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LIGHTS up you can see light flickering like it does when flange is working is there s sercret to this thing do i need a...

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leew66 3rd March 2009
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Hey guys, I'm doing some soul searching on what type of distortion I should invest in for my synths. The goal is to get an...

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m.nash 3rd March 2009
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For example: Do you find that you get a less-than-excited reaction altogether when you have to say things like, "This...

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GuitarRuss 3rd March 2009
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found this on slashdot, thought you guys might be interested. In search of the click track « Music Machinery

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Makinithappen 3rd March 2009
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What is the Best (Sound and Reliability-wise) PC Audio Interface (Non-ProTools) for incorporating Analog gear (maybe 4-6 stereo...

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paperplanepilot 3rd March 2009
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Hi all I really could use your take on the converters in the MOTU 828mkII since I'm contemplating getting one to use in...

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travisbrown 3rd March 2009
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Noob question here... I'm mixing on a Digi 003, and wanted to try throwing a decent compressor across my drum submix. I don't...

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larry b 3rd March 2009
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I don't know if anyone cares about this but here it is. Superlux sent me a pair of their new headphones to demo. They're called...

daniel elliott
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daniel elliott 3rd March 2009

Hi All, First post here, I have been l;urking for some time however. Ok so my question is ralating to headphones and mixing in...

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TWINSTATES 3rd March 2009
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I would like to EQ the side-chain on my API 2500. Does anyone know the pin configuration? I cannot seem to find it in the...

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Stereophonic 3rd March 2009
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TWINSTATES 3rd March 2009
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I know that there is Voices of the Apocalypse, but thats apparently discontinued, and I'm not sure if EastWest's new Symphony of...

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Neon Heart 3rd March 2009
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I just had the strangest experience.We just uploaded my first album to my website. Haven't heard the thing in years. It was done...

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henge 3rd March 2009
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The question of the century....... Which do you like, 2 channel or 3? Dual Rec or triple? What era?

James Lugo
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matskull 3rd March 2009
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Anyway i can run my head to an 8ohm cab and a 4ohm cab ? Hughes & Kettner WARP X the options on the back above outputs...

Renegade Prod
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dbbubba 3rd March 2009
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I'm in the market for a new one or two-channel preamp for my home studio. I run ProTools on a Digi 003 with a Mac Pro. I record...

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kedbear 3rd March 2009
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Hi, maybe I'm missing something but is there a point to own the Symphobia and Orchestral Brass Classic libraries? Even if the...

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Pringles 3rd March 2009
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HI all, I had my first chance to use Waves plugins recently, at my local studio. My band recorded a demo there and I asked the...

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Unclenny 3rd March 2009
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Hey fellow Slutz, I know, I know ... these threads get boring and are incredibly subjective, but I'm honestly in a bit of a...

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dudge 3rd March 2009
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Hey Everyone, I am located in Sydney Australia and am looking for someone who knows a but load about synthesis. I am an...

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ozzlanda 3rd March 2009
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Hey guys I am setting up a new system on my mac. i was looking at the waves musicians bundle 2, the price is right for me and...

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trock 3rd March 2009
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Hi, Im not sure if I can mention this here so please let me know if its not allowed. I've got a SSL duende mini for sale and...

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strangedays 3rd March 2009
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Will I be able to bypass the integrated pre-amp on ff400? Thanks in advance.

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baikonour 3rd March 2009
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Anyone tell me which of the four DV branches in london is the largest one? are the rest worth visiting? Cheers.

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mac black 3rd March 2009
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hello i'm desperatly searching for clips and reviews of the Beyer M130 most stuff you read on the web is "it's great...

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hankdrummer 3rd March 2009
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For those of you who are compressing your toms, whether it be tracking or, mix down, do you prefer to compress individually or,...

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HOTC 3rd March 2009
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hi, I'm planning to upgrade my studio audio interface, I would like to have at least those 8 I/O analog inputs. The main...

