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Has anyone out there heard of or used/own a Kahn Electronics 2242 dual channel mic pre? I'm told it is like the Neve 1272....

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Makinithappen 4th November 2009
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and i am yet to hear from them, i haven't even got a confirmation email, i have sent two emails but still no luck, should i do a...

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colifato 4th November 2009
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Please see post in the high-end forum.

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PTB 4th November 2009
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I have an old R2DU rackmount double RAT distortion unit from Pro Co, but I don’t have the RFS-2 double footswitch that came...

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psetzer 4th November 2009
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Looking for someone that has a Bittree E-3 crimp. Would also be great to pay them to help me wire up the studio. If anyone...

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Metzger 4th November 2009
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I have been testing plugin EQ's against analog EQ. My best analog EQ is the EQ section of the Origin STT-1, so I've been trying...

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SeniorityFedup 4th November 2009
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Hello all, I've seen lots of posts about the sm57 transformer mod and I'm interested in trying it myself... only thing is that...

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jesse.roth 4th November 2009
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Anybody knows if the PSA can do what the VT, Liverpool, Blonde and all the other smaller pedals can?

Mondial Music
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Sniperschool 4th November 2009
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I know it's not out, but wanted to know if any tried it or can tell buy the spec if it would be pretty good to add with my JBL...

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CplusE 4th November 2009
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Recently got a decent PCM 42. I am not familiar with this unit, so I want to ask about the input section of 42. I ran +4db input...

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sslneve 4th November 2009
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Does anyone know what vocal effects were used on David Bowie's Man Who Sold the World lead vocals? It sounds like some...

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TheFirstThird 3rd November 2009
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Hello everyone, I'm looking for a warm tube mic to record rnb and soul vox. I would like to know which mic would be...

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k2patto 3rd November 2009
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Hi, I just purchased a used piece of gear, a stereo OTB processor, and it seems to me that the channels are not in phase with...

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John Eppstein 3rd November 2009
Avatar for thermal studios

Seeking to transfer some old recordings from a Session 8 PC system with Adat to Pro Tools format. Also 1/4 inch 8 track analog to...

thermal studios
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thermal studios 3rd November 2009
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Question for the Slutz: I have a friend who I occasionally do work for who is the Audio Director at a video game company. Every...

Wesley Krusher
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James Lehmann 3rd November 2009
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I think the next thing on my list is better monitors. I was finally able to hear the A7's at GC and they sounded pretty flat to...

Iggy Poop
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Anselmo 3rd November 2009
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Whats is the cheapest place to buy Samplitude? I will preferred en Europe jkthtyrt Thanks for help.

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Radiogal 3rd November 2009
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I try to use quality Cd's in my studio for duplicating I have had much success with the Taiyo Yudon (if this is not spelled...

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maxamy 3rd November 2009
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I know I had another thread about my mic pre itch, but I still haven't scratched it. Its down to two and now I want 4 channels....

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grrrayson 3rd November 2009
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Hello, I was wondering if you have any recommendations for a small, affordable and high quality line mixer with a minimum of 4 or...

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marcnyc 3rd November 2009
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I know it's not exactly a pro audio question but I was wondering if anyone knows of a small CD player the size of a Mac Mini......

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marcnyc 3rd November 2009
Avatar for TheFirstThird

I am strongly considering buying a Dangerous D Box, but only have a fairly crappy Samson Power Amp for my Passive Tannoy Reveals....

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dakine 3rd November 2009
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Hey Guys Im looking to go OTB at the moment .I ushually have abouts 4 sub groups and mix like that so I have looked at the SSL...

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JonKong 3rd November 2009
Avatar for nasp

I am looking for some advice for buying my first hardware eq's :) My budget is max $2000 for eqs + 400 for lunchbox,and I will be...

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Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 3rd November 2009
Avatar for BioMichanical

Does anyone here 'double pre-amp'? What I mean is, have you tried something along the lines of running your mic through a Great...

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Avatar for BioMichanical
BioMichanical 3rd November 2009
Avatar for FunkFaker

I need to sum 4 dat machines (via aes or spdif) to one adat lightpipe into my digi 002. I can't seem to find any routers that...

