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what snare mic is used there? RE20? Help me identify it. Saw it on Metallica - S&M concert too. Best regards.

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PRobb 27th February 2009
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This will be my final post about mic pres before I make the purchase (I hope so). I'm going to London next week to audition both...

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mikecorwin 27th February 2009
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Sorry if this should be in the classified. Since I'm not selling anything it didn't seem like the right spot. How do you...

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imnickb 27th February 2009
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Sorry about the last minute notice- forgot to post this here earlier...but better late than never right? Here's the deal-we...

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cjmnash 27th February 2009
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I'm putting together a small project studio and will be using a mac pro and motu 24/io as my interface doing otb mixing with a...

in the garage
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in the garage 27th February 2009
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i have these mics at my finger tips. (1) Blue Dragonfly (1) AKG D112 (2) Studio Projects C-1 (2) Beyer M201 (1) AKG...

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rmx16 27th February 2009
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Hi all, Ive been doing this stuff for a few years and have actually never had the opportunity to work with any Neve preamps....

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gorillainthemix 27th February 2009
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a slightly odd thread, but im going to new york from uk on monday for a few days.....any one heard of any bragains that i should...

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tropicalhotdog 27th February 2009
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Testing a 1272 on kick drum and I expected more "iron" but so far it sounds a bit soft compared to my api312. Anybody...

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POM AUDIO DESIGN 27th February 2009
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Hi guys, Im just looking for a keyboard command in protools to change faster the automation lines, from waveform to volume...

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Avening 27th February 2009
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So some of you know I am into to buy a summing unit in march may middle of April... I am still saving money for it. I was able...

Deleted 99dc753
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skybluerental 27th February 2009
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Hi there, I'm a graduate freelance game sound designer, and I'm looking for some expert guidance regarding the metering of my...

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gameaudioguy 27th February 2009
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Hi there , I have an atc - 2 toft . 2 channel pre amp . The second channel has started to sound thin and distorted . would...

Brett 123
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Brett 123 27th February 2009
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paul6891 27th February 2009
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Hey you guys, can you tell me if I did a good job on this mix? I have been doing this for 4 years and I'm 18. I need to know how...

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roadsweeper 27th February 2009
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I have ex drummer, bfd, drumcore and had my best results with a alexis drum machine. None really do it for me. As someone that...

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composer 27th February 2009
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Is it because of you rack of Neve pre's. That old U47 Because they know you or maybe that large analog console. Maybe the...

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doorknocker 27th February 2009
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Hi, I am 28 years old and I can hear up to 16Khz. How about you? Simo Orpana Studio Bad Mama

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vernier 27th February 2009
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. anyone try it yet? http://www.sweetwater.com/images/closeup/xl/1600-VStudio700_fullview.jpg .

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saturninus 27th February 2009
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So, I am bypassing my avalon's preamp through the line input and using my Germanium as the preamp and just using avalon's...

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chrisinumerable 27th February 2009
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Can anyone walk me through the best way to make sequences on my MPC 1000 using Pro Tools and EZ Drummer? Will I need a...

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Thuggies 27th February 2009
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Ok Is it true these are great mics for Accoustic guitars? GT

glenn Taylor
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mixerguy 27th February 2009
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Pinball Machines Wii Games Ice cream maker Doughnut Maker Pool Table Foosball. You get my point. What gadjets do you...

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surflounge 27th February 2009
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Hi All, Which of these would you recommend for mixing/tracking? I have a pair of MDR-7506. I'm looking for some more...

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MichaelPatrick 27th February 2009
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I have searched GS and did google search and I really have not found what I'm looking for. Question: Why does all Avalon AD...

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Calistro 27th February 2009
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I did a google search and forum search and for some reason am still confused. I tire of fixing guitar tones and would like a...

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Guitar Zero 27th February 2009
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Hey there. I have what I suspect is a very bad internal midi jitter problem which is actually causing several of my apps to...

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ni-cad 27th February 2009
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So I've done some research and cant answer my question without spending waaaay more time studying, it's far easier to ask you...

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Deleted d78e603 27th February 2009
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Not intentionally!!! Its only happened twice, but since I got my RME ADI-2 I have twice opened sessions in PT LE, and while they...

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numberforty1 27th February 2009
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So since i dont have a board at home, i want some way to have the ability to switch outgoing sources to my pair of monitors. I...

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tropics 27th February 2009
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Hey guys, I was wondering if you can disconnect 3 of the speakers in a 4x12 cab without running into any problems? I need to get...

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Jonboy79 27th February 2009
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I have the Radial Pro Passive DI. I am going to buy an Xamp to reamp with. My question: Would I benefit using a Radial J48...

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bexarametric 27th February 2009
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I borrowed an ipod from a friend to take on holidays.. I begrudgingly installed itunes to work the damn thing... Bloody...

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Mike Brown 27th February 2009
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peachh Hi everybody, like always, my question is urgent cause i can't decide myself... Please give good comparaison and serious...

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Gulliver 27th February 2009
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I picked up a brand new cheap megaphone on ebay for $15.00.kfhkh During my pre production plan meeting with this great punk rock...

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Yetti 27th February 2009
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WTF! All the 1 and 4 band eq's upgraded and don't open, as does D-verb and compressor. They have to be kidding me? Is that it,...

James Lugo
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kafka 27th February 2009
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I thought that I had this issue down, but something is still niggling me. Hopefully someone will take the time to explain, even...

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FeatheredSerpent 27th February 2009
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Yet another "vs" and "otb" and "Toft" thread. Gearslutz rejoice. gooof I'm hoping to get some...

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tommy_asakawa 27th February 2009
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I submitted Copyright forms for a few songs on 12/8/08. But it seems its taking up to 4 months for them to finalize if submitted...

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Old Goat 27th February 2009
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Hello there fellow forumers!! My name is Liam Gaughan and I am in the 3rd Year of a BMus (Hons.) Jazz, Popular and Commerical...

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weezul 27th February 2009
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Does anyone have a link to the Rein Narma interview which was on the Prodigy Pro Forum? Seems to have moved Cheers

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woodfoot 27th February 2009
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Hi, Im in the mood to pick up (if you excuse the pun) a midi guitar. I take it these usb guitar toy thingys just control...

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rack gear 26th February 2009
Avatar for eitherorstudio

hello all... At our studio we have some lovely bass related gear - a vintage P-bass and new Jazz bass, Ampeg SVT and Trace...

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MarkRB 26th February 2009
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So I sold my old headphone amp because I picked up 2 profire 2626's, using optical to link them..one in host mode and one in...

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orbit 26th February 2009
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I have an RCA 77B with an XLR on the cable wired like most mics: Pin 1 shield, pin 2 high (white wire) pin 3 low (black wire). I...

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mbrebes 26th February 2009
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I know there are plenty of rack mounted analog synths out there... but I was wondering if there are any analog electric piano or...

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jproc 26th February 2009
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Anyone out there with the Fathead II w/ Lundahl? The clips on the cascade website comparing the stock vs. Lundahl show quite a...

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hakim 26th February 2009
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Hi. Another preamp for synths quesionair: I'm looking at these, but have not tried any of them. I currently have a Emu 1616m...

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wakestyle 26th February 2009
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Hey all, I recently noticed that Benny Grotto had the Dresden Dolls on his engineering credits on his sig. This intrigued me...

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bgrotto 26th February 2009
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Ok, so a band I know want me to have a crack at mixing their demo, no tracking, just mixing. They're not happy with the sound...

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psycho_monkey 26th February 2009