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Hi. Can anyone help me? I live in Berlin, Germany - I already have the mod itself though am looking for someone to install it...

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gooner 11th November 2009
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Hello. This is a difficult situation for me. A friend wants to record and mix a few songs. He wants me to do it. I want to do...

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johnnyc 11th November 2009
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I just got my 4050 in the mail today so i threw it up with my stock mk219 to record some acoustic guitar and v/o clips.I have...

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magus888 11th November 2009
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I've had some regrets regarding selling gear, I regret selling my E49mezed, matched pair of KM84's, Bassman and my TM-1. I sang...

James Lugo
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. . . 11th November 2009
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I was wondering, how do you guys charge per mixing? Per day or per song? And if you do per day, do you mix more songs a day...

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Beatfanatix 11th November 2009
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in 7 hours 4 part harmony stacked 6 each = 24 4 part harm stacked 4 in an overlap part = 16 4 lead singers..3 takes for...

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11413 11th November 2009
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Do you guys ever notice a different "vibe", aesthetic, musicianship/vocalist change, "rise to the occasion"...

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larry b 11th November 2009
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I'm thinking about updating my maudio delta1010 to the mr816. I've been reading that you can't bypass the preamps on the mr? I've...

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Bodoc 11th November 2009
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I've given this a lot of thought. I'm pretty sure Batman would play a Martin GT75. His would be a black...

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Jay Dee 11th November 2009
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I'm really interested in getting these. Mainly for drum over heads and some vocals. Any thoughts, concerns, opinions, ect... I...

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ScottOlsen 11th November 2009
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Hi, Is the Fireface 800 good enough for recording electric guitar and get professional results, or do I need highend ad and...

disco judas
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fretman 11th November 2009
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I've been recently fortunate to have several clients want LOTS of live musicians (hooray) on their recordings. Not just the usual...

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Lee Dyess 11th November 2009
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I'm in the mixing stage of things on a tune, and I have a fast snare roll that comes around in the song. It sounds like...

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Boogaju 11th November 2009
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Not sure if this is the right spot for this but it would cool if there was some sort of a gear exchange collective. You borrow...

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johnnyc 11th November 2009
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Hi ' I'v just purchased an SSL X-DESK today I turned the power on connected the cables that I needed , hit play on my DAW and...

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SAGABEBA 11th November 2009
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Hello, Im looking for a good weighted midi keyboard controller - something with around 73 or 61 keys. I currently have a Studio...

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Spec 11th November 2009
Avatar for deadroom

What Im referring to in particular is the room itself in which guitars are tracked. I have seen ISO boxes, I have seen ISO...

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Harry Hughes 11th November 2009
Avatar for Loudyman

Hello guys, I need some DI to track my hardware synths but: 1) Do I need a passive or an active one ? (I know that the rule...

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Loudyman 11th November 2009
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

Hello there, My band has been working on a mix of originals and covers for sometime to start gigging, however, we just got rid...

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joeq 11th November 2009
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What a incredible album, IMO a masterpeice. I heard it was recorded on a NEVE in his garage, true? Who else likes the...

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Dixiechicken4414 11th November 2009
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I have a Control 24 mounted inside a desk and am looking for a way to integrate my Apple 23" monitor using some sort of arm...

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RKrizman 10th November 2009
Avatar for parkerbarrow

Does anyone have experience with the SRM 2410 or know where I might find out who made the guts? I've done some extensive...

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parkerbarrow 10th November 2009
Avatar for coyotekells

What the fundamental approach to teaching someone to hear better? I'd like to help someone who has aspirations in singing, and a...

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robertshaw 10th November 2009
Avatar for 84K

Hey Fine People, My studio is looking for a new LA2A style compressor... I know ADL makes something of that kind, does...

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Trancetones 10th November 2009
Avatar for kuzan

Hi Guys. I’m a music producer based in Johannesburg South Africa. I work a lot with a young female singer that sounds a...

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McPhaul 10th November 2009
Avatar for salutem

In your opinions or in general is there a number of channels per patterns for a specific project/genre for FL Studio 9 Producer...

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salutem 10th November 2009
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Guys, I'm looking to make some records with an old motown type sound (Marvin Gaye, etc). i) Can anyone tell me what I can buy...