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spicemix 3rd November 2009
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i'm just coming over to in-the-box, unlimited tracks and testing the new world of plugins. i was wondering what config some of...

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jasyr 3rd November 2009
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I need to convert sd2 files to wav files.......in pro tools.......but my pc won't let me do it in pro tools. is there other free...

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loujudson 3rd November 2009
Avatar for matskull

I'll be recording a rock band soon and I need some tom mics. I can borrow some MD421 from a friend, no problem at all, but maybe...

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matskull 3rd November 2009
Avatar for JRE Productions

Anyone used these before? I have a chance to pick up two for 100 bucks for the pair. Was thinking of using them on Guitars or...

JRE Productions
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u b k 3rd November 2009
Avatar for Storm Music

Anybody who - succesfully - tried to make another and smaller tube for the Banshee? I just feel pronounciation could be a lot...

Storm Music
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Storm Music 3rd November 2009
Avatar for Robonaut

I'm looking for monitor speakers for my small recording space. I plan on putting them on my desk, on either side of my computer...

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Patrice Baumel 3rd November 2009
Avatar for StarfishMusic

I'll probably get flamed for even posing this idea but here goes.... Alright it really comes down to that I wish I had two Neve...

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narcoman 3rd November 2009
Avatar for mpeskett

Hi everyone, For one of my Masters degree assignments I'm comparing the frequency response of NS10s, M-Audio AV40s and Genelec...

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mpeskett 3rd November 2009
Avatar for nigel saunders

Has anyone else noticed that a plugin sound fantastic just up to the point you actually pay for it? I think this could be part...

nigel saunders
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camus 3rd November 2009
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jddrews 3rd November 2009
Avatar for Whoopysnorp

At some point next year, I'd like to start recording my band's third album. My gear inventory has pretty much completely changed...

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u b k 3rd November 2009
Avatar for kbjazzman

I think Doughnut have a close relation with policeman for a long time. How about sound engineer, musician? It's kind of off topic...

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Avatar for The MPCist
The MPCist 3rd November 2009
Avatar for gsilbers

i have the roland gk with a gi 20 but i eyed one of those Ztars and the yamaha EZ series which have bottons instead of strings....

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Avatar for kbjazzman
kbjazzman 3rd November 2009
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

I've got a UAD-1 card that I intend to use mostly for effects and was wondering if there was a way to use them with AUX sends on...

Sean Sullivan
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Avatar for DeadPoet
DeadPoet 3rd November 2009
Avatar for ChaosCreation

can you have two different tempos for different tracks? ie drum track coming in from reason set to 88 bpm. the rest running...

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ChaosCreation 3rd November 2009
Avatar for skolnick

Doe's anyone know what manufacture makes this DAW touch-screen, featured on the SOS October 2009 cover. Any feedback would be...

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Avatar for fetti
fetti 3rd November 2009
Avatar for TeraBrite

This is a live clip of Blink playing feeling this live. Did Travis use the Roland TD-20 that the camera shows a couple times to...

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dysenterygary 3rd November 2009
Avatar for analogjeff

Have searched and read various threads and am still wondering about specific opinions concerning Quested S7's... Have tried...

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KlangStudie 3rd November 2009
Avatar for Lonnie5

Hey Guys just seeing which you prefer and why!!

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mudrock 3rd November 2009
Avatar for olivialand

I'd like to get some idea as to how often recording engineers use a compressor when they record acoustic guitar. (I'm guessing...

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mudrock 3rd November 2009
Avatar for m_gant

Are your performers getting mono or stereo hphone feeds? If they are stereo, what are yo using to send them, other than the front...

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Avatar for mudrock
mudrock 3rd November 2009
Avatar for Sean TM

i always see metal bands tracking guitars in the control room..like there is a wall of different amp heads..but no cabinet...is...

Sean TM
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Avatar for mudrock
mudrock 3rd November 2009
Avatar for ToneRexx

Anybody knows the Vocal chain on Pink records specially in "I am not dead" and "Fun House"?? Would like to...

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Avatar for mikymike
mikymike 3rd November 2009
Avatar for kubimusik

Mixed a tracks with among other things two recorders (the flute kind, not recording equipment), multitracked separately onto two...

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Avatar for asplashofcitrus
asplashofcitrus 3rd November 2009