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Hi, I'm working with a SC Ghost, but the pdf user guide on the SC site has no pages to it (weird). Does anyone have a full pdf...

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opentune 4th July 2009
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Does anyone have a good windscreen that they use on an Audio Technica 4050? The only one I've seen online is the AT8137 and...

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newpollution 4th July 2009
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I'm a beginning player and I've got a Yamaha P85 piano (weighted keys) but I want more sounds such as epiano, organ, strings,...

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Stabby 4th July 2009
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Hi GS, Because of Paypal's latest wave of policies, I decided to try other methods for payment. I was thinking about opening up...

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rufus13 4th July 2009
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Okay, my understanding is the difference between the inline and split console is that the Split console has the fader for...

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Mike Brown 4th July 2009
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Hey , So I just got the upgrade for PT 8 , and on the install process it tells me my windows media doesnt have the neccesary...

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birchgrove 4th July 2009
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I've heard rumors that this mic is a chinese and not a american-handmade mic? I know the designer" is David Royer.

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Studio Addict 4th July 2009
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Hi I'm really new to the recording world and could use anyone's expert or experienced opinion about my question. I do a lot of...

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Obleezy 4th July 2009
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What's involved? I've been in the IT business for about 13+ years and I know my way around computers (hardware) like the back of...

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voicegenius 4th July 2009
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I just purchased the URS Classic Console Strip Pro. It's working fine; however, I'm missing the factory presets. When I check...

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rockrev 4th July 2009
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So, I really dig FZ! I have for a while but I haven't been able to find too much info on his recording gear. I know he was a...

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knittingram 4th July 2009
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Hi, wondering if someone can offer advice about pros / cons for dual monoblocks vs stereo amplifier for midfields. Thanks,

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DirtyMan 4th July 2009
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I am working on improving my bass sound in my mixes and I have heard in a couple tutorials that we should be plugging the bass...

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K Livingston 4th July 2009
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Is this a good deal saw it for sale in a shop for 2800 Pro Tools HD2 PCIx + Apple Mac G4 Licenses on iLok: Access Virus...

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dnafe 4th July 2009
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Anyone care to briefly educ-ma-kate me on the differences between the two.How close an I get away with tweaking a good parametric...

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opentune 4th July 2009
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I've owned Genelecs, krks (4 different models), ns10M (still got a pair), Mackies, and PMC. LSR2300 Series are the first JBL...

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reflixtinian 4th July 2009
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Do you guys get a release from the client if you want to use their music for demo purposes? I'm working on a website and wanted...

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Jordan Jerkwad 4th July 2009
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anyone know a good place to rent equipment? looking to try a few mics and compressors?

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bryancook 4th July 2009
Avatar for TehGuitarist

I know there are couple for windows and Protools HD but what about for Pro tools LE or Logic 8 (Logic 8 would be better) but how...

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TehGuitarist 4th July 2009
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OK.... what is the consensus? If I buy DrumaGog are the stock samples worth using? I am trying to doll up a bunch of mixes...

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bulls hit 4th July 2009
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Hey guys, This is my first post, hope its in the right section. I live in Australia with 240V AC. I have just aquired a mint...

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John Eppstein 4th July 2009
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Some of my favorite sounds lately: A Linn Drum with a rom chip half inserted... made a great chirpy distorted yet punchy sound. ...

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mdme_sadie 4th July 2009
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Can anyone help me out with some clips of the two units?Preferably on drums.And if you have any on other instruments that would...

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jourdan11 4th July 2009
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John Eppstein 4th July 2009
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Hey, I bought a used set of JBL 4312b's and a used Bryston 4B made about 1981. I heard that the 4312b's have pretty good bass...

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Sonic Skip 4th July 2009
Avatar for rabbit friendly

I have a stereo field recorder and I want to create surround recordings. Is this possible with just 2 mics? Maybe using 2 figure...

rabbit friendly
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Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 4th July 2009
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hello i've just bought a profire 2626 and i experienced clicks during recording, so i started trying different connections and...

