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i've recorded drums last week with a pair of room mics ribbon (RM700, nady RSM4 type) set in blumlein FOK appx 10' knee high. I...

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mdoelger 8th July 2009
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Hi guys, I'm looking for some new active mons in the £500 - £800 range. I know its not a massive amount but I'd like to hear...

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fakiekid 8th July 2009
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Hi how fast does the portico compressor attack time goes? cause in the specs it says is 2ms and that seems a little slow for what...

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Jeff Jasper 8th July 2009
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going to be moving back to LA soon where's the best place to set up a home studio. homes in venice/silverlake are too small. i...

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Fleaman 8th July 2009
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I have an Otari MX50II 2tk 1/4" machine. I don't know if it's broken or if I'm just completely missing something. It...

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John Eppstein 8th July 2009
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I have never seen one in person. Trying to look at a small picture online it looks like it has a mic input correct? I am...

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John Eppstein 8th July 2009
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anyone ever used one of these or have any info on them.....thinking about buying one to use as a summing mixer but cant find...

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Deleted d78e603 8th July 2009
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Who were the players in the MJ Backing Band ? I know the female guitarist is Orianthi but what about the rest. They really...

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sedohr 8th July 2009
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As I previously posted before(to know which Bass Drum size would be better) I am going to buy a drumset for my studio. I...

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mattp7394 8th July 2009
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Hi guys, I've owned my TLM 193 for a good 4 years or so now and I've found it a rather good LDC mic but as of 18 month ago (when...

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hazelmossobrien 8th July 2009
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I need a pair of small monitors for editing at home... Anyone tried the Adam A5? there is something better for the price? Maybe...

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Guybrush 8th July 2009
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I have just ordered the Steinberg MR816 csx and about to order genelec 8240 for monitoring. Therefore, I need a digital format...

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heksu 8th July 2009
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Listen to some of my stuff at The Compound Recording Studio on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music...

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LimeMusic 8th July 2009
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Hello ! (i did a search about this and couldnt find an answer). I have an Apogee Duet, and just brought an Ensemble. I was told...

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hazelmossobrien 8th July 2009
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Im having trouble thinking of synth parts, or harmonies, or any extra backing things for my album. For the producer folks, how do...

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imloggedin 8th July 2009
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petrovinksy 8th July 2009
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ALTEC LANSING 3216 A 16-channel stereo mixer....any info on this mixer out there in gearslutz land? help. mike costanzo

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casterizzio 8th July 2009
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icky thump


thoughts, questions, concerns, debacles, and maybe an opinion... how do you feel about the songwriting? the...

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80425 8th July 2009
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Here's a great interview with Quincy Jones post MJ. WISEGUY Q&A: QUINCY JONES' FONDEST AND WEIRDEST RECOLLECTIONS OF...

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fanriffic 8th July 2009
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Where can I find something like this for TT Bantam patch cables?

Keith Moore
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matskull 8th July 2009
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When splitting the signal of an electric guitar/bass in order to record direct and an amp simultaneously I am assuming that most...

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dialectic 8th July 2009
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A friend took me out to this very cool studio in the woods outside Portland, Or: Big Red Studio - Music Recording . Very...

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canopener 8th July 2009
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Was at Echo Mountain in Asheville, NC today doing one of my mixes for personal material. Had quite a time! Awesome 8068...

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Hamburg58 8th July 2009
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always been curious about this record's production given the hype around it. i have never heard it because i do not listen/make...

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henryrobinett 8th July 2009
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Hello here's what i have : Rupert Neve 5016 preamp/DI Mytek AD96 i need a compressor, and would love a 1176 or a MC77 or...

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js1 8th July 2009
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Yesterday I threw out well over 3,000 CDs from my collection. Right into the garbage. No use for them. Crazy. Right? I...

Kenny Gioia
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TheMarqueeYears 8th July 2009
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i'm looking for a flight case with at least 12 units on the top and 8 in front, on the top for a mixer (soundcraft m-series) and...

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mattianlaseppia 7th July 2009
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Can someone recommend a decent, affordable pair of headphones for monitoring at remote venues? My puppy ate the cord off my...

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Bassmankr 7th July 2009
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Hi all, Wondering how would a Neve 8801 Channel strip with optional A/DC (USB out), be connected to P/T LE 7.4 / 002 rack. For...

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tsvisser 7th July 2009
Avatar for TheBoss

Looking for producer for few projects I like to roll out. Engineering plus if not no big deal as long as you know your way around...

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Maxwellian 7th July 2009
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im trying to hook up a focusrite isa 428 to a m audio profire 2626. the isa has no digital outs unless i but the convertion card....

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spitfire52mm 7th July 2009
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I am listening to all The John Patitucci`s albums recorded and mixed by Mr.Joe Barbaria for years and am really enjoying the...

bass man
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bass man 7th July 2009
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I recently ordered an sm7b, which will hopefully arrive tomorrow! And I'm currently looking at the md421. I'm looking for a mic...

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Odieman 7th July 2009
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Man i got this and it sounds so freakin amazing..so clear Anyone hear it aswel?

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HOTC 7th July 2009
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Looking to toughen up my beats, and someone mentioned a Alesis 3630. Just wondering if anyone on here is using this, or something...

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fondone 7th July 2009
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rogerbrain 7th July 2009
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What are most people using to do this and which programs/plugins are most transparent and easy to use for this purpose?...

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allencollins 7th July 2009
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Hello, though I like sonic character of my ribbon mics (R84, R-122) very much I often miss a little "air" (e.g. on...

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dale116dot7 7th July 2009
Avatar for rabbit friendly

I need to record some vocalists and am thinking of getting a good channel strip with compression/EQ. Hardware vs. software...

rabbit friendly
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RonT 7th July 2009
Avatar for yvesapple

Hey folks, Although I am thinking about purchasing the Great River or UA 610 preamp, I am torn because I'd like to have...

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WunderBro Flo 7th July 2009
Avatar for Jules

Act: Song: Instrument: Comments:

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Avatar for edgarbc1
edgarbc1 7th July 2009
Avatar for sheepforwheat

Lots of my recordings are suffering in the mids department. I tend to do a lot of mid EQ boosting. Can you slutz list some mics...

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Santiago 7th July 2009
Avatar for vinylstalker

Hi folks. I am a 39 y.o. ex-dj/bedroom producer. Out of the game for a few years now. For the past 2 years, I have been...

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vinylstalker 7th July 2009
Avatar for rabbit friendly

Has anyone had any experience using an mkh-40 on lead vox? How's it sound?

rabbit friendly
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rabbit friendly 7th July 2009
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You guys seen this yet? YouTube - Michael Jackson Ghost? During CNN Larry King Interview with Jermaine Jackson

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ProFool 7th July 2009
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So I know this has been covered a little but I guess I have some specific questions that don't appear to have been...

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Thescort 7th July 2009
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YO! I have a purple Action comp and a sweet ten rack. I have not heard to many comments on how he purple action comps work while...

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ianbryn11 7th July 2009
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Hi, I am based in London, UK and have 2 bust Yamaha SW10 subs that sparked smoked and now don't work (so it is the amps...

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willw 7th July 2009
Avatar for HobbyCore

Per the discussion in the mastering forum I've thought about making plugs for my Adam A7 bass ports. I have a sub 10, and it...

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Avatar for Crash
Crash 7th July 2009
Avatar for gtodd876

I'm looking for a good audio rental place somewhere near Bard (annandale, NY) college to rent a couple mics in July. I'm actually...

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Chunky But Funky 7th July 2009