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what is a smooth/pillowy sounding 500 series eq? more on the chandler/emi curvebender side/sound. thnks for your input,...

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NathanEldred 22nd July 2009
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I'd like to mount a mic inside of a Jaymar Toy Piano. Piezos sound kind of crappy to me, but seem to be the "go to" for...

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HarrisTech 22nd July 2009
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Hello, forum. I bought the PV8 USB mixer. I have a Baby Bottle mic going into the mixer, and the mixer going in to my...

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Kollision 22nd July 2009
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Coldbricks 22nd July 2009
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Do I need 1/4'” TS or TRS patch cables for this application. I have to buy online, so "taking 'em back" is...

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Yikes 22nd July 2009
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I just found a Soundcraft 200B locally for about $1100. Can anyone tell me if they know if this is a fair price for a unit in...

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boxymoron 22nd July 2009
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Hey all, my names phil. Long time lurker, first time poster. I run a little project studio from my home in the eastern suburbs...

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pan60 22nd July 2009
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Thanx for the help yesterday...i am going to begin to indulge myself in 500's and here is what i thinking: 1) get the Revolver....

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pan60 22nd July 2009
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would y'all consider Waves the best packaged plug-ins? Chad PS: does the great Bruce Swedien use Waves?

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Tom Hakala 22nd July 2009
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So I found a good deal on a Version 1.2 PCM-70. I know the Version 2 software is supposed to be the best, but as I`m really...

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Odd-Arne 22nd July 2009
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Hello, I'm looking to buy a better microphone, a step up from my 9 year old Rode NTK. Would people be so kind as to upload any...

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morphlite 22nd July 2009
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I was wondering what your favorite go-to setting was for your Eventide Harmonizer. I have been using the 102 with...

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Skabeeb 22nd July 2009
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anyone know where i can start looking for a vintage cadac console? i can't seem to find anything on the net. any contacts would...

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spaceman_west 22nd July 2009
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I read here that before there was a bad production run with the Euphonix units with numerous complaints on flickering screens,...

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clw123 22nd July 2009
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Its generally something that I hear more with Synthesizer parts where there is a lot of stereo movement in a synth part that...

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echoclerk 22nd July 2009
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hey guys I have recently been trying to start my recording setup for the future by buying one nice piece of equipment that will...

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PaleoPerry 22nd July 2009
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I've found plenty of info about this pre on this forum and elsewhere and reviews seem to be mixed at best (although leaning...

The Lion
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VO Guy 22nd July 2009
Avatar for Diminished Sense

Hello folks, this is my first post howdy. My current gear is EMU Command Station, Nord G2 Engine Vermona...

Diminished Sense
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Diminished Sense 22nd July 2009
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I'm thinking of installing my old cubase software for use in my home studio. I've always appreciated the midi functions and it...

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Never1 22nd July 2009
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hey guys. Im doing a super ghetto voice over recording tomorrow that has to be rushed and isnt in a studio. It also has to be...

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thedommer 22nd July 2009
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Does anyone know how this pop screen responds to frequencies going through it? Pluses/Minuses, compared to mesh filter? ...

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Lifted 22nd July 2009
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Anyone got a pdf? Cheers Steve

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Monobasser 22nd July 2009
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Hello, everyone. I come to you with a question about audio interfaces. My recording partner and I are purchasing a few items in...

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Mixbuster 22nd July 2009
Avatar for Tommy like sound

Hey slutz, I'm having some serious powercore problems and I need to turn to you all for help because TC's support is about as...

Tommy like sound
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Tommy like sound 22nd July 2009
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Check it out! Rockband The Beatles: Rock Band Video Game, Gameplay Trailer | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com

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anemicrock 22nd July 2009
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I remember buying this album when it came out. It was one of the few popular albums that I actually liked when I was 13. I hadn't...

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bradley 22nd July 2009
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It just won't wake up normally. I'm always having to hold the Input button in whilst powering up and even then it takes ten or...

