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Universal Audio | UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop I can't wait to get this thing... of course unless the duo is right behind it!!!

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steve10358 26th June 2009
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So after the release of SD 2.0, where can the DFHS content be found? I know there is an EZX for EZ Drummer and SD 2.0, but this...

C Heat
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C Heat 26th June 2009
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hey guys, im on a vocal/acoustic guitar project....latin american/bossa nova style i did a recording today at home ...

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drBill 26th June 2009
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I'm looking for a new mic that I'll buy probably tomorrow, I have a good price on a rode nt-2 original, I'm not personnaly a fan...

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laperlestudio 26th June 2009
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Hey all. I'm looking for a simple way to run a mic into a box--adjust the level there---then run that mic to the board. For your...

K. Osborne
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norman_nomad 26th June 2009
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Hello! howdy I want to buy a Lynx AES16 I need 1 input gooof And the Lynx is cheaper than the RME jummpp Also, which do you...

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Doc Mixwell 26th June 2009
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Hey guys! Let's say you're recording guitars and you've found the ideal spots for a Royer and a 57. They're pretty much in...

ze engineer
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theslygoose 26th June 2009
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I'm looking to buy a profire 2626 to use with my macbook. But I just saw the requirements for a G5. But my specs exceed the...

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peteblues 25th June 2009
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i have a pair of mackie hr 824's. one of them shuts off fine, but when i shut off the other from the front the on light stays on...

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chrisrnps 25th June 2009
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I've been trying to access it now for nearly a week. It appears to be down. I've tried accessing the site from different...

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Teddy Ray 25th June 2009
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Im using Pro-tools 002, right now. I have no experience with software based drums. I really dont do much midi either. Is there a...

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Marty Long 25th June 2009
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I have read and read post throughout this board, but for some reason I am still confused. I am debating on getting the...

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reddirt 25th June 2009
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Anyone have any info on how this was done? Tape, PT etc?

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AlphaDingo 25th June 2009
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I'm getting a 10,000 rpm hard drive with 150 or 250 gb. should I use the faster hard drive for my vista installation or should...

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ckreon 25th June 2009
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...Or do you find yourself doing whatever comes to you? It's been a long battle for me debating if I solely want to focus my time...

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waxx 25th June 2009
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I mean lets say its a good guitar going through a good preamp and a good eq and compressor etc...

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dbbubba 25th June 2009
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hi slutz, i was very fortunate to get my hands on some old MIX mags from 83-87. in one advert the product ( i cant remember the...

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Brent Hahn 25th June 2009
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N question. What happens if you go to a mixing engineer and you don't like his job? You sit together until you like...

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domokunrox 25th June 2009
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Loving both the Future Of The Left's albums at the moment. Great recordings, great performances, great band! Would love to...

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Empora 25th June 2009
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Anyone know of a good place to pick up supplies around Seattle? Now that Westlake Electronics is on the east side (or gone...

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johnnybregar 25th June 2009
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Hey all, I'm goin on the hunt for my very first high-end vocal compressor. I will use it mainly to track female vocals and a...

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Phroggy 25th June 2009
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Just wondering what generally should be cut when mixing orchestra with drums and bass Strings,trumpets,flute,trombones,grand...

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drBill 25th June 2009
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So the ADL has mic, line and instrument inputs. Would I just use the line inputs when bussing out a mix from ProTools to the...

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KRStudio 25th June 2009
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This is what i wrote to them:. I am a singer songwriter and a recording artist i write 100% of my songs, compose ,write...

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narcoman 25th June 2009
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Did the Beatles Destroy Rock 'n' Roll? Elijah Wald Book Review: Did the Beatles Destroy Rock 'n' Roll? - TIME An interesting...

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redrue 25th June 2009
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Hi guys, I guess this is kind of an old topic; sorry about that. But I thought I'd try to get an updated opinion. I'm thinking...

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Brandt 25th June 2009
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Could anyone explain the relation between these two consoles, they both have the Trident name, one is from Toft Audio Designs...

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bluesbaz 25th June 2009
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The Novation SL mk2 is not compatible with their templte editor and does not have a template editor of its own. Traktor Pro...

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PeteJames 25th June 2009
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Im from israel. Supposed to be in canada in a years time from now... I thought about using this year to record my album and...

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David Watts 25th June 2009
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Hi I have aligned and calibrated A 80 and everything is working fine . I did some experimenting with the repro amp EQ and level...

bass man
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bass man 25th June 2009
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Hello All, I just purchased a Lexicon MPX500 from a fellow Slut, but I was unsuccesful in hooking it up to our Mackie Mixer at...

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cavern 25th June 2009
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Hi, i've had this setup of a Tascam 38 with 2 DX-4D noise reduction units for years now and it's always worked perfectly but now...

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ceelef 25th June 2009
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Why why why...??? Alright, got a barely used almost new MPatch2 last week. Hooked it up to switch between two sets of monitors...

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perple 25th June 2009
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Hi Guys, I know this is a long shot but I would really like to get my 002 modded in the near future so that I can breathe new...

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bluemix 25th June 2009
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I'm after an alternative to the older grey mogami snake cable (the stuff before the ez id cable with the extra drain wire came...

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plexisys 25th June 2009
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I'm just about to buy a stereo pair of sdc's: Beyer MC 930 or Peluso CEMC6. Similar price. Mainly for Grand Piano. I think...

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sevendaysoff 25th June 2009
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jdjustice 25th June 2009
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Aight sluts, I'm just not getting a nice smooth sound out of my acoustic guitar...any tips on the right kind of setup to use? I...

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Unclenny 25th June 2009
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I'm in my first year as a sole trader and following a conversation with my dad today I'm a bit confused. I was saying I could...

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hazza26 25th June 2009
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I just picked up a Symetrix 606 and everything seems to work okay except the ERL. I did a factory reset. When I select the ERL...

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BirdFLU 25th June 2009
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So we've narrowed it down to 7 convertors for our test in this thread: Convertor Shootout The Convertors: So far, we have...

Kenny Gioia
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synthoid 25th June 2009
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I'm a singer/songwriter not a mix engineer so apologies if these things are obvious... here are a couple of things that I'm...

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norman_nomad 25th June 2009
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Searched around and couldn't find much on this topic. Hoping the Slutz community has some clever ideas... I'm curious if...

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telejustin 25th June 2009
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Hey guys, Just working on a mix and wanted to see what you guys thought :) Any tips would be...

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Sjt5066 25th June 2009
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Hey, So I have an M-Audio Profire 2626. I know that I can connect an ADAT device to the ADAT ports for recording additional...

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Shawn D 25th June 2009
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I was told by Rory at Benchmark that serial numbers 40000 and up had all the newest revisions, but he didn't say what those were....

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swaff 25th June 2009
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MAN! the icarly theme song is so poorly autotuned ...and when you think it can;t get worse than icarly... ...there is True...

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EstateMatt 25th June 2009
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My neighborhood has what I think are fantastic and usable acoustic reflections, but there are snags to getting an impulse of it...

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AZeitung 25th June 2009
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So I recently acquired a little extra money that I have decided to invest in my mic locker. Here is my issue, I have a couple...

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Militiamatt 25th June 2009
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OK guys, I've had my fun today poking at GS, so now I have a real question. My brother plays guitar for Al Green. He wants to...

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DanRock101 25th June 2009