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this isn't a bashing thread, its a really nice piece of gear, that does some really cool things. I am just thinking that it's...

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stellar 2nd October 2009
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I have a set of Beyerdynamic DT-770 headphones, which are claimed to be fully rebuildable. Well, the left can has developed a...

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robertshaw 2nd October 2009
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I've read that it can. I guess there is mid control that allows you to do more with it than the BassDriver. You can sound like...

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gambinski 2nd October 2009
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This thread may end up full of valuable insights, or devolve into pain, darkness and chaos. But I'll ask anyway... What are the...

Mark Kaufman
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Dr. Mordo 2nd October 2009
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I am thinking this is possible, but wanted to make sure before I took the plunge. I am considering moving to a symphony system...

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nanno 2nd October 2009
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Hi there, I was wondering if you guys could give me some preamp recommendations as a starting point. I'm pretty much an amateur;...

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amanitas 2nd October 2009
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So today I received a few Vovox cables that I painfully decided to spend so much on and felt nothing but regret from the moment I...

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Butcha 2nd October 2009
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What do you like best in terms of action, playability, sound...everything?

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Emi 2nd October 2009
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So I have a DM3200 and just installed the IF-FW firewire card. The mixer is seeing the card. The fw cable is connected to the...

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Greazygeo 2nd October 2009
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Hey! I'm about to buy those 2 plugins for general duties... For Logic ... Would you say that's a good idea? Would you choose...

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Sk106 2nd October 2009
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Hi, I have two eurekas, I dig 'em, but I'm wondering if I could sell the eurekas, pick up a BLA auteur, and actually hear a...

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Hammyham 2nd October 2009
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Hey Guys, I'm finally sorting out some high quality AD conversion & I want a setup that's neat and not limiting in it's...

Tommy like sound
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kittonian 2nd October 2009
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i currently purchased Digi 003 Dynaudio BM5A Monitors Jbl Sub Im running a great pc and macbook pro...got a great selection...

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Cgbravo 2nd October 2009
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I feel like Studio's should have certain things. a Les Paul and a Strat? is that all?

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XXXEsq 2nd October 2009
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I've been reading about it, and it sounds very interesting. If it's anything like the POD as far as modeling quality, I would...

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sound_music 2nd October 2009
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So after doing a bit of research I realized i needed a real Hi-Fi amp and not a PA-amp for my Yamaha NS-10m. (Thanks to the...

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nosebleedaudio 2nd October 2009
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Has anyone been able to compare the two? A Peluso 2247 le vs a Pearlman T1?

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skiroy 2nd October 2009
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HI-END GEAR Pro Audio Conference 2009 in Hamburg, Germany Hey Gearslutz! After such great resonance with the first HI-END...

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MonoBrow 2nd October 2009
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I am trying to decide on one of these. They are both similar in terms of I/O. I have read both manuals...have experience with...

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cavern 2nd October 2009
Avatar for Field Marshall

I want to boost my little project studio (no concole) and buy a cranesong spider for tracking and analog summing. The spider has...

Field Marshall
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Redi Knight 2nd October 2009
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I have a reel of 2" MRL tape that I'm about to throw out. I have no idea if it's still worth anything as it's probably 10 -...

Kenny Gioia
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Fletcher 2nd October 2009
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I've been using the RME ADI-2 now with my Digi002, but I'm getting latency in the ADI D/A monitor even though I'm using low...

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numberforty1 2nd October 2009
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Hi all. If this is in the wrong forum please redirect. I'm looking at buying a recording setup in the New Year and am hoping to...

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Boycie 2nd October 2009
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Hi guys! I'm kind of in the market right now for an analog console. I want it to have about 24 faders and for the rest I'm...

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studjo 2nd October 2009
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Hi everyone i'm new around here first post so i hope i'm in the right section...... First of all a little introduction: my...

