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John Eppstein 26th July 2009
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I know the volume war rages on but how loud is loud enough when mastering? I've just mastered a project for a client. Got it...

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u b k 26th July 2009
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Hello. Anyone know anything about this unit? There's an auction for it. Looks like something interesting to mess around...

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matskull 26th July 2009
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Hi, thanks for reading. I just picked up a x3500 4x6 plate reverb (along with a ton of other gear I have questions about, lang...

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vintagelove 26th July 2009
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When evaluating mics, often people describe them by saying that they "take EQ well". Can someone explain what this...

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mvp614 26th July 2009
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LynxTwo Lynx Aurora Metric Halo 2882 RME Fireface 800 Dangerous D-Box D/A Lavry Black D/A Benchmark DAC-1 how would you rate...

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allencollins 26th July 2009
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You know those locking XLR inputs on some mic pres (like my RNP and Great River etc)? You plug in the XLR cable and it locks in...

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andersmv 26th July 2009
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Hi, I'm Amy. howdy I like long walks on the beach, and spending thousands of dollars on music gear that really, absolutely...

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Trace 26th July 2009
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in either print or .pdf form. Can anyone help?

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BASSic101 26th July 2009
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How do you fix monitors that are out of phase ? What causes it ?hidz

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ScumBum 26th July 2009
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Hi All, I was wondering if the light pipe A2D converters on my ADAT (blackface) are as good or better than running spdif out of...

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allencollins 26th July 2009
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My guitarist has this idea of taking the outputs of a my RME 800 and plugging them into the inputs of a Digi 003 and recording...

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rack gear 26th July 2009
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I am toying with the nothion getting some Adam A7's to replace my KRK 7000b's. The 7000b's are often highly regarded but I am in...

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Joe_caithness 26th July 2009
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hi, i have a profire 610, but i have i question, when i use cubase or nuendo, the software recognized olny the main 2 outputs, i...

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cavern 25th July 2009
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Hey guys, You know we make some gear that gets hot. Damn toobz. The more, the hotter. Some people have hotter racks and rooms...

EveAnna Manley
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andychamp 25th July 2009
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I know that there is a small thread on their newer record. But honestly, I prefer their EP. It is a super dirty punk sound with...

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UmpaHimself 25th July 2009
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OK so i thought that these were Tuchel Cables but apparently I am wrong... Could someone PLEASE tell me what these things are!!!...

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John Eppstein 25th July 2009
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Hi Slutz, Sorry for starting a Rode thread again, some may find it insulting...! A local dealer is closing and sells Rode...

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e-are 25th July 2009
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Slikjmuzik 25th July 2009
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OK. yea um you know some complain about MP3 , this is a music forum and well I cant even load a Wave file past 6 mb

big country
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big country 25th July 2009
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Fellow Slutz, OK, I've done forum searches and web searches and can't seem to get the right combination to the answer I seek. ...

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drybones 25th July 2009
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Before anyone tells me to go search for this answer, I am going to state that I already have for about an hour with no luck. So...

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rack gear 25th July 2009
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I know you'e seen it but... YouTube - Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

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temetrepo 25th July 2009
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So I just got hired at this unbelievable treasure of an analog studio in order to move it into the modern era. There is an...

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Ozma 25th July 2009
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An engineer does it because: - He/She enjoys sound - They thhink they can control sound in an enjoyable way - They enjoy music -...

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GrumpyJim 25th July 2009
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I knew a live engineer who was deaf in one ear. He was brilliant. Later on he developed an eye disease and became blind in one of...

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GrumpyJim 25th July 2009
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Good Day/ Evening Fellow Slutz I am looking at these two units to buy to track some good guitar tones of varying styles. I will...

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Barney1981 25th July 2009
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Hi, So I have to ask this question, cuz I'm going nuts reading all this stuff about converters. I've been looking around the...

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White Falcon 25th July 2009
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SO by far this is the most dissapointing 550bucks I have ever spent. I have run through the 1176 LN, couldn't stand the se for...

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Doc Mixwell 25th July 2009
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hi guys, My computer is in another room and until recently I never had problems with the noise. Lately however, the computer...

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mark007 25th July 2009
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I just got off the phone with Dr. Kunchur. Seems to be a great guy, and seems very interested in joining the discussion....

Teddy Ray
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monomer 25th July 2009
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I have a small studio in Wash, DC. I do alot of mixing and vocal recording for mostly pop, hip hop and r&b artists. My...

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sound_music 25th July 2009
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So here's my pickle. I'm using an mbox at home with a Lucid ADA8824 via spdif in/out. I'm looking to add a decent mic pre for...

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bitmob 25th July 2009
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When I add my delay *using psp 84 on an aux track for some vocal dimension I start clipping on the output bus 1,2, if I turn the...

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Rredline 25th July 2009
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I've got one. Please feel free to add your own! I've done this a couple of times now, and it works really well: First, find an...

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Benmrx 25th July 2009
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So, I'm for sure going to be purchasing a MH box soon... What i'm wondering is, what would be the cheapest way (and is it...

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Gogui 25th July 2009
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I need an intern for my studio and I received like 11 applications. Any advices on how to manage them and choose the right...

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NWSooner 25th July 2009
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I see there is a thread for hating on the Gibson SG bass, but, since I'm working on a project that will (inevitably) involve one,...

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allencollins 25th July 2009
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API R 20 or Great River ME-1NV I just bought the LA610 MK2 and I luv it and I am getting another pre I just don't know what to...

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JustifiedStudios 25th July 2009
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So I've got a nice little recording spot set-up in my basement, right? Well I like to record my stuff live, so of the eight...

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RussMaGuss 25th July 2009
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Hi, I have been thinking of record an EP with my band and have been trying to figure out the logistics of it. I was thinking...

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Thescort 25th July 2009
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I've been offered one of these vintage units. Are people still using these units or have you replaced it ? Any info on uses and...

Dave Reid
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DamnYankee 25th July 2009
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Trying to improve my conversion for tracking, and in and outs of external gear in pro tools. I have a nice selection of pres,...

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jono_3 25th July 2009
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looking for bang-for-the-buck. could be 50w x 2. any suggestions would be much appreciated. XLR or 1/4" TRS inputs would be...

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TheLoud1Please 25th July 2009
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I was just wondering if you could fit tubes that you find in old radios, televisions, etc. in microphones/preamps, etc.?

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EstateMatt 25th July 2009
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I bought a used 02R maybe 1 yr ago, to date I've only been mixing with it not recording. Only recently I've found the need to use...

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nytolastudio 24th July 2009
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Whats up everyone, After searching the net for a while, I couldn't find any topics on this. I mainly produce techno, electro...

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Rolf Fiesel 24th July 2009
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Dear International Colleagues, I believe you all are aware of the long standing dispute between the subjectivists and...

Teddy Ray
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Teddy Ray 24th July 2009
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I was wondering if I could save myself a bit of cash and substitute a sansamp bass driver as a DI for electric guitar recording

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BLUElightCory 24th July 2009
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Currently I have: EL8X distressor (pair) API 2500 SSL FX G384 PURPLE MC76 DBX 160X (PAIR) MANLEY MASSIVE PASSIVE API 560...

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kijix84 24th July 2009