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I am heading into the studio possibly in the next month to do a metal mix on a SSL 9080J for the first time. Basically, I'm...

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thethrillfactor 5th August 2009
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Any info on recording deets for the Black Keys? Curious about the tasty distortion on vocals.

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Teddy Ray 5th August 2009
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Does anyone have an idea of a fair resale value for a 32 ch. Yamaha PM 2500? The www gives me 8 hits for this beast, surely...

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KarlHoffmann 5th August 2009
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One of my favorite bands. Anyone know what was used when recording? Production?

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jkung 5th August 2009
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A friend sent this video my way. I didn't know this was possible in terms of recording an RTAS instrument direct to it's...

Brian Carter
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swaff 5th August 2009
Avatar for BigJunk

Whenever I mix I always cut all the low end out of the vocal so its more present and less muddy. After working for numerous pro...

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GZsound 5th August 2009
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It's great when they get the quote right. Bryans let it rip on the court, and the recording studio - LA Daily News Great...

Tony Shepperd
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Tony Shepperd 5th August 2009
Avatar for Dave Reid

Anyone here using the old Pultec filter ? I've read somewhere in the past (i think), it's very useful on bass drums. Any other...

Dave Reid
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Rockstar1 5th August 2009
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I'll be purchasing Pro Tools MP soon, as I will be doing work experience using it and going on a course that features it. I also...

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altruistic8 5th August 2009
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What exactly do you use auto-tune to achieve? Do you think it is an effective tool?

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awakened 5th August 2009
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I was just told by Joshua at Audiolot that the Peluso 2247SE is one of the best microphones out there as it replaces the Neumann...

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The Phoenix 5th August 2009
Avatar for greenfields

I'm looking to do the old 60's style of recording drums. One mic on the bass drum and one overhead. I'm gonna be using a...

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Avatar for Tim Abraham
Tim Abraham 5th August 2009
Avatar for ben_allison

I spend a lot of time on the train (2 hours/day), so I'm looking for some decent closed cans for doing some "mixing" on...

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Tringboy 5th August 2009
Avatar for simplemon

I'm just starting out in recording. I dont really expect to be able to create quality sounding albums but I kind of want to get...

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simplemon 5th August 2009
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

Ok. My house was robbed and the idiots took my macbook and ext. H/D, which I ran PT M-Powered 7.1.1 with. Here was my set...

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BrandRecordingCo 5th August 2009
Avatar for Mixbuster

Hey People of Gearslutz. Is there something wrong with my interface (Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 i/o) as it's clipping when I'm...

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Mixbuster 5th August 2009
Avatar for Travd23

Ok, so I am thinking I am going to put together some 500's series lunchbox doodads (pre-amps to start with, then maybe an EQ and...

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Travd23 5th August 2009
Avatar for pjplayer

i've been thinking of all sorts of questions about tracking and using effects and stuff and i was going to try and post them...

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dom783 5th August 2009
Avatar for Gibripper75

I have to get rid of one, which would you get rid of? Neither are my main verbs. The LXP-15 is in mint condition with manual and...

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Bassmankr 5th August 2009
Avatar for steve_sax

Hi, Does anyone know a good way to test how a mix will react to the compression used on television broadcasts? I have some music...

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steve_sax 5th August 2009
Avatar for trillionaire

Ive had a lynx Aurora 8 and a Neve 8816 for about two months now, and ive gone thru just about ever configuration I can think of...

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jeremy.c. 5th August 2009
Avatar for Gibripper75

I am personally refurbishing a Lexicon Model 200. So far very good. Anyway it has now come down to the Digital readout screens....

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Avatar for Gibripper75
Gibripper75 5th August 2009
Avatar for soundtrackarcade

Hey all, I am in the market for a vintage u47 and recently came across a Geffel UM57 at a decent price. It has the same M7...

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Avatar for matucha
matucha 4th August 2009
Avatar for Rokus666

I have 8 channel 20ft snake that I will use to solder it to TT patchbay and the other end going to synth keyboards. Does this...

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Avatar for waveterm
waveterm 4th August 2009
Avatar for K Livingston

Hello, I am visiting Iceland this September for a month. It is a place that has always facinated me. I have a recording project...

K Livingston
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Avatar for Jake Holland
Jake Holland 4th August 2009
Avatar for davet

OK, here's my cast selection for the movie: Steve Buscemi - Mixerman Jack Black - The assistant in the ****ter Tom Hanks -...

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Avatar for Yago
Yago 4th August 2009
Avatar for Ravenclaw

Morrisound Recording Studios - Home Does anybody know if these guys are still open? I've called them, left messages, written...

