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The ADL700 is not on presonus's website but is for sale at sweetwater as NEW item? Confused PreSonus ADL 700 | Sweetwater.com

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JustifiedStudios 17th July 2009
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Has two internal FX processors! Argh.. why is this so hard? Simply so I can have a delay AND reverb, and control the level of...

Lee Cardan
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Lee Cardan 17th July 2009
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I'm looking at editing a lot of rhythm tracks for an album. Beat Detective is fine for the drums but for bass the Melodyne plugin...

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grrrayson 17th July 2009
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I am running my Trident 4T channel strip into my firepod's line in. The trident 4t has an output meter and once I get the levels...

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R3altruth 17th July 2009
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anyone out there got an akai mpk49 working with cubase? im using cubase5 and i added the remote device and the akai provided...

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jpetrou 17th July 2009
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I'm going to be recording an acoustic band with rhythm instruments (two acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin), a very small drum kit...

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will84 17th July 2009
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I've just purchased an old used Oberheim 0B-8 synth. It did not come with the original factory DATA/Preset calibration cassette...

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clusterchord 17th July 2009
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Discussion anyone?.... Thinking there's lots of talented players/singers here that are in either the Los Angeles or Orange...

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saturninus 17th July 2009
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So I just got my new HD1 setup. I'll be upgrading to HD2 in a month or so but I just wanted to get everything up and running. All...

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brian_delizza 16th July 2009
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Hi. some one told me not to put ANY dynamic processors on the master bus...does that in your opinion uncluse asimple sonnox...

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Andreas G 16th July 2009
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Hey guys, It's probably me, but I just can't seem to find any delay in PT 8 with a tap function on the keyboard of my MacBook...

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mikkelkiilerich 16th July 2009
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I'm thinking of buying a 24/32-track Telefunken 15A, has anyone here ever come across one, used it or have anything else to say...

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Jules 16th July 2009
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At the Baseball All-Star game, and there was no detectable Auto-tune. Yay!!

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big country 16th July 2009
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Hi Please help ! I just got a Mopho and for some reason I cant seem to use my Motif XS as the controller for it.. Im getting...

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brian_delizza 16th July 2009
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What's up slutzzzzzzzz ? I'n looking 2 get new gear for tracking hip hop vocals with my vintage u87 and neve 1073 should i go...

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brian_delizza 16th July 2009
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I bought one of these yesterday and have to wait until I get it. I didn´t hear the unit myself, but it was cheap, so I nailed...

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Indicator 16th July 2009
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Basically, the driver on an A7 stopped moving. It does not seem to be blown as the speaker moves (by hand) without any friction....

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Exquisite Red 16th July 2009
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I've actually been shopping for an Apogee Duet for a while now. But recently, I've seen an influx of duets on ebay and as much as...

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Groberts 16th July 2009
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What is your opinion of this Mic for general purposes. I use is for almost every: piano, vocals, trumpets, trombones,...

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Kenny Gioia 16th July 2009
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anyone here happen to know imogen heaps signal chain for her vocal?

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jeremy.c. 16th July 2009
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FOR USE IN PROTOOLS. Wave Machine Labs Drumagog Platinum $359.00 ddrum Trigger Kit $199 Steven Slate Drums...

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Marty Long 16th July 2009
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Any one out there ever compared the Motion Sound Pro 145 to a Hammond 122/142/145/147 Leslie? How disappointed will I be if I...

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jproc 16th July 2009
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What mic is Kelly using in that video? Is it a U87 or U67? Is there any way to tell? YouTube - Kelly Clarkson - Reba recording...

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Rikers Beard 16th July 2009
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Last week on a show the client had as entertainment his 14 year-old son's rock band play. I was capturing video to Final Cut Pro...

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dbbubba 16th July 2009
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Hey all, I just purchased the MP Toolkit, and I'm having trouble installing the IR impulse library in TL Space. When I open up...

