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First of all, realizing most of you were using REAL tape machines, I ask you to cut me some slack... I'm an ME student. I am...

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chessparov 1st March 2009
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Dear friends, I have a problem. In one of my "gear buying" trips to the US, I got a god deal on a Dolby 361 w/...

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toddbailey 1st March 2009
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These are just my opinions - please forgive me if you make wonderful stereo choral/orchestral/jazz recordings etc. My production...

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FAT 1st March 2009
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can anyone recommend a website for info on how tracks were recorded, need it for college research. i have loads of info on...

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rhythmtech 1st March 2009
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why does someone not create a website that just auditions gear and posts the results? vintageking started doing that, but I...

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Ethan Winer 1st March 2009
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I've been tracking vocals all this week with these 2 pieces. Both are really awesome, the first 2 things that really got me was...

James Lugo
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robot gigante 1st March 2009
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There have been several claims on this forum that 16 bits is mostly 'good enough' because of the limitations of human hearing...

Martin Kantola
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Ethan Winer 1st March 2009
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Anybody out there programming plug-ins? I'm planning to start learning programming at the university this fall and I've been...

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fixitinthemix 1st March 2009
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Hello everyone! Ive just got a roland r70 for 150us (nice deal I guess), everything works perfect but I cant seem to make it work...

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andoceans 1st March 2009
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Anyone know where to get a Brush 30A fuse...part # 012-0140? Seems as though I've blown 1 and I'm having a heck of a time getting...

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BJohnston 1st March 2009
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What are some methods for making sub-bass parts audible on smaller systems? Generating harmonics? What are some techniques you...

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CarmenC 1st March 2009
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I've run into problems with low levels through several patchbays - but only when phantom power is being sent - these are Neutrix...

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Rick Sutton 1st March 2009
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I saw a mix challenge on this forum I think it was two weeks ago, and I think this is a cool idea. I don't know if anybody have...

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laperlestudio 1st March 2009
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I would like to add a 1/2" reel to reel to my studio for bouncing drum and vocal tracks to for submastering. I really don't...

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Cameron Johnson 1st March 2009
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I had a Hosa XLR patch panel that was not hard wired, just a through panel with female input and male outputs on the other end, I...

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Jonathan Starr 1st March 2009
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Recently looking through Shures 'too extensive' range of wireless systems for live use with my guitar. Any tips, or advice on...

Renegade Prod
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goroplayground 1st March 2009
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Apropos of the discussion going on about the new U2 album (NLOTH) it's interesting to think about the opposite of one-hit...

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pulsar modular 1st March 2009
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I have a RME fireface 400 using a UA 2192 for the converters. I just moved my Fireface to the other side of the room, causing me...

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smoore98 1st March 2009
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I've had a quick search and can't find a thread on this, only ones relating to why people book you. I've been reading these...

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phantom_lights 1st March 2009
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Hi all, I'm just about to purchase a non DSP Metric Halo 2882 and I came by a couple of opinions in this forum stating that...

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Allen Rowand 1st March 2009
Avatar for bonneybear

My old set-up. Radar 24, Tascam dm24, Pro-tools 003r, Quad eight 248 24x4x2. My new set-up. Radar 24, Tascam dm...

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bonneybear 1st March 2009
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hello every one, i have just ordered a DBX 1066 from the states and have just realized that i should have explored wether it...

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aflon-telom 1st March 2009
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I heard this band a long time ago and remember liking the kick. I record metal sometimes (nothing nearly as cheesy as this,...

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The Byre 1st March 2009
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Hi guys, been checking this tune latel and really love the reverb on Thom's vocal. YouTube - Radiohead - House of Cards Really...

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sein 1st March 2009
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I've come across one of these, but is it worth purchasing? The only information I could find is the Sennheiser owner's...

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John Willett 1st March 2009
Avatar for ScumBum

I need a colored EQ to add some mojo to some Rock songs . Not a corrective EQ , I already use Sony Oxford EQ which covers...

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Beyersound 1st March 2009
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I'm upgrading my existing Waves SSL 4000 bundle so that I can get a copy of the Waves SSL G-Channel. I was wondering if anyone...

