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hi, i am looking for a vocal mic recommendation. I am open to all sorts of conventional and non-conventional ideas. I have been...

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stellar 12th August 2009
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Pro tools HD on windows. One of my daily production tasks is audio sweetening of tv spots and lately my system is emitting an...

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mbvoxx 12th August 2009
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I have a a mono voice track I need to convert to a super duper small size for use in a flash movie. whats the best way to do...

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Em Kay 12th August 2009
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I've read many discussions about mixing with parallel compression techniques. But now I'm wondering about using it while...

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Flying_Dutchman 12th August 2009
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I had a DAC VIII card for an apogee AD8000 for sale on ebay, it was a $500 or best offer sale. It had been up there for about a...

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hazelmossobrien 12th August 2009
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Just a friendly reminder to all you Toronto "gearheads". Studio Economik will be at the MIAC/PAL show again this year...

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ben_allison 12th August 2009
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Hi Folks, Anyone read the book? Looks amazing, but it's expensive and I'd like your critical input before I purchase. ...

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sound_music 12th August 2009
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There was a company in the 1970's called B&B Audio that made a 500-series compatible EQ called the EQF-2. I'm aware that they...

larry b
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pan60 12th August 2009
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I'm just about to buy one - probably the D-link 7 port . Are belkin better or are d-link good?

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PeteJames 12th August 2009
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I am happy with my hybrid setup.. i only use the computer for editing, and slight mixing- some plugs its a pro tools...

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kooz 12th August 2009
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here is what is happening... when i plug it it the light on the back of the plug flickers a little bit, i have tried to plug it...

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michaelimago 12th August 2009
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Let's just say in 5-7 years I decide to pick one up..... In good shape for around 25k would it be worth it at that point or will...

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Mike Brown 12th August 2009
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Oldie otari back in my home studio on Twitpic

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Joram 12th August 2009
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I use a two channel Apogee converter for mixdowns and my mixdown computer just died. I've been contemplating buying a...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 12th August 2009
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Ello! I unwillingly hire my live room out at my studio and have been meaning to get a supply of general sticks, strings pics...

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Empora 12th August 2009
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I know the HEDD 192 has it's own mojo to give you that analog tape sound, but is there anyone who uses the HEDD 192 with a...

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slashbiz 12th August 2009
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Hi, i just entered the club of PEAVY AMR Users, look here boing http://www.bilderspeicher24.de/full_10662.jpg With the help...

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wowi 12th August 2009
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Hello, I have about 3000 $ to spend on a microphone. As i play many instruments (woodwinds, strings, percussions, etc.), i'd...

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larry b 12th August 2009
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Does anyone know of something that I could use to add an extra 8 or so channels of analog ins to my MOTU828 through ADAT Optical?...

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Seb RIOU 12th August 2009
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Vss 3 in Massive Pack 8 is totally different from the retail execpt the license? I mean they have different installer ? I try...

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lee52813 12th August 2009
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Hey guys, I have Adam A7 but i would like to have a bit more bass do you guys think it's worth replacing them with DSM2? Some...

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skyform 12th August 2009
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Is it necassary to go for high priced DB 25 cable for the audio out of an Apogee DA 16x or will lower priced cable do ???

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larry b 12th August 2009
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Can anyone out there with a Blofeld tell me exactly what kind of power adapter it has? ie I need to know what the voltage out is...

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xjscott 12th August 2009
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I find that when I compare to popular records, especially in busy mixes obviously, the high mids are not clear and pronounced as...

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thethrillfactor 12th August 2009
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Hi There I'm mixing from PT thru the desk or directly down on my 1/4" Studer A-80 and then back into PT. I was wonder if...

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hilarius 12th August 2009
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A friend of mine is recording an upright piano in NYC for an independent film. We're primarily looking for a gorgeous...

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Shane Michael Rose 12th August 2009
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Looking to spend between $600 and $900 for a probably used 2 channel mic pre... -mainly for vocals -something with some color...

