2008
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I've always wanted to know - why do you use ProTools over other DAW's? Is it because the fact that you all have to use the same...

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manning1 7th December 2008
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after reading so much threads and the wise words of Lynn Fuston about the different sound of DAW and even doing some summing test...

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JP11 7th December 2008
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...i just discovered these guys and i am totally overwhelmed.... What an incredible band, what a great singer. Does anybody...

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Alex Specht 7th December 2008
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does anybody know if there is a difference between the AKG 271 Studio and the AKG 271 MK II besides the name and the slightly...

Neon Heart
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Neon Heart 7th December 2008
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Hello, I did a search and came up with very little. Has anyone come across these pre's from Sound Skulptor - DIY...

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geeek 7th December 2008
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As return for a small favour, I received this original Shure Unidyne 55s. I don't know how old it is - I know they were fist made...

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whoizitcc69 7th December 2008
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I'm looking for a VST plugin that allows me to change the speed of an audio file, but not the the pitch of it. Ala a a DJ taking...

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cleartrueblue 7th December 2008
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I have an old 55sw with the odd 3 pin, non xlr connector to 1/4" cable that I am not sure about. I had used it before and...

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whoizitcc69 6th December 2008
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Is it a no no to put a EQ on the master fader? A multiband compressor or limiter is okay right? And you wouldnt want to ever put...

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dannygold 6th December 2008
Avatar for Sniperschool

I was just printing some tracks via a nicerizer 8 and the sound suddenly cut out (made a 'thump' noise a little like unplugging...

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skybluerental 6th December 2008
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Is it just me or does the ADK A48 & SM Pro Audio MC03 appear to be identical? Both are tube, both have nine patterns, they...

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Pronecobra 6th December 2008
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I need a really cool outboard reverb or echo, to run vocal and maybe some drums trough. Is there a cool old or new unit you...

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Jim Williams 6th December 2008
Avatar for djp

Did some searches and found possible options. Thanks, Dan

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djp 6th December 2008
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Hey gang, Anybody have any insight into how I can add an insert point into the Central Station? I know it will probably...

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ZFire 6th December 2008
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What do you guys think of this? YouTube - Drake Bell "I Know" NEW Video

Eddie T. Ellis
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Eddie T. Ellis 6th December 2008
Avatar for metroplex

I am looking for info about how the mixes and masters were done and by who... What engineering decisions are the producers...

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BOWIE 6th December 2008
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So I just came back from a fundraising event in this incredible old bank building. It's the Colorado National Bank Building in...

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Deleted 966f7b375ad8a8d 6th December 2008
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Anyone know what kind of reverb this is? Sounds so roomy and vintage.

rabbit friendly
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rabbit friendly 6th December 2008
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Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can buy a pair of Ultrasone Pro 900 headphones in the UK? Monty

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MontyW 6th December 2008
Avatar for days

Wouldn't it be great if you could just put a CD-R full of WAV files into a (hardware) CD player and play them? If this were...

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matt thomas 6th December 2008
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Hello ... first post to this website. My question is ... I run an HD2 Accel System, and originally bought the 192 interface...

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RE:cord 6th December 2008
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Which would it be? At around £1000 - £1200 max.

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Kroy 6th December 2008
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picksail 6th December 2008
Avatar for tastethepoison

I know this may seem really stupid but hopefully someone can help me. I have a very basic home studio set up. I am using cubase...

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bogeyeater 6th December 2008
Avatar for edwardsean

Hi I'm recording fingerstyle acoustic. I'm using a spaced pair into stereo L/R tracks in Logic 8. I have a fairly simple...

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R3k 6th December 2008
Avatar for Sk106

I have made the music for a local film project. All the sound aspects of the film are going to be mixed together in a studio...

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Audiop 6th December 2008