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Hey guys, This may be a really silly question and I did see similar threads on it but couldn't quite get the...

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Coldbricks 28th July 2009
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Hi there Gearslutz board... I'm posting this to get some help for a friend. I'm also interested becasue i often hire Violin and...

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narcoman 28th July 2009
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so my old Echo Layla 24 (classic!) just died (one of them at least) and I think its time to move up from my y2k...

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Disjointed 28th July 2009
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Hello, I know it is a typical subject but reading through the threads hasn t really help me out. I already own some decent gears...

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Peter Z 28th July 2009
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Hello :) Iam going to buy a Aeron chair and there is 2 types... Plastic or Alluminium frame... Wich do you think is better...

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chromatronic 28th July 2009
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For a year have been trying to work out my dance and hip hop music stuff through my neve 8816. Sounded like crap.The summing...

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michj 28th July 2009
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I remember on my friends 002, you simply turned it on- and coreaudio would take itunes and any of the computer audio, and route...

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psycho_monkey 28th July 2009
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lo-fi- 28th July 2009
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Hi there, I have some EastWest VST-I's installed on my Cubase SX3 system on a PC and I keep getting the same sounderrors (read:...

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beatsmith 28th July 2009
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Hello, I am looking to buy another microphone to add it to my Peluso 2247LE ... I love the Peluso for the low freq and high f...

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benhunk 28th July 2009
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As you can see ... their ain't much inside the top cover of the A designs Hammer EQ ... very curious , especially with the...

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cazdell 28th July 2009
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Recently my API A2D's right channel has stopped working. At first it was making a distorted sound all the time, then it just...

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mikefatom 28th July 2009
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Sorry if this is the wrong section, just trying to help out some friends. -g THE FOLLOWING IS A REPOST: The Randy Kohrs...

Geoff Firebaugh
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andersmv 28th July 2009
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Greetings and good health to all the creative sound enthusiasts on here. I'm making beats/music on MPC60II and modules with...

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Roman 28th July 2009
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I use ProTools HD at 24/44. Is there any difference in bouncing out a file at 24-bit, then having Jam do the conversion to...

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Don S 28th July 2009
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Every now and then, when Sam Ash or Guitar Mart has their list sale, a real steal of a deal comes up. I walked into Ash in Cherry...

Ken Walker
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E.rOk.stA 28th July 2009
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Right now I'm using a Trident 4t into my firepod and using the firepod's a/d conversion into my computer. Is there a cheaper...

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dpianomn 28th July 2009
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First off I have done a search on this forum and gleaned a great deal of good information. I have very little experience...

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amanitas 28th July 2009
Avatar for Mozart

Is it the economy, or people are simply removing analog boards from the pro studios?

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T_R_S 28th July 2009
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I'm not sure if there are any other threads regarding this, but I just read about it and am very curious if anyone knows...

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Nate Green 28th July 2009
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So. I love these little guys. My question for you A7 owners is, where do you set your volume? I've read so many threads...

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JohnBobAudio 28th July 2009
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HA. GOTCHA! NO I DONTT! Figured it out. Man I am quite a slow thinker... Don't need one cus I only record one track at a time. ...

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DeadG 28th July 2009
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Hi All, I recently tried out a Neumann TLM 103 on a female vocal running it to my UA Solo 610. The level was either recording...

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popmann 28th July 2009
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Not sure where to post this, if it needs to be moved just let me know and I'll re-post it there: Welcome To 1979 Studio (an all...

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cjmnash 28th July 2009
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Hey - I'm not sure where else to post this on GS, but I'm just so darn proud and this is my favorite forum site to read on the...

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ddageek 28th July 2009
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Hey im putting a studio back together (long story). but theres two boards in it Soundcraft 6000 24 channel 24 bus Audiotronics...

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Ozma 28th July 2009
Avatar for John The Cut

Hi, I'm basically trying to calibrate all my gear properly but getting hopelessly confused with dbU, dbFS and the way the gear...

