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My friend said its an Einstein 64 channel ap.......? Anything like that sound familiar ?

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ScumBum 17th January 2009
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Seems like this should be simple - assign MIDI output to an audio track and press record...but as soon as you record-enable it...

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narcoman 17th January 2009
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M-AUDIO - KeyStudio 49i - Keyboard-based Music Production System "On-board" audio-interface within the midikeyboard,...

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hellspawn1 17th January 2009
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Hey guys, very quick but serious question. I bought a Neve 8816 for one reason only. I needed a summing mixer that sounded good...

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Gibripper75 17th January 2009
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I heard about this and I didn't believe they were serious. Rubidium core and Atomic technology... Are they serious about this?...

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12-op 17th January 2009
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I've got a pair of Samson Resolv 40a Active Monitors, but I recently built a new recording studio, and i'm looking to upgrade...

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Agreed 17th January 2009
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After years of dreaming my band is finally on the road to doing well. We have a new line up and are going to be doing some nice...

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Cornvalley 17th January 2009
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With all the talk of sampled drums and how far we go to get that great drum sound for modern rock why don't we see what we are...

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Croaker 17th January 2009
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AMIEL 17th January 2009
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Hey guys. I'm looking for some good (close) cymbal mics. Due to that my cymbals (Looses volume, not phase problems!)/dissapear...

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Mixbuster 17th January 2009
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Anyone else check out the new Derek Trucks Band release, Already Free? Great tunes, great performances and really nice warm...

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AllThingsAudio 17th January 2009
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Using Sampletank HQ Piano to playback MIDI in LE 7.4 with Digi 002...there are a lot of pops and clicks and stops during the...

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numberforty1 17th January 2009
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Sorry if this is the wrong thread, and yes I checked previous post before posting ;) Anyway, I'm ordering some things from...

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Glamdring 17th January 2009
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I am presently playing with an older H3000 D/SE in my studio. I also happen to have Eventide Anthology on my PT HD rig. Is it...

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beechstudio 17th January 2009
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I haven't done a lot of scoring to picture, but what I've done in the past involved me giving sheet music to musicians and...

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jhorsley 17th January 2009
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Any recommendations on good techs to service an 1176 rev E in London ?

mac black
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mac black 17th January 2009
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Is there anyone using a Digi 003 with a RME Fireface 800 acting as an AD/DA? If not, can you tell me what AD/DA you are using...

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CJ1973 17th January 2009
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Any foobar users here? Been thinking about ditching iTunes for Foorbar for years as it can play back in higher quality, takes up...

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rectifier 17th January 2009
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I read a lot of posts where people switch out tubes in mics etc. Has anyone experimented with different tubes in the Manley Gold...

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CLH 17th January 2009
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Hey all, i just ran out of money mixing my record on an SSL 4048 Series G Luckily enough, I saw it coming, and printed some...

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psycho_monkey 17th January 2009
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I know this is stupid but I some how lost my grid view in the edit window and I cant figure out how to make it show up.God I hate...

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psycho_monkey 17th January 2009
Avatar for Shane Michael Rose

is there a 500 series monitor controller yet? i want to get into the 500 series game, but i also need a monitor controller. it...

Shane Michael Rose
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AllAboutTone 17th January 2009
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Im trying to understand why the sm7b is much better for vocal spokenword rap than a sm58? is it the same sonic character? does...

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DeepSpace 17th January 2009
Avatar for dodittydada

Would 75db be enough gain to drive one of these in a MS set up? Considering the thing isnt pointing directly at the source. This...

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DeepSpace 17th January 2009
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How do i set up a midi keyboard in dp5, do i need to have both the midi in and out connected or can i only use one cable from...

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JoeDeF 17th January 2009
Avatar for skiroy

I have a mackie control.Who has the instructions for how to use it with PT.Mackie says its PT issue.There is nothing in the PT...