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mattianlaseppia 4th July 2009
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On many of Daft Punk's tracks (as well as on many other albums by other artists) aside from the typical hi-hats and crashes found...

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rszanto 4th July 2009
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I was reading in another thread that one technique many people use is putting a compressor on the master bus and mixing through...

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andersmv 4th July 2009
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TITLE SHOULD READ: WHOSE voice- not Who's voice I read about this ALL THE TIME whenever i read a mic or mic pre thread.... I...

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Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 4th July 2009
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I stumbled across one of the most intriguing Myspace pages I have seen in a while. MySpace.com - EBBEDESIGN - 32 - Male - FR -...

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rszanto 4th July 2009
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I was thinking of that and about what could be the next industry standard. I was thinking of all the mp3s floating the net and...

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msquared 4th July 2009
Avatar for lakeshorephatty

I haven't seen this question directly answered anywhere, thought i would give it a shot to ask. Have a fatso, love every...

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lakeshorephatty 4th July 2009
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Anyone who has experienced a good sounding grand piano that did not cost a fortune?

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swankdoc 4th July 2009
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Does it make much of a difference upgrading the valve in a Vox Tonelab SE? What's a really good choice if it does help? Does it...

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chucks 4th July 2009
Avatar for AlphaDingo

I'm considering one or the other. For those of you who have or have heard both: Is there any difference sound quality wise?...

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getaway_fromme 4th July 2009
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Which mic do you prefer (any other comments welcome)? I just purchased a Mojave MA-200 and am comparing it to my present tube...

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SEA 4th July 2009
Avatar for Kenny Gioia

Everyone seems to swear by Analog summing but could it be the sound of your preamp vs the 16 stems? Is it the summing or the...

Kenny Gioia
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BradM 3rd July 2009
Avatar for jourdan11

This is my first time recording vocals.Was wondering if it has potential.Im the drummer in the band.Because the original bass...

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Thescort 3rd July 2009
Avatar for ballastmusic

Hello all. I am a amateur musician and engineer who needs advice on my current setup. I have been recording with an Mbox 2 for...

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rawtunez 3rd July 2009
Avatar for HarrisTech

Hey GS, SITUATION: I want to run AES/EBU to and from a DAT, CD and 96 into a TT patchbay (DB25). I know that isolating the...

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Avatar for Tony Shepperd
Tony Shepperd 3rd July 2009
Avatar for bexarametric

I'm recording a very precise and fast metal band. I'm wanting to double a lot of their parts, but it's very time consuming for...

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Avatar for AllAboutTone
AllAboutTone 3rd July 2009
Avatar for Dave Reid

I've been offered a Pultec eqp1 in good shape that's missing the 16k on the top and 20 on the bottom. Any users have opinions on...

Dave Reid
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tekis 3rd July 2009
Avatar for cojo67

All I have at the moment is a Mackie 1604 VLZ and an FMR audio RNP. When I run vocals through both of them, I can hear a...

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Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 3rd July 2009
Avatar for digitalM

Dear fellow slutz... I've tried to find more info on Calrec 1253-4 modules and 1288-2 compresors but so far not very much...

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antoniosolo 3rd July 2009
Avatar for Savernake

Just wondering how much this is worth selling for? Not a clue. You can make an offer if you like and I will put you in touch with...

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Savernake 3rd July 2009
Avatar for J Dennis

I posted this in the wrong section (i think!) before, so here goes: After my trusty cassette 4-track has died I'm after...

J Dennis
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FFTT 3rd July 2009
Avatar for dobz

Hey Guys, I have a SSL alphalink AX (ADAT only model) and i'm looking for a interface that i can use that has 24 ADAT i/o. What...

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warhead 3rd July 2009
Avatar for Digitopian

Hey guys, I'm getting ready to blow my budget on some much needed front end and back end items, and really need to stretch every...

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Digitopian 3rd July 2009
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Hi guys! hows it going? Just wondering which you'd prefer in your studio and why? The volume of either doesn't really bother...

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mole-man 3rd July 2009