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Hello guys, I was planning on upgrading monitors to a pair of Focal Alpha 65 but my budget has increased. My previous monitors...

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4tune 24th July 2019
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Hey guys I want to record myself playing an upright acoustic piano: video + audio Since the piano is at my parents' house...

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Chummy 23rd July 2019
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Recently I rented an API3124. I have just low end preamps (sm pro audio, tl audio, art), connected to my Motu 24 i/o I...

Phil Strang
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pquinn 23rd July 2019
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LOVING my newly acquired Daking Mic-Pre IV, but confused about the VU meters. Given that most people are recording into DAW's,...

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sirjuxtable 23rd July 2019
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Ya know, I looked around on the internet for opinions on what people thought. It's pretty much dependant upon the type of music,...

wayne mox
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Rob Lo 23rd July 2019
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Hi! I'm interested in buying a Mackie 32/8bus console. Almost everybody at this forum flames when this console is the topic....

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Brent Hahn 23rd July 2019
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Hi!, I have a silly problem, I can't hear the stereo in my headphones when I connect them to my Dangerous Music Stereo Monitor ST...

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kellyd 23rd July 2019
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Hi Everyone, I bought a pair of IK Multimedia's MTM and one microphone/cable seems to be DOA and the remaining mic/cable seems...

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Ryan_IK 23rd July 2019
Avatar for The Snafu

Does anyone have experience with the Golden Age Project GA-47? It's an obvious U47 clone but I wouldn't expect to come that close...

The Snafu
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proxy 23rd July 2019
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Ok, so I am trying to construct a home studio for recording and mixing. So a control room/ live room. I treated my room. I also...

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voodoo4u 23rd July 2019
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Hi there! I'm very close to pulling the trigger on either the Berliner, Creamer+, or Beamer. I would go with the Beamer in a...

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zamm 23rd July 2019
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I'd love to hear some real world examples of the H9000 being used as an integral element in the mix, or even a subtle element......

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BrainCheck123 23rd July 2019
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Hello people. I have just compared my older "vintage" EV RE-20 mic towards a newer one, one my voice. I can´t find...

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monkeyxx 23rd July 2019
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Hey all, got a bit of a problem... went to switch on my dyn BM6a's tonight and heard a bit of a pop. no sound was coming through...

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MentalVizion 22nd July 2019
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.* Hi guys. Considering my first digital mixer. Hope some of you won't mind going over my questions. Coming from an analogue...

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Stumari 22nd July 2019
Avatar for 10pints

Hi, I have the following hardware units that could be utilised in a 2bus chain: Tegeler Creme Tegeler EQP1 Maag...

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adam_f 22nd July 2019
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I'm currently using Focal Shape 65 speakers. They sound great in my room, but I'm a gear slut. Looking to upgrade to something...

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johannburkard 22nd July 2019
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Hi I have bought a MRC MIDI-Remote-Control and would like to control my 2 PCM70's with it. BTW: The MRC is ver.3.01. I...

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shortyboyboy 22nd July 2019
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Hey guys, I´d like to get me a hardware reverb unit for playing different synths with. When I play my instruments in the...

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TheLastByte 22nd July 2019
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I know these two have been compared elsewhere, but: I'm getting the Cranborne 500R8, and need some channels for it. I have the...

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szyam 22nd July 2019
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I believe everyone knows that BeyerDynamic make some excellent mics and headphones. I've been using an M201 on snare foe years...

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SpikeM 22nd July 2019
Avatar for Unbekannt

Hello, I have kind of an unusual problem. Whenever I plug in any of the keyboards I own into my computer (to clarify not midi...

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standingwave 22nd July 2019
Avatar for SDunscombe

Hi all, So I have an old pair of 6010bs (I also own a newer pair of 8010)... I stupidly didn't realise that the 6010 model...

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SDunscombe 22nd July 2019
Avatar for maledimiele

Hello, 1. I just bought a 2nd-hand SP-303 with a 16MB original memory card and an optional 64MB card (3.3V) from another...

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coolout 22nd July 2019
Avatar for Chase Orion

Does anyone know of or use 500 series summing? I was thinking of getting the Dangerous 2 bus, but I have 6 extra slots on my...

Chase Orion
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Sino 22nd July 2019
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I wonder how many of the tapes still exist? I bet some of them are pretty spectacular. I would love to hear Keltner's version of...