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skiroy 17th January 2009
Avatar for TacosWhenTwisted

With heavy interest in vintage analogue synths the past decade and their sky rocketing prices, are there any new synth makers...

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Dave Peck 17th January 2009
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- so...I'm sure I'm not the only one who has upgraded to Pci-e recently...I thought Digi wanted the Pci cards as a trade in ? I...

Peter Stengaard
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dbjp 17th January 2009
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Do the XLR ins accept Line level? I think the input impedance is 1.2K Ohm. Thanks

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paulster 17th January 2009
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so a buddy of mine has a 20 year old cassette tape that keeps binding up on him that he wants put on cd, but its very precious to...

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squeegybug 17th January 2009
Avatar for andu83

What is the basic hook up can it be done without a mixer? I have a powermac g5 2core a virus Ti desktop an apogee Duet...

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andu83 17th January 2009
Avatar for asparagii

Learn from my pain! gooof Bought some good 2 wire, unshielded Mogami cable with the intent of making some super stonker...

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theblotted 17th January 2009
Avatar for navitus

Super basic question: On most interfaces i see only 1 Spdif in and 1 Spdif out, is this a stereo connection ?????? Meaning, for...

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staudio 17th January 2009
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I am absolutely loving my rme fireface 800, but have not been able to get Logic 8 to register the midi hook ups. The keyboard is...

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dougb415 17th January 2009
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Any Syracuse slutz or North there of? I'm in Oswego county and desperate for someone that could help me set up my humble...

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PyroDano 17th January 2009
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Hi....Group...Might anyone know anything about Olive Eq's.......? I have 4..all racked-up w / PSU... I got them awhile ago and...

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ELI-173 17th January 2009
Avatar for paintitblack

Im seriously looking into getting a Vintech Audio Pre. the X73. Modeled after the Neve 1073 EQ and 1272 Pre. I was curious if...

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king of sweden 17th January 2009
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I have a Marshall 1974x which of late is sounding muddier esp. on the rhythm/neck pickup of my guitar. I am surmising that...

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rwhitney 17th January 2009
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Just listening to this track on the way home for my cover gig tonight. Not sure what album it's on or payed attention to the...

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dalley 17th January 2009
Avatar for rhythmmaster

i know theres posts in the New product area but this is hardly new product. Is anyone else into this? When used as a stereo mic...

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hearttimes 17th January 2009
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please PM me if you have any extra passes, I'd like to go this year. Thanks

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JDN 16th January 2009
Avatar for PJD3

Alright. Here is something I will be attempting to do soon and I would be very interested to hear how some of you might...

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Kiwiburger 16th January 2009
Avatar for thunderwing

I want to get myself a analog filter unit and am currently stuck with deciding wether to get the Akai MFC42 or the Electrix...

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artbeat77 16th January 2009
Avatar for RichTone

Title is self explanatory. I've put a call into Jamie Sutton, and my partner is calling Geoff Tanner now. Any other...

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RichTone 16th January 2009
Avatar for hpp

Im currently upgrading my recent setup from and old Telefunken RA 100 amp and thinking which amp is the best one for my NS 10's...

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TS-12 16th January 2009
Avatar for Caractacus

so a friend of mine gave me an old Korg DDD 1 but it isn't really working properly. it turns on fine, records, plays back, but...

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Caractacus 16th January 2009
Avatar for JLEpperson

I'm ready to purchase SSL Waves. Should I get RTAS or TDM. I will mostly use it for the buss compression. Is there a quality...

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tronmoog 16th January 2009
Avatar for numberforty1

Just wondering if I should use it on my tracks at home or if I should wait when mastering in the studio I go to...

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ScumBum 16th January 2009
Avatar for shuld

Hello, I have been trying to record my vocals. Im going thru the Pearlman TM1 into my 6176. I want to control the peaks. It...

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MJ Heck 16th January 2009
Avatar for Smallsy

Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie to the forum and just wondered if some of you could help me in choosing the best vocal mic for the...

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gimboid 16th January 2009