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Hello, I want to connect the balanced outs of my M-audio dmp3 mic preamp to the unbalanced ins of my new fmr rnc (compressor)...

Banana Brains
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mfischman3 27th September 2009
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Has anbody experienced a problem like this? It just shuts off randomly from time to time. Not battery powered, plugged into...

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tstu102 27th September 2009
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Hi guys, I'm looking to pick up a used AT 4050 mic. Anybody got one for sale or know a good place, other than the obvious...

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merciless 27th September 2009
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Is anyone else baffled by some peoples obsession with shortcuts that aren't any quicker? Don't get me wrong, some are vital...

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BLUElightCory 27th September 2009
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Hi , I found the Digidesign Pre to fit my expectation in overall features aspect, but does the quality of the preamp / line and...

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Loudyman 27th September 2009
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Need to know who already got some great results usin one typical set up (mic , preamp ...) thks partnas !

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jeremy.c. 27th September 2009
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So for guitar Im wondering if I should get a Eventide Eclipse or PCM42 and PCM70. Im looking for more reverb and delays as I...

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rack gear 27th September 2009
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Really going crazy here trying to sort out vocal tracks that have a great vibe but loads of low mid and bass. Most of the mid...

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Wayne 27th September 2009
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what's the best guitar amp attenuator/load box that has a great sounding direct out? I basically am looking to record the amp...

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RiF 27th September 2009
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A friend recently played Club Nokia here in L.A. Anyone know what console this is? They also had one at FOH. I believe it's...

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turnstile 27th September 2009
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To those who have met and spoke to a wonderful guy/technician, Larry was in an automobile accident, sustaining three broken...

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Wayne 27th September 2009
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I thought there was a pda/mobile version of GS, but I can't seem to find it

Joe Porto
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Jules 27th September 2009
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i've been using PC's my whole career. I want to get the top of the line new mac but everyone is telling me that the new OS...

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ddeez 27th September 2009
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*Edit... apparently, the hosting site for these samples is somehow banned on GS. WHy, I don't know, but the blotted out words are...

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tenchijin2 27th September 2009
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My E-mu 1820M is dying (some fried outputs) and I will soon be involved in a project that had included among the costs a...

The Listener
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MikeyMike 27th September 2009
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anyone know where i can purchase one of these? need to hook a laptop up to a patch bay... or at least a 1/4" TRS to 2...

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MX582 27th September 2009
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hey whats up. ive been looking for some monitors and i c'ant decide between the krk rp5 g2 or the yamaha hs50. what do...

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BudgetMC 27th September 2009
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I know there is an incredibly long thread about this compressor but I have to say that I have been trying this for a little while...

nigel saunders
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nigel saunders 27th September 2009
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I've had it in my closet for about 20 years now.....I don't really know how old it actually is. I know it works and sounds...

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technimedia 27th September 2009
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A few weeks ago on this site I saw a video of a full band recording in a studio. I'm pretty sure the studio belonged to one of...

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JoeHorton 27th September 2009
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Hi, I work in Logic at 96K/24bits. My mixes eventually end up as AAC files, so I just bounce directly to AAC. Recently, I A/B'd...

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voidtunes 27th September 2009
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I Love recording music, when I was 16 years old, before I had any idea that there was even school for such a thing, I absolutely...

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synthbob 27th September 2009
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I have been offered to buy a Tascam US2400 and I'm running Cubase 5. I can't find any compability info anywhere. Is there any...

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JPeters86 27th September 2009
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Slutz! Waves SSL Bundle is 1/2 the price of a Distressor and would allow multiple mono instances in PTLE as well as the...

John J.
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mrdosun 27th September 2009
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I have a pair of Neotek Series 1E modules that I plan to rack. Can anyone point me to a thread or resource that would have pinout...

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jeffsjeffsjeffs 27th September 2009
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Perhaps not the proper forum for this, but I felt this cover was so superb that it deserved maximum exposure. If this offends any...

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RichTone 27th September 2009
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I posted about this in another thread but got no response. The ADAT ports on my 002 have seen some heavy use over the years....

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Diskordia 27th September 2009
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In my search for a Pro Tools compatible, 0-latency channel strip (gate, comp, eq) I recently purchased McDSP's Channel-G. This is...

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RiF 27th September 2009
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uylink 27th September 2009
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Hey, I wondering if anyone knows how Mutt Lange got that snare sound for Def Leppard's High & Dry album. I know that Rick...

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slingudwig 27th September 2009
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I found a topaz line 2 power conditioner model number 01706-01P3 and was wondering how I go about testing this before trying to...

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oulablank 27th September 2009
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Here's my setup: PTLE, Imac 2.1 4gigs ram, Digi 003r, Rme adi 8 (nuendo 24bit 48k max version), Sytek Mpx 4aii, Pro VLA 2...

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MikeFFG 27th September 2009
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Does anyone know of a small digital multitracker/portastudio type recorder that records uncompressed audio and has +4 ins and...

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digitrax 27th September 2009
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I am wondering if some pro's could comment on a home studio I am thinking of building for voice over recording (film, television,...

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mark007 27th September 2009
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In Michael Stav's book 'Mixing With Your Mind', he offers a technique for setting all track channels at the same initial volume...

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waveheavy 27th September 2009
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Hi, Not particularly slutty, but I'm having a studio clean up for the summer and am wanting to get a digital (ADAT)...

Blue Lizard
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drbell 26th September 2009
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I'm not sure if I should get one of the loop boxes (custom A/B/Y type) or go with a mixer. here's what I want to do: I have a...

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cdt 26th September 2009
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Check out this photo on youtube: YouTube - Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough (Original Demo From 1978) That's a...

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isham 26th September 2009
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I have my Rosetta800 open right now. Any quick opinions before I rack it back up?? Do any of you have the inputs or outputs...

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Bender412 26th September 2009
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i need help finding a small mixer. i have an onyx 1220 and i like it but i need 2 or more more aux busses and more mic pres. i...

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norman 26th September 2009
Avatar for JoeyM

Or vice-versa. Just so there's a one-slider Tempo which I like so much over Cubase 4. Unless there's a way to drag loops into...

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JoeyM 26th September 2009
Avatar for Fuel

Hi Guys! Can you please explain the differences between Serial, Two Stage and Parallel compression? and how to do this...

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Unclenny 26th September 2009
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Hey All. I'm a novice, FYI. I am a Classical singer for a living, and I've picked up recording as a hobby, and I've made some...

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getaway_fromme 26th September 2009
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I've admittingly been toying around with some Chinese mics to see if any of them were good enough starting points to mod and get...

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Vintageblue02 26th September 2009
Avatar for nonamesleft

i'm curious how this eq sounds and if it would be worth getting. I currently only have a hammer eq and really could use another...

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ebot9000 26th September 2009
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I'm considering making the plunge into summing for various reasons. I've read all of the threads I can get my dirty little mitts...

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elamberth 26th September 2009
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Does anybody know what brand this theremin is? Liam Finn uses it. It's the same one in all three photo's. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo...

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sameal 26th September 2009
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

I've been going back in forth about getting a small format console or a summing mix for home use. But, my home is small and it...

Sean Sullivan
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juniorhifikit 26th September 2009
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I used to use Nuendo but recently I moved to Cubase and for the most part I'm very happy with the decision, but there are some...

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dasoundjunkie 26th September 2009
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I'm running my aurora 16 converters on this system. that would be my main hardware concern. Software will be: Cubase...

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Chris T 26th September 2009