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RussC 2nd October 2009
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Does anyone know what console was in Rockwell studios in the mid 70s early 80s? Their website says they have SSL now, but a lot...

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ivansc 2nd October 2009
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Hey guys, I just purchased a Burl B2 Bomber (Haven't gotten it yet) for some awesome A/D Conversion for my 003R but I also...

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heartofantares 2nd October 2009
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I just purchased a Teac a-7300 2 track deck. I am having a slight problem with it. When sending stereo audio into the deck, the...

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Me2D2 2nd October 2009
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Hey guys, I know it may sound strange but my favorite harmonizer plug-in of all time is Digi's "Pitch" plug-in. I...

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SaschaP 2nd October 2009
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I'd like a 1U power strip for pure convenience and power cable management - I could care less about "power...

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musicbydesign 2nd October 2009
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I wanted to post this here. I'm not sure if you've seen my gear build thread, but it was...

Matthew Murray
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BOWIE 2nd October 2009
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Dynamic compression, meaning the compression ratio gets gradually higher in relation to the input signal ... or that the...

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Shim 2nd October 2009
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Is there any tonal difference between these?

Keith Moore
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pan60 2nd October 2009
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Hello, I'm recording voiceover for videogames, which ranges from narration in the grand and rich style of "movie-preview...

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b11 2nd October 2009
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Can anyone tell me what type of effect if any was used for this song. Any more specifically how to record vocals similar to this?...

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marcpl 2nd October 2009
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For guys mixing rock, what is your go-to Pro Tools reverb for snare? I still like a touch of the DVerb Non-lin. Looking for...

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joeydego 1st October 2009
Avatar for PhilipJ

I have a Roland xp-80 that mostly works with Logic, but a few things don't get recognized by Logic 8, such as the hold pedal. ...

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zvenx 1st October 2009
Avatar for BlackDaddy

I'm considering buying some of these RCA cables. I need a 5 metre run from my machine room. At NZ$8160.00 (US$5620.00) they're...

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James Lugo 1st October 2009
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Oh boy! So I'm finally getting my Lexicon MPX-1 to speak my language in the reverb department. I've programmed a few verbs I'm...

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rockstar_josh 1st October 2009
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i bought a second hand Cloud cx-a6 which is a six channel (6x 120 watts into 4ohm) power amp. i would like to bridge two of the...

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teuron 1st October 2009
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Hi, Sorry for the uninteresting question.... But is there a way to use input monitoring in Pro Tools le during playback?...

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ianbryn11 1st October 2009
Avatar for zulusound

Hey, Big fan of Lomo mics here- I have a 19a9 and 19a19, as well as the M1 and M6 capsules that fit Oktava mics. I'm curious if...

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CrazyBeast 1st October 2009
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Hi, I recently read an article in Recording Magazine's October 2009 issue by Sean Shannon. He talks about tips getting bass...

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Ethan Winer 1st October 2009
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Hi! I'm in a rock band that runs Ableton Live during our shows in Session view to trigger backing tracks that run along side a...

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Somachina 1st October 2009
Avatar for Wow

If someone could please shed some light on this for me, I'd really appreciate it. Here is my situation. I have the Edirol UA101...

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Wow 1st October 2009
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For all you hardcore Logic Users...what's the best/most stable OS for Logic 9...I'm leaning towards 10.5

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motown67 1st October 2009
Avatar for danberkson

Do you guys have any suggestions for other places or sites to buy used gear in the uk? Haven't had too much luck with places...

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nickolo 1st October 2009
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Hi there, I tried posting before and no one replied. I really REALLY need some help with making a decision for a mic pre/channel...

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pan60 1st October 2009
Avatar for Myriad_Rocker

Okay, so I'm doing my equipment budget for my studio build and I've got some pre's on my list that I'm considering. I'm going to...

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pan60 1st October 2009
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In talking with a guy recently about the design of my rack set up, he strongly recommended a line mixer to preserve the quality...

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Sk106 1st October 2009