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andrzej00 3rd March 2009
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And it sounds wonderful! I don't know what most of the bad reviews are about. It's just different and fresh. Holycrap is it good,...

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radiospace 3rd March 2009
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Hi there , I heard that you can modify an Re20 microphone to give it a better bass response by taking a certain part out . Does...

Brett 123
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Brett 123 3rd March 2009
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Anyone used the Mkii on a system with the Mkiii? Any problems?

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FirstLoveStudio 3rd March 2009
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as told by these guys: 6 Music Industry Tricks That Must Die | Cracked.com

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soundrick 3rd March 2009
Avatar for cjogo

YouTube - Joseph Lucido... John Nava... Mike Shannon... Kim Stone YouTube - Hidden Barn Big Sur Another live recording -- a...

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cjogo 3rd March 2009
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I am stoked at the moment I just purchased a Hammond C-3 organ with a Leslie 122 speaker. It arrives on Friday; I can't wait to...

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ToddF 3rd March 2009
Avatar for IonicBreed

I am very curious to hear what the opinions of CL gear are. I am specifically interested in their whole line up. It seems very...

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Benmrx 3rd March 2009
Avatar for Umlaaat

I'm using a pair powered by a crown d-75a but am having a hard time figuring out lows. everything from 250 and up is good.....

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Umlaaat 3rd March 2009
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Obviously if you use a dark mic harshness and sibilance are less of an issue. I'm wondering what mics you think are clear in the...

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bgrotto 3rd March 2009
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Hi all, I have been eying out this desk for a few years actually (never seem to have enough spare cash mezed ) This thing would...

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saggsy 3rd March 2009
Avatar for Quint

Anybody know which pin(s) on a Cinch Jones connector correspond to the "power sense res." on the barrier strip in the...

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Quint 3rd March 2009
Avatar for Caldo71

...a speaker-building friend of mine who "just has too many speakers lying around" his house is selling a pair and...

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Sounds Great 3rd March 2009
Avatar for Art

Hi all, I just got a Neve 8816 and a switchcraft audio pass through patch bay (db25 to TRS). I tried to hook it up and I am not...

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Art 3rd March 2009
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That's it, I've had enough of mixing with a mouse, and I feel that after upgrading all the key components of my studio over the...

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tommy_asakawa 3rd March 2009
Avatar for zix

Might be a daft question...but which pattern do you use when recording vocals with 87? The following is quoted from funky...

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Avatar for Jax
Jax 3rd March 2009
Avatar for los marbles

Hi all, Just picked up an 888/24 and I need to get inside to switch to external clock source. The front panel has 12 little hex...

los marbles
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los marbles 3rd March 2009
Avatar for mdoelger

Hi guys! I'm not sample replacing a lot of drums, but right now I need a snare and a kick like katy perrys hot & cold! Don't...

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mdoelger 3rd March 2009
Avatar for FLUKE

Hi, I've read a lot on this forum about the A - type of the Cadac desks. But I'm looking for information about the D - type....

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FLUKE 2nd March 2009
Avatar for lacesoutdom

i read in sound on sound the other day, of a neve 'type' pre, it was green and was £199, does anyone know waht make this was? i...

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Oli_W 2nd March 2009
Avatar for dominic hoenig

don't know if anyone has stumbles across this yet...BUT YouTube - Microsoft Songsmith Commercial DEFINITELY need to watch it.

dominic hoenig
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aflon-telom 2nd March 2009
Avatar for santo

Does anyone know the vocal chain used for Idina Menzel, Elphaba original cast of (Wicked) recorded at Right Track NYC? I am...

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santo 2nd March 2009
Avatar for DavidStowell

I recently purchased a Presonus DigiMax D8, to add eight more mic inputs to my Pro Tools LE 8 system. I'm going into my Digi002...

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SMX_Dizzy 2nd March 2009
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I'm sure it's been discussed, and if this post belongs in the Moan Zone the powers that be will rectify. I want to make...

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evangelista 2nd March 2009