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anyone use a compressor on the stereo monitor feed to the drummer/singer/guitarist?

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musicmixer04 25th December 2008
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Wanted to take a moment and wish you all a Merry Christmas! I have finished my shopping, opened a Pale Ale, and am looking...

Blue Bongo
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AllAboutTone 25th December 2008
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Has anyone heard any recordings, or have had any experience recording with the Audix SCX25-A or the C414b XL11 for classical or...

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lestat26 25th December 2008
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Does anyone know how this product sounds? Need a good utility comp... Thanks

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jeffersonrusso 25th December 2008
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Hi all, I currently have a Mackie Onyx 1640 and I am looking for comments from others who have made the switch from Onyx to...

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James Meeker 25th December 2008
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Has anyone tried using a 15" bass cab as a mic, placing it in front of the kick drum? I have have heard of it, but have...

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vixapphire 25th December 2008
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Greetings, I'm wondering about the Apogee mini-DAC and whether I should spring for it. I have just upgraded my monitors...

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nicolasmasset 25th December 2008
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Quite a silly question to ask. Everyone has their ways. I've found that obtaining local clients is a bit of a headache. Most of...

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soundsundergroun 25th December 2008
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Hello slutz, I need some advice. Today I went to an interview for an audio/pro tools teaching position at a local community...

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soundsundergroun 25th December 2008
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I've heard the term used so many times - but no one has ever really defined it. Perhaps it's something that singers just...

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travisbrown 25th December 2008
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DUY is running a buy one get one free offer on their plugins until Dec 31. They are encouraging sharing the price. If you also...

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edwardsean 25th December 2008
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Im going there in a few days. Any places I should check out?

Deleted 55b0690
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taturana 25th December 2008
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Hi GS, I made a scratch in Ableton Live using a plug-in effect. It's really cool. So cool I want to take it with me on stage and...

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cave goblin 25th December 2008
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So I'm gonna try the Fletcher 3 mic drum technique , capture the drums with a natural sound and use the least amount of EQ as...

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drastic 25th December 2008
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I'm about to record an EP with a friend of mine. It's kind of a mix of indie/experimental rock. Here's the dilemma: I have a...

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soupking 25th December 2008
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Hi, i just found out about great plug-in MD3 stereo dynamics, which can separately process both channels L and R. Could you...

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reax 25th December 2008
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Happy Holi-daze! I have a line on a brand new Revox B77. Apparently it is still in the box(!). The seller is looking for...

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redroom 25th December 2008
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Recently I replaced a bad capacitor on an LXP5. It didn't fix the problem, but it was fairly easy and cheap. I read about it all...

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tribeofenki 25th December 2008
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Does anyone have any specific info on the recording of this record? I just got into Swervedriver a few months ago.. right after...

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mark.james 24th December 2008
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I have an old 57 that lost it's low end, sounds like a telephone receiver. Any idea if this can be fixed? Same thing has...

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whoizitcc69 24th December 2008
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I'm here visiting my fiancee's family for the holidays and am dying to do a little music hangin'. Anything, drive to GC, hang in...

James Lugo
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swafford 24th December 2008
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Just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year! Best Wishes Steve howdy

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anemicrock 24th December 2008
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Hey all, So my studio is "chillin" at a cool 50 degrees Fahrenheit... 45 last nite... outside temp was around 20......

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girlthatdrums 24th December 2008
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Hello all, I just acquired a pair of old Shure SM91's. They are NOT Beta91's. I honestly did not intend to use them for kick,...

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Nu-tra 24th December 2008
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Hmmmm Adaptation is a LOT harder than I thought! Please take this further! kfhkh THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS ...

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dougb415 24th December 2008
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I''ve just bought the Yamaha MSP7's which I've found are terrific in all aspects except sibilance. I'm not a...

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nDmusic 24th December 2008
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We started tracking 7 songs for my band 'The Hollywood Inmates' on Monday. I'm gonna give a blow by blow of everything on this...

James Lugo
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James Lugo 24th December 2008
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anyone tried using a KMS 105 on a snare? I'm wondering if this would be a good alternative to a 57. Tried it last week briefly...

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cleantone 24th December 2008
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Hey there - I was speaking to HJoe the other day and the mixure of him talking really fast and a fairl pounding headache means...

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mp3 24th December 2008
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T'was the day before Christmas and in the back of the house Lenny was in the studio, burning up the mouse. With the kids...

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noiseflaw 24th December 2008
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Hi! I've seen some engineers using two mics instead of one when close-mic'ing toms..one on top and one from buttom and up...

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Rev. JimBo 24th December 2008
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Come on EL!!! This would make my life complete!! ... well pretty close ...

Renegade Prod
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sevendaysoff 24th December 2008
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Getting around to re-tubing my Mesa Dual Rectifier Tremoverb combo here (starting to get the really foggy, mushy, 'modern'...

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pedrohead 24th December 2008
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Hi, Not wishing to go into lots of detail, but I owned a pair of PMC AML1 (That I was very happy with) and now I am looking for...

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mxeryus 24th December 2008
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Tracking guitars this week with my new 1272 I realized I wanted to flip the phase on one and it doesn't have a phase switch....

James Lugo
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theblotted 24th December 2008
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Holy God, color me VERY impressed. this box has been giving me some killer results for vox over the past few days. the comp can...

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chrysb93065 24th December 2008
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Hi Slutz, I have a Metric Halo 2882 but need to use more than the 10 inputs I'm using now. There are 8 more to be had through...

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AdamJay 24th December 2008
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anyone know what kind of monitors these are?

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arkive 24th December 2008
Avatar for Gearhero

There seems to be a consensus that even if one or two tracks recorded with subpar pres and converters sound good, that stacking...

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bcgood 24th December 2008
Avatar for aleatoric

Specifically I am wondering how the Mini Grand sounds. Hows it stack up against Akoustik Piano? Also how is the organ emulator?...

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Mind-Over-Midi 24th December 2008
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Hey guys, What does your personal taste prefer? atm i can only listen on my laptop speakers which i cant see the forest from the...

Renegade Prod
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jeremy.c. 24th December 2008
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Ever seen one with this pretty trippy mod --- nice rare wood "acoustic vibrator" gooof

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cjogo 24th December 2008
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This preamp is so versatile! It might not be the oozing character preamp I thought it was, but it is milky smooth and articulate....

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thedommer 24th December 2008
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I have a Hiwatt Custom Tape Echo, Deltalab Effectron II ADM1024, and a TC Electronics M2000 and would like one more outboard...

Sean Sullivan
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Drumsound 24th December 2008
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I have a vintage Neve 1272 (straight out of console) and looking to get it racked into a mic preamp config. Do I just buy a 3rd...

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ssprod19 24th December 2008
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I've been using this thing for about a year. It says 300 (in), 1.2K (out). I leave it in for brighter hi/mid presence but leaving...

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Fleaman 24th December 2008
Avatar for SynthLine09

Anyone used this mic? I've read a few reviews but none have been very in depth. I am a trumpet performance major and I record my...

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BudgetMC 24th December 2008
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Hiya-- Well, I've got some dough on a voucher, UAD's sale is on, and they just threw another $50 coupon into my...

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wshaw 24th December 2008
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I'm working on a project and one of the tunes calls for a big old civil war style bass drum. Not much attack (like it was hit...

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MarkRB 24th December 2008
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Apparantly there are predictions that the low US Dollar rate to the UK Pound will continue for a long time forward from...

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Sugarnutz 24th December 2008