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jsbeeth 16th July 2009
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I have a new boy, who I've picked for his personality and not for his technical background and was wondering if there's some half...

china jam
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Spadehead 16th July 2009
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as i said in the title, is there a way of bypassing the pres on the 896HD? it seems a shame to go through a nice mic pre into a...

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nick-the-sax 16th July 2009
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What techniques do mic manufactures use to make the directivity of a directional mic constant over the full frequency...

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@¶,*ƒƒƒ&™ 16th July 2009
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Right, I cant work it out....Is hi-fi vhs digital or analogue? Nicam is a form of compression for digital audio, but is hi-fi...

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dbbubba 16th July 2009
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why are so many guitar players to LAZY to cut the ends of there strings off!!! it's bad enough you have to remind them to change...

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cedricc 16th July 2009
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I am after a control surface for my PCI HD1 rig running on Windows. Control 24s are out of the question as much as I would love...

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djb 16th July 2009
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Hey guys, We're hosting an after NAMM party at "Welcome To 1979" studio on Friday July 17th @ 8pm. It's going to be...

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Marshman 16th July 2009
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I've been doing tracking, mixing, and post-production out of my home studio for about a year now. ...

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josephbranciforte 16th July 2009
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I dont know how or why but I stumbled across this a while back but using the FLM plug in has occassionally added clarity to muddy...

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Duardo 16th July 2009
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I'm about to order a new 96 point TT Bantam patchbay with 12 DB25 sockets on the rear, either Redco or Audio Accessories. But one...

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adeptusmajor 16th July 2009
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Hi everyone. Well I have been on these online forums since I was 12 years old and I have learned basically everything about...

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Coldbricks 16th July 2009
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i am thinking about getting a m300 and have a question about the delay. is it possible to use it as a simple line delay. say...

elisha wiesner
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elisha wiesner 16th July 2009
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How are you guys keeping everything phase coherent? Are you nudging one of the tracks? I mean, I know this can all be taken care...

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soundsundergroun 16th July 2009
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Hello, i heard a guy that's selling all his hardware gear . He's selling the Alesis speakers with 200 euros (4 years old)....

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Pharaoh 16th July 2009
Avatar for Ben J

I got an Adcom 545 II & NS10s and just got 'em up and running today (awful sound, but man, those detailed upper mids...I can...

Ben J
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Fleaman 16th July 2009
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Hey, I'm looking to transfer some tapes I have recorded on my MCI-JH 16 must be high quality converters (HD minimum) please PM...

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deckerluke 16th July 2009
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Well, I ordered it today. I know its one of those no-brainer pieces of equipment, but I seriously hope I like it. I well let...

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mattyc 16th July 2009
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alright so i recently bought a pair of yamaha hs50m's, which replaced the bx5's i had for a short time (didn't like em) i...

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gno 16th July 2009
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Details: Peter Stein, ASC, Lighting to Create a Mood Workshop StudentFilmmakers.com and StudentFilmmakers Magazine is proud...

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StudentFilmmaker 16th July 2009
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I have a Mapex Pro-M series Rock kit with all maple shells. i have all Remo coated emperors on the batter sides and coated...

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glissando 16th July 2009
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I have one with AMbus mlan card and 8 outs and have used it for many years but with yamaha just having dropped mlan support i'm...

Dom & Roland
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Dom & Roland 16th July 2009
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Hey guys. Sorry about all the post today. Just want to try and get on top of some ****. I have been wanting a Spl Trans designer...

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Kenny Gioia 16th July 2009
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I have a WD MyBook (1TB) and I was wondering if it is ok to record directly to it? It uses USB 2.0 I believe. I wish it used...

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brian_delizza 16th July 2009
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I've seen posts around here of how many db of reduction people are using on vocals and was kind of surprised. Obviously there...

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theblue1 16th July 2009
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Is anyone else here a fan of the self-titled album from American Football released on Polyvinyl Records in 1999? I love the way...

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geeek 15th July 2009