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Ok, so I built a little suspension shockmount this morning like this: Wesley's Weekly HOW TO: Super-Cheap Shock Mount |...

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rackdude 8th March 2009
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Kustom TR12L 20 watt practice amp - eBay (item 130290547939 end time Mar-02-09 16:04:42 PST) I have a new hero.heh

James Lugo
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DreamSound 8th March 2009
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I'm wondering if anyone else thinks that soundcards have a better sound quality then firewire interfaces. I realize it depends on...

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strings 8th March 2009
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i was wonding how to do this? id like to know how to do this before i order a new transformer... is it similar to an Apex 460 or...

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hassanperryon 8th March 2009
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I'm going to primarily use this for a mix down or recording only 1 or 2 instruments at a time, so I was wonder what the best way...

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illacov 8th March 2009
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I'm moving back to Nashville next year and need some advice on putting together my project studio. I'm a guitarist/songwriter...

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musicjon 8th March 2009
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First time poster, new member here I have a gig teaching music industry. There are 2 of us (new program) and I was hired second...

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centervolume 7th March 2009
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I do a lot of dialog, ambient, and SFX recordings for films and I'll be getting a Sound Devices 302 mixer soon which has...

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nick-the-sax 7th March 2009
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I have a contemparary jazz quartet coming in and have some questions about mic and pre choices. They are Drums, Electric Bass,...

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McPhaul 7th March 2009
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hi there, this topic has been discussed a lot but i cannot get my head round it. I have this set up ad16x -> 8816 ->...

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southcent 7th March 2009
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hi, I'm trying to plan out my purchases for the next year or two. right now it's Audiofire12 conversion for me. (after I add...

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Audiop 7th March 2009
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More often that not I plug straight into my API 3124 or F/r 428 instrument inputs if I want a direct signal for...

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liquidtension47 7th March 2009
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Hey Guys...been a lurker on this site for awhile and I need a suggestion for a mic with the character and detail of the Sony...

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work2do 7th March 2009
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in acoustic guitar, vocals..

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Rripror 7th March 2009
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Obviously both are not going to be pultecs but which one is the better?

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skiroy 7th March 2009
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I always enjoy hearing about how people got their start playing music and the way they put together cheap equipment to record or...

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memphisindie 7th March 2009
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Im a high school student looking for a internship at a studio. Where would be a good place for me to start looking. Like just...

Deleted User
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dhiltonlittle 7th March 2009
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tropicalhotdog 7th March 2009
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Hi, no need for a stereo pair or something. THANKS!

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dambro2 7th March 2009
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...as if you didn't already know that... I heard a piece on NPR yesterday about the group "Lunchmoney" and their new...

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Eganmedia 7th March 2009
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When i record through either cubase or Adobe audition 3.0 it cuts out. Eg. im singing a long note and half way through it will go...

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Cameron Johnson 7th March 2009
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Ok so this guy sent me this message on myspace claiming all I have to do is send him a demo of my band with contact info on it...

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theblue1 7th March 2009
Avatar for lame pseudonym

If I were to replace my ADK A-51 with a Vienna, would that be an upgrade or just a different sound? To me "upgrade"...

lame pseudonym
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tenchijin2 7th March 2009
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I'm not a pro, I do my best (which isn't bad). I've recently discovered Logic's spreader. At first I avoided it as I assumed it...

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DrDeltaM 7th March 2009
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What is your fave Beyerdynamic ribbon on guitar cab? The M260.80 got a 80 Hz low-cut or the traditional M160 used by Kramer...

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Oli_W 7th March 2009
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I'm planning to test this when my onyx arrive but i'm curious Everyone says that ad converters work best at higher sample...

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haryy 7th March 2009
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How do I run outboard compressors with a 002R? I tried to run them out of the inserts I/O, but nothing happened. Keep in mind...

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icebox 7th March 2009
Avatar for stresstour

The AirEQ plug has been out awhile and was wondering if it is behind in technology compared to stuff like Waves new EQ's (Studio...

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Zero Point 7th March 2009
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Hey, any one using a mac mini with logic or any other software? hows the performance?

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junior 7th March 2009
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Has anyone tried the MarkBass Studio 1 plugin ? I was checking out the markbass website and noticed it there, was unable to...

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Addni 7th March 2009
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I LOVE this preset of all chorus plugs it sounds the widest to me and i lvoe using it on vocals in bridges / middle 8. BUT I'm...

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DrDeltaM 7th March 2009
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hi there, been losing my mind to this northern soul banger........ YouTube - Sidras Theme sidra's theme it's called. wondered...

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turing 7th March 2009
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I'm looking for a media player / librarian (like iTunes, WMP, Zune, etc). I've got about 1200 CDs, and I want to organize them,...

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ericzang 7th March 2009
Avatar for Audun the Great

So I was about to get the FMR RNLA, because I wanted a nice compressor for vocals and bass guitar, which was great because the...

Audun the Great
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Audun the Great 7th March 2009
Avatar for aermotor

I'm wondering if there is anything with the color and sound of the Chandler TG1 but in a lower price bracket? Maybe I'll save for...

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joemeek 7th March 2009
Avatar for rackdude

Hey, so I want to start some shots today but I don't have a proper boom mic or shockmount for my schoeps mk41 at the moment and...

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tINY 7th March 2009
Avatar for JimThompson

Hi everyone, I have a 24 bit project in Sonar that I want to export in the highest quality to be played on this Cary player:...

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JimThompson 7th March 2009
Avatar for babydaddymusic

I have searched and read many of the threads but cost difference is a part of my issue so I thought I would post this in hopes...

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KRStudio 7th March 2009
Avatar for XHipHop

I know the Lexicon PCM96 and Access Virus TI synths are good examples...what else is out there? Thank you.

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Coyoteous 7th March 2009
Avatar for beardsnotbeers

I'm about to start using ableton live for a three way live performance. I need one send going into an in ear rack, another...

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beardsnotbeers 7th March 2009
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So...I've spent the few free hours I've had the last few days trying to pull my tax crap together. I've got a few 1099s and some...

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leebridges 7th March 2009
Avatar for stagefright13

Everyone is fine with snare sound except me. Got any samples? For enhancing it? The drummer pulled a perfect tracking session....

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john emrich 7th March 2009
Avatar for Studiodawg

I thought I would post a quick review of the Digimax FS 8 channel preamp. First off, I was really interested in this preamp...

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Jonboy79 7th March 2009
Avatar for avanturb

*UPDATED WITH LATEST* Sorry for any confusion. I am not Gabe, just putting the information out there. If you can help send an...

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mikeynyuk 7th March 2009
Avatar for Diegel

Can anyone sway me which way to go. I recently did a vocal session with the Red Type B (Blue stage 1) with B6 capsule and really...

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Diegel 7th March 2009
Avatar for mbradzick

Just have to ask since I think the roles are changing. Is the lone producer giving way to the engineer/producer as more and more...

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babydaddymusic 7th March 2009
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So what do you guys use to fix the foam padding/rubber tubing on guitar stands..?? You know, where the neck or body...

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drmmrboy 7th March 2009
Avatar for ampegfreak

Finally got a Beyer m160 & m201 and had a quick play with them this evening in my home studio. Amp - US 6176 - apogee...

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sphsound 7th March 2009
Avatar for Benmrx

Is there anyone within a 3 hour drive of Seattle that has a 32-40 channel Amek Einstein and a DAW with at least 40 outputs, or...

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Benmrx 7th March 2009
Avatar for houndog328

There's no shortage of talk and deets about Bonham in the studio ... but I gotta say, the drum sound going down on Machine Head...

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lynyrd 7th March 2009