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Ravenclaw 4th August 2009
Avatar for heisleyamor

If you haven't tried it yet, please do. I find the "tape compression" preset very good for vocals w/ reverb...or 1 or...

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Avatar for danbronson
danbronson 4th August 2009
Avatar for diff

I read on a thread somewhere on here that the Rosetta has a "slightly colored" sound. In what way? Also, for...

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diff 4th August 2009
Avatar for surflounge

just some news if anyone is interested General Cable Acquires Gepco .

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surflounge 4th August 2009
Avatar for Hansel

I Have heard a lot about apple's Logic and was considering that until I was introduced to Open Labs Miko Lxd and DBeat. I am just...

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Avatar for Hansel
Hansel 4th August 2009
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Avatar for pascalm
pascalm 4th August 2009
Avatar for Field Marshall

When producing, I naturally tend to create a rather dry sound, and I sometimes find it hard to work with the reverbs I have...

Field Marshall
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Avatar for Bob Ross
Bob Ross 4th August 2009
Avatar for mranderson1983

First Post, so go easy on me howdy Ok, so I'm recording a demo for my band and having a little trouble capturing my guitar...

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Avatar for sound_music
sound_music 4th August 2009
Avatar for meymia

1)ams neve 1073 dpa has a hi/low z switch ,what does it do? hi z=12-- ohm low z =300ohm What does it mean and how...

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Avatar for meymia
meymia 4th August 2009
Avatar for kozlikha

Do they exist apart from UAD?

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Avatar for houndog328
houndog328 4th August 2009
Avatar for jrm1

My Hot Cake suddenly doesn't work. If I put a jack into the Input all the way, there is no audio, but if I remove it partly, the...

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Avatar for jrm1
jrm1 4th August 2009
Avatar for ze engineer

I've been reading people on this forum often talking about "air"... Can you define what this mean for me? Is this...

ze engineer
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Avatar for AllAboutTone
AllAboutTone 4th August 2009
Avatar for asagaai

Hi - Is it common when upgrading monitors that your prior mixes sound like -uh-actually what is more crappy smelling that...

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Avatar for AnalogBrain
AnalogBrain 4th August 2009
Avatar for Alex Specht

Has anyone tried this. I am wondering about experience with using all 24 mic inputs and routing them to 8 aux mixes. How do...

Alex Specht
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Avatar for Alex Specht
Alex Specht 4th August 2009
Avatar for SergioS

I'm having troubles word clocking Motu 2408 mk3 to Big ben. After countless tries, I've achieved sync link, but on Big ben's...

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Avatar for Alex Specht
Alex Specht 4th August 2009
Avatar for Rednose

I'm looking for 24 channels of decent pres, eqs, phantom power, pad, and phase switch. Currently I'm using the Mix Wizzard...

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Avatar for Rednose
Rednose 4th August 2009
Avatar for Alex Specht

I know there has been a few threads on the now coveted CS-80. I happened to find an E-70 in perfect condition that is available...

Alex Specht
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Avatar for Alex Specht
Alex Specht 4th August 2009
Avatar for boomboxprod

Sooo.. I wanna get a pair of KRK RP-5's , I talked with a friend and he told me I would have to buy an audio interface to...

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Avatar for Rokus666
Rokus666 4th August 2009
Avatar for soundtrackarcade

Hey all... I have been told for years by colleagues that I NEED to get an SM7b for the studio for bass cabs, male vox, etc. I...

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Avatar for Vanman4254
Vanman4254 4th August 2009
Avatar for ioaudio

after exploring the beauties of classic tube microphones (u47 m49 u67 c12 elam 251) and their circuits and capsules for some...

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Avatar for PRobb
PRobb 4th August 2009
Avatar for strewnshank

My click is off in PT....I'll record the click as audio, and it audibly and visually doesn't line up to the grid. Any tips?

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Avatar for PRobb
PRobb 4th August 2009
Avatar for Chris Nighman

A Service Bulletin has been issued on the Audio-Technica BP4025 and AT8022 Stereo Microphones. Because of a production wiring...

Chris Nighman
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Avatar for Jules
Jules 4th August 2009
Avatar for phantom_lights

I was wondering if anyone knew if the SSL Duende PCI-E is being discontinued? I saw a post a while back with [email protected] saying they...

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Avatar for mattlittman
mattlittman 4th August 2009
Avatar for tnsngwtr

I just got a Bryston 4b and am going to put it at the bottom of my rack. I had planned on getting two one space rack blank with...

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Avatar for tsvisser
tsvisser 4th August 2009