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payne104 12th August 2009
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You now probably go: Hmm... I think I just read them, what else would I do? hittt True, but... Problem 1) The question...

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maxpidge 12th August 2009
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Hello all.. Anyone make suggestions to improve the quality of a mono headphone send I'm using for headphone mix..?.. Using a mono...

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Cursed Lemon 12th August 2009
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I posted this on Tapeop also. Anyone want to do a Boston Beers night at Deep Elum with me? Possibly the last monday of...

Shane Michael Rose
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Shane Michael Rose 12th August 2009
Avatar for Brent

I'm thinking a 512c would fit this bill, but I wonder what else is out there in the 500 series format? Currently using Germ and...

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pan60 12th August 2009
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Stephens 40-track on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Teddy Ray
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The Phoenix 12th August 2009
Avatar for Beneficial

I just got an API 3124MB+ after a lot of reading people's opinions on these forums. Once I decided I would buy I waited until the...

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TonyBelmont 12th August 2009
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I'm looking for a 4 channel mic pre for toms and other less important drum mics, such as hihat and snare bottom. I've been...

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SRS 12th August 2009
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I have been looking at one of these desks but dont know what to do.. the souncraft 6000 with patch bay is 2k cheaper then the...

Shadow Boxer
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Shadow Boxer 12th August 2009
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Effectology Vol.5 recreating the synth classic "Autobahn" with just a regular guitar and effect pedals! Guitar and...

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rack gear 12th August 2009
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So, I've been having a difficult time with high frequency noise on the following clip. I would estimate it's around 17k, barely...

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eascholz 12th August 2009
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I've noticed in a lot of my drum recordings that the cymbals are usually not as spread out in the image as I would like. Most of...

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buddy 12th August 2009
Avatar for jetlaggemini

So i need to set up a live 808 trigger. im taking a pad and hooking it up to an alesis d4. before i buy it can someone tell me if...

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matskull 12th August 2009
Avatar for MikeTSH

I know phase issues are something we all try and avoid, but can you think of some places where there is a phase issue (eg....

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MikeTSH 12th August 2009
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I cant afford a new da16x or Lynx aurora 16 right now and I need 16 channels of DA. A pair of lucid 8824 and the older da16...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 12th August 2009
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I'm asking specifically with a view toward plugins. Do high and low passes use the same IIR-biquadric-blah-blah approach as...

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DigitMus 12th August 2009
Avatar for dwarfpinball

So I am using a Macbook Pro and a PreSonus FireStudio Project. I am looking at purchasing some type of headphone amplifier, so I...

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pan60 11th August 2009
Avatar for Igotsoul4u

Am I better off using all XLR's in my monitor setup? Right now I have 1/4" to RCA out of 003 into my sub and then XLR from...

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Snatchman 11th August 2009
Avatar for Mike Brown

Somebody let me know if this is out there.... but: What about a "compressor" plugin that would actually write the...

Mike Brown
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Mundox 11th August 2009
Avatar for chicomac

Hi guys, i need help with this, im looking for punch and precense, If you have a summing box like Neve, Api, Dangerous etc, do...

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chicomac 11th August 2009
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Awright, awready!!! What gives? Why isn't anyone talking about this? Has anyone heard it? This is very intriguing to me.......

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darkwater 11th August 2009
Avatar for guitarbth

Hi everyone, Since Apple has discontinued the use of Firewire in its new Macbooks, will Apogee eventually release a USB...

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Avatar for Joe Porto
Joe Porto 11th August 2009
Avatar for Robert George

I'm looking to add a different flavor higher end ribbon to complement my Fathead IIw/Lundahl transformer from Michael Joly (which...

Robert George
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DanRock101 11th August 2009
Avatar for jacko

If I had to mix in Logic instead of ProTools HD what could I use instead of Cransong Phoenix? I usually have...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 11th August 2009