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Nick_Mags 10th November 2009
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Hey guys i currently have an alesis firewire 16 channel mixer, but it is obviously not compatible with protools. I am looking to...

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freq_a_beat 10th November 2009
Avatar for Obitheincredible

Recently Sonic Reality started a group buy for the entire Sonic Reality Ultra Loaded Package which is a monster refill package...

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Avatar for JSpark
JSpark 10th November 2009
Avatar for sound_music

hmmm, 100th post on GS. scary. i've been an occasional lurker for quite some time, but i've only started participating more...

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sound_music 10th November 2009
Avatar for finlove

Hi Just wondering whats the cheapest method to get Pro Tools HD System for Pc?

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Avatar for Protools Guy
Protools Guy 10th November 2009
Avatar for Lazer Toms

Just wondering which is the best to use in properly setting levels. Is in necessary to switch back and forth? Thanks for anyone...

Lazer Toms
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Lazer Toms 10th November 2009
Avatar for salutem

For instance I've just finished writing lyrics for my song and decide to fool around with FL Studio and complete a bass line I'm...

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vanpet 10th November 2009
Avatar for imloggedin

Right now im using toontrack drumtracker to make midi notes of a drum track and then manually going into Pro Tools and using tab...

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s.d.finley 10th November 2009
Avatar for Trancetones

Hi All, I am trying to trigger a light show from Pro Tools. The scenario I am trying to solve is "Send Midi Note 12 Out...

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Trancetones 10th November 2009
Avatar for gsilbers

I seem to recall that leopard was 64 bit and 32, but then why now with snow leopard , All programs are starting to be 64 bit...

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gsilbers 10th November 2009
Avatar for Vum

I use PT almost exclusively these days for mixing and have been considering the trade-up to HD via digidesign's new trade in...

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Vum 10th November 2009
Avatar for mikoo69

i live in a residential apartment and mix in my bedroom. i have a project 2 roominator kit from auralex on the walls and a pair...

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Avatar for Brent Hahn
Brent Hahn 10th November 2009
Avatar for mikoo69

so i have been doing all my volume automation in logic with the gain plugin at the end of every chain on every track. does it...

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Avatar for fragletrollet
fragletrollet 10th November 2009
Avatar for jlsgear

Hi all, Was wondering how many of you use a Mono reverb for the main vocal treatment ? ... versus a wide Stereo verb...

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jlsgear 10th November 2009
Avatar for T4104

Does anyone know how to get accomplish the voice effect on the following promo? Any particular ProTools plugins that can give me...

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Avatar for danno812
danno812 10th November 2009
Avatar for niceboy

It seems on google that we can use phase shift on our AW4416 but has anyone any info where to find that function on our AW4416...

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niceboy 10th November 2009
Avatar for miercoles

Anybody doing this? I know its not a new idea. Just wondering if there's any new developments in this area - also if there's an...

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Avatar for miercoles
miercoles 10th November 2009
Avatar for MrVelvet

I just ran my drum buss from a live recording through a comp back into the DAW. I noticed that the small delay of the rountrip is...

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MrVelvet 10th November 2009
Avatar for Tony76

Hello everyone, I have a business question with shade of technical meaning about building a studio. I have to write a business...

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Avatar for Rick Sutton
Rick Sutton 10th November 2009
Avatar for MAXRB

Hi, I'm in the process of upgrading my home studio. I've got a Studer 169, great sound but too small. I'd like to replace it for...

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Avatar for vandi
vandi 10th November 2009
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Avatar for jonmoore
jonmoore 10th November 2009
Avatar for ajfarber

Hi gang. I've got a RME fireface 800. If your familiar with this device, you know that it has 8 analogue outputs. Q:Can I get...

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Avatar for Loki
Loki 10th November 2009
Avatar for Bobby_Beers

Hello there, I'm doing a course in sound engineering, well just started... Been asked to find out the frequencies of certain...

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Avatar for Insomniaclown
Insomniaclown 10th November 2009
Avatar for Evanmd

I live in Philly PA and I am looking for a place to do repairs on preamps and other studio gear etc. I do not mind shipping the...

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Evanmd 10th November 2009