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Brent Hahn 22nd July 2019
Avatar for future_

Hi, my instrument stand another room than my DAW. I want to mic and record this instrument but at the moment I dont have a...

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Drumsound 22nd July 2019
Avatar for Fred S@Tannoy

Hi, I'm Fred Speckeen and I work as part of the Innovation team at Tannoy/Music Group. I'm really happy to be able to say that...

Fred [email protected]
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dorkjackson 21st July 2019
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So I've received this microphone, the only markings are "AUSTRIA LOW IMP". It sounds very bright.

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ampetrosillo 21st July 2019
Avatar for crypt0r

Can anyone ID these mics? The first is a beyerdynamic (something) and the session notes for the second say it is a 'Blue'....

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crypt0r 21st July 2019
Avatar for Frantique

Hi, Looking to brush up on my mixing skills and was thinking about taking an online course. I'm not looking for anything for...

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Warhen 21st July 2019
Avatar for rkm82

Hi all I have an "old" Hammerfall DSP 9632 PCI card that I was unsing until recently in my PC. Great piece of...

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Avatar for Harvey Specter
Harvey Specter 21st July 2019
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RogerFoote 21st July 2019
Avatar for Noto

I have a AT 4081 ribbon and an AKG C-1000s. I actually get very nice recordings with either mic but I was curious to try both on...

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chipss36 21st July 2019
Avatar for Synpatico

While mixing, editing and mastering an album I make quite a few notes after listening to each new version of a song. I've used...

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Avatar for The Tenant
The Tenant 21st July 2019
Avatar for M_e_o_w

Hi, guys. I have a bass guitar, electro guitar, digital piano and microphone. Also i have guitar combo, and i am going to buy...

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M_e_o_w 21st July 2019
Avatar for steelcitysi

Title says it all. I have a ton of cassettes and use a 4-track a lot, kind of a lo-fi aesthetic. I have an opportunity to get a...

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steelcitysi 21st July 2019
Avatar for Tera Nora

Can I use the jbl arena 120 (b15) speakers that I have next to my jbl lsr 308p mk2 studio monitors to understand how my part is...

Tera Nora
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facej 21st July 2019
Avatar for cassetteboi95

Just found a stereo amplifier that my dad bought around the mid 90s in his basement. Can I use this for mixing or mastering in...

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joeq 21st July 2019
Avatar for mathewjumps

Im thinking of getting a headphone amp to use for live shows, and I want to have the master mix supplemented by mono 'more me'...

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Avatar for mathewjumps
mathewjumps 21st July 2019
Avatar for silencereleven

I've been looking at getting a pair of one of these mic's for overhead's, acoustics, piano's etc. Wanting to know your oppinions...

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chipss36 21st July 2019
Avatar for aewon

Just wondering if its worth getting an external preamp like a RNP Portico 5017 for the Lyra interface or is the Lyra just as good...

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Avatar for aewon
aewon 21st July 2019
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I watched Bae’s video about St Ives and Carnhill transformers. They said no matter when they were produced they all sound the...

Deleted e03114c
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Deleted e03114c 21st July 2019
Avatar for Heartfelt

For those who did not grow up on NS10's and therefore do not have a dependency upon them in their production process, can you...

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Deleted e09cd8e 21st July 2019
Avatar for kiopo

I'm working with an artist who has a variety of folk influences, one of which is Charlie Cunningham. Listening to it as a...

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kiopo 21st July 2019
Avatar for domycastellano

Hi guys! Hope you are doing well. I'm going to move my setup in a larger and way better treated room in a couple of months....

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Avatar for domycastellano
domycastellano 20th July 2019
Avatar for thepilgrimsdream

It seems like 1176's, LA-2A, API & Neve consoles, Neumann, Telefunken and may others are still considered the holy grail of...

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 20th July 2019
Avatar for born2relax

Hi, I need a dynamic microphone for streaming and for recording gameplays. I am trying to decide between the RE27 and the RE20. I...

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born2relax 20th July 2019
Avatar for chessparov

Curious as per title, on the recording gear and techniques used in recording the various iconic (yep am a fan) albums of the...

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chessparov2.0 20th July 2019
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Hi What are the best plugin to make vocals shine for a bright pop / spotify top 50 type mix ? (yes i know the source is...

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Avatar for Elmbeatz
Elmbeatz 20th July 2019