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Hi guys Just got my RNC compressor and Onyx mixer. I setup channel one and two with trs insert cables to my RNC. I realize I...

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MarkRB 14th May 2009
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If you download all the EQs at VK site "Hear the Gear" (select the gear at the right side upper corner): Neve 1073...

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tiny333 14th May 2009
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I have an ensemble but it doesnt have enough ins and outs!! any suggestions? cheap analogue desk or something?

Audio Child
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ddageek 14th May 2009
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although I'm doing quite nicely with my vdrums/vst drum libraries, my friend and I have booked a studio to practice recording...

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cheu78 14th May 2009
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I am a total novice in recording, but am really anxious to learn. I am running an M-Audio Profire 2626 into my Macbook Pro and...

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Buton777 13th May 2009
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I am running a macbook pro with an mbox2 and pro tools, Is it possible to to get a set of preamps made by a third party to use in...

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salo 13th May 2009
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I own a 2.4GHz intel core 2 duo 2GB memory. Is this strong enough to run pro tools? It seems the best option for my needs...

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Ben B 13th May 2009
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Just wanted to share ... After logging my mostest flavourite Mag. on the Apogee site poll I got this little dingy dingy which...

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Deleted d78e603 13th May 2009
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Hi, Still trying to decide between Adam and Focal Solo 6's. Have read a lot about both. Seems you can buy Adams easily in the...

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FocalPro 13th May 2009
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Hi to everyone, i was thinking to get a RME for my AD16X/DA16X, i was watching the HDSPe Raydat, and the MANDI, but i don't know...

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Fabianuy 13th May 2009
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hi guys! this is my first post but have reading posts for a couple of years! im about to buy a new mixer, my second. im a...

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midihooker 13th May 2009
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hi guys! this is my first post but have reading posts for a couple of years! im about to buy a new mixer, my second. im a...

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midihooker 13th May 2009
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I'm finishing up a mix and this is bringing me to the brink of insanity: PROBLEMS: 1) Guitar palm mute during end of...

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MarkRB 13th May 2009
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I have the opportunity to buy a friends HD3 accel rig on the cheap ($2500) and upgrade from my rig, a modded DIGI 001 running...

tofu maniac
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musicmatt 13th May 2009
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I'm moving there in Aug, and just wondering what's up. I've visited once, and was glad to see that there's a nice downtown area...

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omtayslick 13th May 2009
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Hi, I found this site recently and it looks like someone here might be able to help me figure this out. I'm one of the webmasters...

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jim4371 13th May 2009
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Hi all- General question: I'm a long time Logic user and I'd like to engineer sessions at other studios in town, but they're...

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greyskull 13th May 2009
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Here is an essoteric piece of "gear" or junk rather that I came across. I could see some rapper using the samples from...

Alex Specht
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chrysb93065 13th May 2009
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I just got a used LM off of ebay, I think it's most likely a brick... The Mac software installer wants the unit connected before...

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JustinAiken 13th May 2009
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hey guys. looking for some distortion pedal plugins to supplement Digidesign Eleven as it does not model any pedals. only...

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camerondye 13th May 2009
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I went on the waiting list for this pedal 2 years ago. I finally got an email saying they are available. Now at this point I...

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thedommer 13th May 2009
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wow, so I recently tried out some guitars and a bass which I currently got from a guitar builder friend of mine. And all I can...

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Batchainpuller78 13th May 2009
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Any thoughts on the new Britney record? I picked it up today and it's got a ton of bass, sounds badass... I happen to have a...

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soultrane 13th May 2009
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Is this a possible way of tracking a band live in the studio? This band is a trio with a guitarist/singer and I was going to...

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matskull 13th May 2009
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Hi guys, before I upgrade my current machine I just wanted to know from users which platform is the most stable for cubase? ...

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peteblues 13th May 2009
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Hi, does anyone know of somewhere offering mods/upgrades for the Digi-002R in the UK, specfically the mic preamps? I'd like the...

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Iggy Poop 13th May 2009
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Hi, I currently own: 1. Yamaha MG/12 mixer. 2. Alto Cle 2.0 Compressor 3. Tascam DP-01 8track recorder. Could anyone help me...

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Kumbari 13th May 2009
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alrighty, i'm going to take a look at a Yamaha Electone BK-4C organ that is for sale in my locality. just wondering if...

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monomono 13th May 2009
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Hey guys, Researching the media manufacturing industry and looking for articles/reports/details on competition within the...

Cruz Azul
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Cruz Azul 13th May 2009
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hey im into recording acoustic guitars, got aea and brauners here, still..... i got a clients who tells me you can also plug...

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Barish 13th May 2009
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Propellerhead Record - Latest news, videos, raves | ReasonStation Some new news. Call it placebo or wishful thinking but I can...

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greatgreatriver 13th May 2009
Avatar for mikeshep

trying to make a choice on a firewire interface for small vo studio setup-- i have an opportunity for a tc konnekt 6 at a really...

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Graal 13th May 2009
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Is it really necessary to talk this much about gear, or do we loose focus on much more important things, like techniques, musical...

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gainreduction 13th May 2009
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been reading a lot about two track 1/4" and 1/2" as an archival solution and was wondering if anyone has given thought...

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quantumpsych 13th May 2009
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Hey everyone, I'm still somewhat new to the slutz forums and I've searched on here, but would like your decision on which delay...

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gem 13th May 2009
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Not that anyone needs to be "relieved," lol... but I was just reading this (copy/pasted from a larger...

Dale Turner
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lord toranaga 13th May 2009
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im not sure wether I should get a compressor and use that with two versatile mics? AT 4050, sm7b. Or sell those mics and have...

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ChaosCreation 13th May 2009
Avatar for popvulture

I've got a project studio and I'm on a budget... I want to expand my mic collection enough to record a 4 mic drum setup (see Sean...

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warhead 13th May 2009
Avatar for itssallcalypso

A lot of recordings that I have been listening to have 2 separate guitar tracks, one panned left, one panned right. I do this...

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rcb4t2 13th May 2009
Avatar for mbradzick

My Gibson Songwriter Deluxe has an internal pickup that's become loose. How should I go about re-seating it? Is it just sticky...

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mbradzick 13th May 2009
Avatar for bunky

Thanks for checking out my post. Any info would be much much appreciated! What mic would you recommend for the vocalist on this...

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bunky 13th May 2009
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in my case, I'm running audio out of my D/A-16x through some outboard, then into a dangerous 2bus-LT for summing. I mean after...

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seagleson 13th May 2009
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is there somehting like this?

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tarabok 13th May 2009
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I'm looking into a 24 track inline console and was looking for some opinions. So if you'd like to share an opinion (please do!)...

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Bguzaldo 13th May 2009
Avatar for Brody Murakami

I picked up this Audioarts console I found online back in Feb. I'm trying to decide whether to keep it or not, unfortunately...

Brody Murakami
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Brody Murakami 13th May 2009
Avatar for Hurricane

Hi, I've come across a second had hammond organ for my studio which I'm interested in buying and the seller has stated that its a...

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Avatar for Hurricane
Hurricane 13th May 2009
Avatar for pinky

So I picked up 2 unidyne III usa made sm57's today. I've looked around and I can't find a picture of one that looks the same as...

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pinky 13th May 2009
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Gardner 13th May 2009
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After a long searching i just find out the Flux plugins here: www.sonus.si and they have absolutly great prices -40% off for all...

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T_R_S 13th May 2009
Avatar for ChaosCreation

I saw on the distressor site that they were using there compressor towards pre reported drums on there computer? How do you...

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ChaosCreation 12th May 2009