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Hi all. I am looking for a good studio in sweden or denmark. We need a big studio as we will record live and are 8 members in...

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Jadie 6th May 2009
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Jcm 800 2203 vs Jcm 900 for Iron maiden sound, but I don't know which head to choose. The jcm 900 have 2 channels, I guess that's...

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Sniperschool 6th May 2009
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Hello fellow slutz, I was wondering what you guys/girls would recommend for my friend who wants to be able to hold as well as...

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themachineisgod 6th May 2009
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Sorry if this has been asked before but i couldn't find it in a search. Basically i'm looking to upgrade my listening rig. At...

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TehGuitarist 6th May 2009
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Is it true that panning 360 degrees in surround is only possible inside a DAW? Is there a way to pan 360 degrees with an analog...

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dbbubba 6th May 2009
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Hi, I'm interested in finding out how these preamps compare in tone. I have the Tampa at the moment but find it can be a...

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dickiefunk 6th May 2009
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Okay, so I've been trying to find out what gear I'd need to get distortion on my vocals of a Lo-Fi (The Strokes, The Libertines,...

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bockoclock 6th May 2009
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What is most optimal way to wire my patchbay? I intend to mostly go mic>portico pre > compressor for my vox chain and use...

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pepperjack 6th May 2009
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I am currently about half-way through my AA Degree in audio engineering, but I was thinking about transferring up to Ex'pression...

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dropblacksky 6th May 2009
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an audio tech engineer told me that it is impossible to change tubes (cl1b in my case) without making the correct internal...

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cosmos 6th May 2009
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How can I edit a pop sound at the beginning of an audio loop in Logic? Please help me! Thanks in advance. Have a wonderful day!

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rcb4t2 6th May 2009
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Tetness 6th May 2009
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Last night I had my BLUE Woodpecker setup beside another mic in order to compare them on a new source. When I played back both...

Hammer Mark
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Hammer Mark 6th May 2009
Avatar for chumusic

Yo..Fella's...right now i'm starting to get my setup ready! And i need a patchbay, well...a good one!! Any brands out there...

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jpupo74 6th May 2009
Avatar for Brandon Weaver

I'm looking to add some synth fx/filtering to my bass guitar rig. What I would really like to do is run into a Korg MS-20, but...

Brandon Weaver
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tombak 6th May 2009
Avatar for zzfdvz@mac.com

Hello fellow slutz! I think the title is pretty self explanatory, but to elaborate a bit further...what are you doing to drum...

[email protected]
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Shane Michael Rose 6th May 2009
Avatar for Magnum29465

What specifically does a DI Box do too the sound of a instrument? I have a mpc and as of now I have the channels of the mpc...

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close/far 6th May 2009
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Well my Sony MDR V600's only plays in the left ear now...About two weeks shy of the warranty I had on it too. hjghfgg Is there a...

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close/far 6th May 2009
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The Police


And yes the good kind... Does anybody have any info on how the police albums were recorded? I know that alot of those sounds...

Lord Fear
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Piranhadrum 6th May 2009
Avatar for potcmusic

I have performed about 4 shows so far and I have been experiencing some troubles with the whole sound. I have a PA system and...

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potcmusic 6th May 2009
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I am considering both of these mics and have heard good things about each of them here on these forums. The people that I have...

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chrisrnps 6th May 2009
Avatar for in the garage

I am trying to ascertain the best way to route 24 tracks from the hd24xr to a toft atb-16 for mixdown.Tracks 1-16 back into...

in the garage
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in the garage 5th May 2009
Avatar for keano

Seems everyone loves/hates NS10's but if they translate late well on most systems that is what is most important right?

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Slikjmuzik 5th May 2009
Avatar for sydlix

Hello, I've read almost everything there is to read about devices wich allow passive volume control, and I refer to: SM...

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Avatar for Guitar Zero
Guitar Zero 5th May 2009
Avatar for Tmay

Hi all, I have two The Box PA15 speakers and a T.amp E-800 power amp; all of which are the own brand of Thomann Cyberstore ....

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Tmay 5th May 2009
Avatar for lacesoutdom

"Signex" Smartpatch 2Pole at Studiospares found this bad boy as i was looking for XLR patchbays, just wondered about...

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lacesoutdom 5th May 2009
Avatar for dave_w

I'm looking to spend around $1200. What would be your choice?

