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Hey all, Desperately hoping for some advice here before I make any more rash choices. After reading through the excellent Ethan...

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Fletcher 29th October 2009
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Hey, I'm finally about to instal my reverb chamber in a huge spiral staircase at the back of the studio. Its not connected to my...

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FirstLoveStudio 29th October 2009
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AudioTechnology Issue 70

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NYMo 29th October 2009
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Hey guys, I came across a Sound Craft 600 Series 24 channel console w/ PS. I am in the market for a good 24 channel analog...

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alphadore 29th October 2009
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Hey beta/sm 91 users, just wondering how far you usually put the mic from the beater side of the drum

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judah 29th October 2009
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Last ditch effort. I was trying to show a friend and Peeder has a video someone posted on the duc but the link I bookmarked said...

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Lipps 29th October 2009
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As a jazz pianist, I would listen to the Lawrence Welk show back in the 70's every Sunday night and one thing always impressed...

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loopy 29th October 2009
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Hi i have a piano that needs tuning, i'm confused about the different tuning standards. The tuner told me there are 2 tuning...

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80425 29th October 2009
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Whats up gearsluts. I have just received my new motu ultralite mk3 and im trying to find out how i can record in 24 bit. When i...

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Orphan_Skyz 29th October 2009
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Recabinet - Album quality guitar tone, direct. » Try and Buy Recabinet Recabinet Guitar Amp IRs 80% off sale. $14.95 for both...

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Ben J 29th October 2009
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lol YouTube - Shiny reviews the Roth Audio Music Cocoon & Fatman Fatboys

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baslotto 29th October 2009
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UPDATE: I'm now hosting the files myself, so please feel free to follow the link below. By downloading this file, you agree not...

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Bubbakron 29th October 2009
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Hello, I am really curious if someone knows if something like this exists: a real MIDI workstation being something...

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ScottBrio 29th October 2009
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Sorry if this post is a waste of space... but I can't find the thread about funny/amusing things companies have thrown into user...

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ScottBrio 29th October 2009
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Hi guys I get good results with vocals, but i think i've found the crux of the main niggling issue i have with the rap vocals i...

The Beatsmith
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thethrillfactor 29th October 2009
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I can't get the front panel off of a Tascam 38 to replace the belt. I removed all the screws, took off the hubs, and removed the...

Sean Sullivan
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Ampex 354 29th October 2009
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I'm intrigued by the Adrenalinn III. I am primarily interested in its apreggiator features for electric guitar input. Any other...

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discospring 29th October 2009
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Echo has just announced the new audiofire 8 ( with ADAT ports and new converter chip) and I urgently need an 8 I/O interface....

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musicbydesign 29th October 2009
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Something new occurred while mixing a new song. I started to see the song as a set of geometric shapes. The drums and percussion...

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PRobb 29th October 2009
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A pillow? A small blanket?? What goes in there?

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Sigma 29th October 2009
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Does anyone here have the Line6 X3 Pro rackmount effects unit? If so, what are your opinions on the unit?

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Gorty 29th October 2009
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Hey, can anyone out there with the BC-1 give me info on what the I/O connections are on the back of the unit. I can't find any...

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KosmoJoe 29th October 2009
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Been thinking about getting a TC Finalizer Express. I´d like to have at least two channels of decent AD/DA, i´d like to have a...

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PRobb 29th October 2009
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Ok guys, I just recorded an acoustic guitar part into Logic with my tc electronics interface, and I discovered that when I...

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Bob Olhsson 28th October 2009
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I've used the original 824's and I hate how the have no upper mid range. Are the MKII's any better?

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tms8707056 28th October 2009
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None of these microphones have a model number, but I'd like to know what they are so I can sell them for the...

Sean Sullivan
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Sean Sullivan 28th October 2009
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Apart of the completely different Singers, the completly different Music - and the completly different Studios these two Albums...

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kilroyrock 28th October 2009
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How much make-up gain should be applied to the mix buss compressor? I thought that you should add only what is being reduced, but...

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beats workin' 28th October 2009
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I'm using Reaper and I want to ReWire with Reason. I see ReWire under reaper effects but I have no idea what to do with that or...

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heisleyamor 28th October 2009
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If a lower console was only used for it's mixing purposes and maybe a slight bit of EQ, would it be sufficient, perhaps better...

The Greening
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JCRockit 28th October 2009
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just wanted to say that the 57 mod is killer. i boiled out the transformer, didn't do the resonance ring, but that mic has...

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fakiekid 28th October 2009
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How hard is it to embed subliminal sounds into audio and indeed is there any way of doing this, has it been done before and it...

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laperlestudio 28th October 2009
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I'm mixing in K-20. Which means to me, that my mixes will likely end up having a RMS level in the louder parts of about -20dbFS....

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mdoelger 28th October 2009
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I'm struggling with DI recorded acoustic guitar in a live performance and I'm wondering if there is something like an acoustic...

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tibasse 28th October 2009
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Hi guys Got some dough to drop and I am hesitating between those two units. The thing is I am just about to finish producing...

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Slikjmuzik 28th October 2009
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Hello, i am looking for a production/studio room available for rent in Los Angeles, preferably in the Eagle Rock/Atwater/Los...

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pitchybastard 28th October 2009
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I went to my practice studio to setup a bass guitar through the PA for a jam tonight. I was testing the bass and microphone...

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Tone Laborer 28th October 2009
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Hey guys I run Cubase 4 as well as Nuendo 2 in my studio. I'd really like to get my editing chops up to scratch. speed things...

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passenger 28th October 2009
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Hi there, I'm planning to get a UA 2192 AD/DA. I am currently using an RME Fireface. I would like to know your experience...

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ProducerBoy 28th October 2009
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hi there, i'm in the market for a new firewire interface (macbook pro & logic). i did some research and despite a handful...

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Hammer Mark 28th October 2009
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hey! hi!, first of all, i readed all threads about yamaha msps and hs but i need your opinion!, im a worker guy that need a...

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Tritono9 28th October 2009
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Anybody ever tracked vocals in a factory hall? In lack of a good sounding room at home I could access a factory hall on the...

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idiotboy 28th October 2009
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Ok, I have made up my mind and will definitely buy one of the new Native Instruments Scarbee basses. They have the Pre Bass that...

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hpp99 28th October 2009
Avatar for Beneficial

I just got two fresh reels of ATR tape and can't wait to try it. I know this tape can handle a lot of signal... I was wondering...

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u b k 28th October 2009
Avatar for Bill@AudioVision

Hi all, I've been looking around for a quick, easy way to talk to my detangler, but haven't seen anything yet. On the Z-Systems...

[email protected]
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[email protected] 28th October 2009
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Does anyone know where to buy cloth covered cable, like what you would find on a guitar lead, vintage style I want to make some...

Shadow Boxer
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Shadow Boxer 28th October 2009
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At the risk of sounding like a complete moron, I am curious as to whether or not anyone has successfully implemented the...

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Macky 28th October 2009
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Hi. Came across this video: Robert Carranza recording engineer & mixer VIDEO feature at Jack Johnson's Plastic Plant...

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psycho_monkey 28th October 2009
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Hello, I want to transport a few condenser mics, and my pre-amp on a plane, in a carry on bag INTERNATIONALLY I'm going to be...

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Lifted 28th October 2009
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Hi! This is my first post, be gentle.freshflowe I just finished a production and my client tells me he wants to speed up the...

Mondial Music
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Mondial Music 28th October 2009