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[email protected] 1st March 2009
Avatar for 10 Dollars

I keep reading good things on here about his solo albums.. but I have yet to hear any of his songs. I want to check his stuff...

10 Dollars
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10 Dollars 1st March 2009
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Which one would you use in an untreated bedroom for acoustic guitars and vocals?

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warhead 1st March 2009
Avatar for goroplayground

anyone have any experience with this console? I used the search function but couldn't find any info. Are they any good?

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goroplayground 1st March 2009
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So i here is something fun to think about... Lets say you were designing a recording studio from scratch (with the execption of...

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NeilEngle 1st March 2009
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SM7b -> Avalon 737sp -> Distressor - and i am getting this audible "machine noise" behind all of the tracks that...

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Gulliver 1st March 2009
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Hi everyone, first post so feel free to pull me up if I'm doing things the wrong way... ( I did search first! ) Anyway, just...

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Avatar for Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 1st March 2009
Avatar for insomnio

Hello, I've read about Mr. Heyne's work for the U87. I like U89's because they polish edgy sources and blend a group of...

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insomnio 1st March 2009
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comparing my crunchy guitar tracks to other CD's and hearing how much WIDER all those are.... grrr any suggestions or...

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KEYBEEETSSS 1st March 2009
Avatar for JordanA

I just picked up a cheap Otari MX-55n in perfect shape. Only thing is it used to belong to a radio station who only used it for...

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JordanA 1st March 2009
Avatar for Rappy

Hello there. I have an Audix D6 that is about 5 years old. I have taken pretty good care of it. The body doesn't have a scratch...

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M.S.P. 1st March 2009
Avatar for Feel the Space

Hello I was wondering how the TLA-50 compares to the TLA-100a? I recently bought a Tla-50 and I am pretty satisfied with it,...

Feel the Space
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E.rOk.stA 1st March 2009
Avatar for trevort

Hey Slutz! I am a solo artist and do some wineries and such with a small system. I want to add a compressor/limiter to the over...

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trevort 1st March 2009
Avatar for Eddie T. Ellis

Hey, Does anyone happen to have Dorian Crozier's contact info? Thanks, Eddie

Eddie T. Ellis
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Avatar for Eddie T. Ellis
Eddie T. Ellis 1st March 2009
Avatar for hduncan

I have the following setup with a mic each: (1) Snare (1) Kick (1) Kick Trigger (4) Toms (2) Overheads (1) ?????? I have one...

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hduncan 1st March 2009
Avatar for Jax

PT8 correctly handles delay compensation for auxes and 7.4 doesn't. This would alter the sound of my 7.4 mixes that are still in...

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Avatar for Trev@Circle
[email protected] 1st March 2009
Avatar for SMX_Dizzy

I've got a Behringer ADA8000 going ADAT out to my M-Audio 1814. I'm considering a hardware compressor (likely FMR RNC or Symetrix...

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Avatar for travisbrown
travisbrown 1st March 2009
Avatar for rack gear

I have one in mothballs and an old project I need to archive into my DAW. Nothing supports 20bit (at least not my rosetta 800)....

rack gear
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psycho_monkey 1st March 2009
Avatar for lord_bunny

I've got a band that kind of has the big wreck vibe and a calf-skin kick drum. It's not going to have a hole on the front so I...

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lord_bunny 1st March 2009
Avatar for Nick Name

It's out! Free for those that registered their 7.4 purchase since october, $150 for the rest of us (I think. I'm hoping $150 is...

Nick Name
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Avatar for Jax
Jax 1st March 2009
Avatar for greatgreatriver

Hi guys! HOw are you? Has anyone here on GS tried to build a plate reverb. I found two interesting links on the web; _ the...

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dbbubba 1st March 2009
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Hi, I used to have an Apogee Duet, but no longer have a firewire mac, so I sold it. I am looking for new equipment and...

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paul6891 28th February 2009
Avatar for pingu

IS this a doable proposition on le and how is it working out for you. Ive heard so many good things about uad im very curious.

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albertors 28th February 2009
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So I have been recording for a few years now and have had no formal training as I am sure is the case with most individuals on...

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Avatar for gwailoh
gwailoh 28th February 2009