John The Cut
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junior 28th July 2009
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Anyone know who is selling microphone boxes to store Neumann u47 that don't cost an arm or a leg. I an looking for a short body...

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jvancorduroy 28th July 2009
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I'm sure someone else has noticed the phasing issues with the extended edition that came out several years ago. It drives me...

Dr. Mordo
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manning1 27th July 2009
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RME ADI-8 QS 8 Channel Lynx Aurora 8 Converter Solid State Logic XLogic

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kenkelly81 27th July 2009
Avatar for bbgallaway

I need to find a good tech.....well, actually a couple of them. I'm about to buy a used board, and I'd like to have it checked...

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bbgallaway 27th July 2009
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I just got accepted into the UCLAextension recording engineering program!!! They claim that it's mainly proffessional training,...

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Gharper23 27th July 2009
Avatar for routine

hi! i've read several threads about modded gear and especially modded mics that had me thinking about modding some of my stuff...

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dubrichie 27th July 2009
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hi slutz i need to know if you use compression on every track you've record when it comes to mixing and shaping the tones? thanks

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robot gigante 27th July 2009
Avatar for vanguard

pardon the newb question. i want to run either reaper or sonar 8 producer on my quad core/ 8 gigs of ram/ vista 64 bit PC. i...

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rszanto 27th July 2009
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Yeah....i know it is a little crazy sounding...but hear me out. My amp is NOT blazingly loud...not jazz volume but hardly pete...

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eligit 27th July 2009
Avatar for RonT

I heard about the lightbridge from m-audio but was wondering was any body doing what I 've been for the last 3 years. I have a...

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RonT 27th July 2009
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just wondering.. seems a little unorganized to go on here and find so many questions posted on the main "so much gear, so...

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ohmicide 27th July 2009
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I know I'm probably asking too much, but here's the situation. I usually mix on Yamaha HS50s and Adam A7s and use AKG 240st and a...

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xlii42 27th July 2009
Avatar for TapeOp

It seems that FXpansion RTAS-VST Wrapper 2.1 recognizes up to VST2.3 plugs. The SSL support told me the LMC-1 is VST2.3. Yet,...

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11413 27th July 2009
Avatar for newtoys

Hi slutz, First post here so be gentle. I know that these topics come up a lot on these forums, and it is a matter of many...

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Faderjockey 27th July 2009
Avatar for rack gear

sooo, I'm not sure where I picked up this idea - but, ribbons on guitar cabs? How loud? I thought ribbons were sensitive to high...

rack gear
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jeremy.c. 27th July 2009
Avatar for GrumpyJim

YouTube - Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

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u b k 27th July 2009
Avatar for jlsgear

Hi all, For sparse ballads (ac guitar and vox + mandolin) ... looking for a good starting point for reverb decay time ......

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u b k 27th July 2009
Avatar for valdrag

I'm bringing out my 610s to the studio today. I'm tracking drums and I'm thinking of using them for overheads instead of the...

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valdrag 27th July 2009
Avatar for tluke

Hello all. I wanted to continue a little if i may on Step Sequencers. I still love step sequenced stuff like Tangerine's Love on...

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tluke 27th July 2009
Avatar for china jam

I've just had a phone call from a band cancelling a week long session with me, today - at nearly 6pm on the first day of their...

china jam
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Seb RIOU 27th July 2009
Avatar for alphajerk

review from allmusic: Can someone please get Clutch a publicity transfusion? While the band has built a rabid fanbase in its...

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Stevil 27th July 2009
Avatar for Scott Mix

I'm running M-powered with my fast track ultra but i want 2 improve the a/d d/a conversion so i want 2 buy a seperate converter...

Scott Mix
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psycho_monkey 27th July 2009
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going to london next week and looking for some secondhand shops (mainly dynamics, mics, headphones). Thanks, Tom

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ejod 27th July 2009