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Beermaster 22nd July 2009
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Does anyone know how Focal's home audio speakers stack up against their much-raved-about powered studio monitors and what models...

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fretman 22nd July 2009
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I swear I've seen this before can't seem to find anything online. Any ideas where to buy something like this? I'm thinking about...

Keith Moore
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John Eppstein 22nd July 2009
Avatar for no drama

As the title suggests i have a click on the main vox track i have isolated it to this track only and can't find it visually when...

no drama
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no drama 22nd July 2009
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Im exploring buying an outboard eq for my vocal chain. I dont want to spend more than about $1500. I dont have 500 series...

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kittonian 22nd July 2009
Avatar for lovekrafty

Talk amongst yourselves......... YouTube - Trash those records, now we have tape!

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lovekrafty 22nd July 2009
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What do you guys think of this idea? I want to give 3 musicians independent control over their headphone mix. The musicians...

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imixrecords 22nd July 2009
Avatar for ONDRAY

I have PT 7.3 but need DigiTranslator to open an OMF (WTF, won't even get started on this..). Anyway, Cubase 4 opens it but all...

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drBill 22nd July 2009
Avatar for mr_spine

Any opinions on the Soundtracs MR 24 channel? Theres one for sale and I'm ready to buy... I do music influenced by the likes of...

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KaH! 22nd July 2009
Avatar for krisstoff

Hi - I am looking to buy a new pair of headphones upgrading from my sennheiser hd25sp's . Obviously thay need to be good for...

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Teddy Ray 22nd July 2009
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so I might be getting into the pro tools HD game. I'm tossing around the idea of getting a pci-x rather than pci-e. more so for...

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otobianki74 22nd July 2009
Avatar for Teddy Ray

was trying to dig up his website at www.cosmosproducciones.com and , well.. you can see, nothing there. Mr. Avila, do you...

Teddy Ray
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Teddy Ray 22nd July 2009
Avatar for dpianomn

My current controller/DA setup is comprised of a Lynx Aurora 16 and a Central Station (I DON'T use the converters on the...

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Faderjockey 22nd July 2009
Avatar for Johnkenn

I have Melodyne, but moving it even a half step causes warbling...

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coyotekells 22nd July 2009
Avatar for Funkster

I've never played the "help me decide" game before. I thought I'd give it a try. I'm getting ready to start a new...

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Funkster 22nd July 2009
Avatar for mikecorwin

Hi guys - I have a mixing session in a couple days for a friends' band that I've been recording...everything to tape, mixed...

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Avatar for AllAboutTone
AllAboutTone 22nd July 2009
Avatar for 8TrackShack

hello folks! First I wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributes on this website, it is an amazing resource! kfhkh I've...

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8TrackShack 22nd July 2009
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I think its funny on ebay guys selling gear and put "Im only selling because ________" dead someone, lost job, lost...

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Paulie 22nd July 2009
Avatar for G Davis

Going on vacation to Boston next week... Doing a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery and figured I would fit in some gearslut time and...

G Davis
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allencollins 22nd July 2009
Avatar for David Katauskas

I am looking for a new high-gain amp for my modest home studio and was looking at the mesa duel rect head. Then I saw the...

David Katauskas
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Anselmo 22nd July 2009
Avatar for Beneficial

I'm thinking about buying some ATR brand 1/4" tape and was wondering how this tape saturates. Sometimes I like to hit the...

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BradM 22nd July 2009
Avatar for travisbrown

So I looked around a bit and didn't see anything on this. Has anyone used a db8 as a DAW fader controller? I don't care so...

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travisbrown 22nd July 2009
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Hey folks, I'm in town til the 29th - Echo Park today/tomorrow, N Hollywood tomorrow nite onwards - would love to hang/see...

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Blast9 22nd July 2009
Avatar for Deleted ff086b4

There must be some kind of equation to work that out, no? Anyone want to rack their brain at it? kfhkh

Deleted ff086b4
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Benmrx 22nd July 2009