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fallforward 5th May 2009
Avatar for Rqrstudio

I just bought my first hardware compressor. a distressor! How typical....anyways, I have a great river that i will be using with...

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Rqrstudio 5th May 2009
Avatar for manor

“Stevie Nicks likes Sennheiser MD-441-U 5” “Prince likes Sennheiser MD-431” Who can tell me more like this? ...

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themadnun 5th May 2009
Avatar for jlsgear

Hi all, sorry for the silly question ! My DAW only has 1 digital i/o method ... S/PDIF coax . I am considering a verb box...

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NotVeryLoud 5th May 2009
Avatar for meymia

I have cubase 5 and when ever i scroll my jog whell a bit to the right (fast forwards) and i do mean a bit (not chipmonk speed)...

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meymia 5th May 2009
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

I apologize if this is not a good post for this forum, but I wanted opinions from like minds... I have recently graduated from...

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Avatar for BradM
BradM 5th May 2009
Avatar for RaGe

Because if "has to" it would use too many channels of my D/A: 1-2 Stereo Bus 3-4 Hdphones1 5-6 Hdphones2 7-8...

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Avatar for andychamp
andychamp 5th May 2009
Avatar for soulfigter

I'm wanting to get a KMS 105 for live use and wondered if it would also be acceptable for any recording. I'm having to choose...

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andychamp 5th May 2009
Avatar for Reiner

Hi. I´m doing a lot of post production an now I want to bulid up my own soundlibrary. I got some somelibraries but i also got a...

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Avatar for Reiner
Reiner 5th May 2009
Avatar for Magnum29465

Any have any recommendations on a good juke joint sounding drum library. I can't seem to find the middle ground between clean...

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Avatar for Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower 5th May 2009
Avatar for yumdrum

Curious if anyone has compared the sound of the two side by side. Seriously considering the 2882 for my mobile rig. The...

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Avatar for highsage
highsage 5th May 2009
Avatar for radkins

So I have a client doing a record and one of the songs she is modeling after Jason Mraz "Im yours" and is wanting to...

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Grissom90 5th May 2009
Avatar for meymia

HI! thanks for comming in! Any way so ive got this fireface800 card. and my question is: if im gonna buy neve 1073 dpd...

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Avatar for meymia
meymia 5th May 2009
Avatar for m.vette

In this forum and really all over in regards to mixing down to stereo there is reference to the "2 buss" but I've not...

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Avatar for cosmos
cosmos 5th May 2009
Avatar for Deleted ff086b4

Anyone try this at all? It's pretty hard to find a stand alone stereo tube EQ with high and low pass filters! I already have the...

Deleted ff086b4
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Avatar for corruptmary
corruptmary 5th May 2009
Avatar for Dean Landon

I've been using both the Hammer and 747 for mid's and high end EQ on the master bus, especially the Hammer, but I need something...

Dean Landon
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Avatar for iziphonics
iziphonics 5th May 2009
Avatar for Rack n' Ruin

Not sure how to present my topic without rambling ... but have a question that I feel is actually made up of three situational...

Rack n' Ruin
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Rack n' Ruin 5th May 2009
Avatar for kaoss

Hi, I'm shopping for an SSL style compressor and have a chance to buy a used 755. Has anyone compared it to SSL, Smart..? i...

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Avatar for Silver Sonya
Silver Sonya 5th May 2009
Avatar for PureAudiouk

erm.. so I just changed my monitoring position and the response seems flatter, the stereo image seems better... But the music...

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 5th May 2009
Avatar for zak7

What is the real difference? which one sounds better? If you have to pick one based on sound quality which one? I heard...

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Avatar for Benmrx
Benmrx 5th May 2009
Avatar for glenn Taylor

Ok, I finally got a 1975 MCi jh110a 1" 8 track from Sound 80's studio in Minneapolis MN. Does anyone know what machine they...

glenn Taylor
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Avatar for analogtodd
analogtodd 5th May 2009
Avatar for JoaT

Anyone have any input on using Adat BRC as studio master clock generator? How good a clock is it? Is there any sonic advantage...

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Avatar for Byrne
Byrne 5th May 2009
Avatar for killefit

hey, I have always problems getting my mix with a big bottom without sounding boomy. so the mix sounds either boomy and undefined...

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Avatar for fallforward
fallforward 5th May 2009
Avatar for metrognome

I have been trying to figure out a way to set up a cue mix, separate from the main control room mix to use while tracking at my...

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metrognome 5th May 2009