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so im in the process of designing all my room treatment panels and also a double (side by side) rack with storage in the bottom. ...

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ddemetrius456 14th November 2009
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I want to have two separate tracks for the bass 1(mic'd) and 2( Direct). I want to blend the 2 tracks later. I have a 20 watt...

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fakiekid 14th November 2009
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I've read a lot about people up-sampling a finished mix, say one at 24/41 to 24/96 before sending it off for mastering, and that...

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Flying_Dutchman 14th November 2009
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I saw a thread a few weeks back claiming that some of the greatest and widely successful sensational albums were made on drugs...

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gussyg2007 14th November 2009
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I just bought a pair of DT770 Pro 250s from a guy in the city. I SWEAR that when I listened to them with him they sounded...

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Hannes_F 14th November 2009
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Hey everybody, I'm looking to get a control surface for PT LE, preferably with at least 8 faders and under 1.5K, and I was...

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andmoore1230 14th November 2009
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Yesterday I was mixing for a few hours, not very fatiguing thanks to the nature of my monitors and also my moderate-low volume of...

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joeq 14th November 2009
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OK, I need some help on this one. I was working on guitar overdubs today and had a problem with the mix in the guitar players...

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McPhaul 14th November 2009
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DiamonDisc Archive DVDs May Outlast Man Start-up claims its DVDs last 1,000 years Most DVDs have a pitiful lifespan of 2 to 5...

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sleeper1400 14th November 2009
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I am using Pro Tools LE 8 with a 003 mixer and I want to be able to mix the 16 outs through a board and am looking at what the...

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666666 14th November 2009
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I look at a lot of microphone charts, have experience with a number of them and wonder... I've got 16 tracks of frequencies...

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popmann 14th November 2009
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Is there a place in Orange County, CA that I can A/B test variety of equipments? I'd even be willing to pay to be able to A/B a...

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Doc Mixwell 14th November 2009
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I've always had a hard time explaining to my friends outside of the music profession that there are many things I dislike about...

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Shy 14th November 2009
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I have a 2408mk3 and I'm trying to use adat lightpipe. My system is only picking up 4 channels of ADAT i/o on each bank instead...

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bdemenil 14th November 2009
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1st please don't mention pt le other dAws etc . How much can I find a used core card pcix? Will prices go lower now that...

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gsilbers 14th November 2009
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My question is, does the sweet spot of a set of nearfields get larger if the monitors are, say, six feet away rather than five?...

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DCtoDaylight 14th November 2009
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Jo E 14th November 2009
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Hello, for the following singers, would you exect better results from your modern good quality 251 style mic, or your modern good...

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vijsolo 14th November 2009
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I learn a lot about the mix when listening at way-beneath-the-volume-of-speech levels. If you're mindful of the properties of...

Silver Sonya
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tomdarude 13th November 2009
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So I just bought a Tascam M-308 with the API style eq nobs, for 80 bucks at Goodwill and it works and all! but its all analog....

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Thearch 13th November 2009
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SM7 > Reddi > Great river for vocals? any of you ever used this set up for vocals? I just got the reddi and heard...

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Jeff16years 13th November 2009
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I've been A/Bing these guys on a bunch of different sessions and projects... I just don't know. The Adam's sound VERY accurate,...

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Dean Roddey 13th November 2009
Avatar for John Suitcase

My wife gave me Malcolm Gladwell's new anthology of New Yorker articles he's written. This one in particular caught my...

John Suitcase
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rack gear 13th November 2009
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I've got a question concerning jingle writing, that I didn't really find an answer to in my search. I work for a small studio...

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Stizz 13th November 2009
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In particular on the album "The March" ? This thing sounds amazing. From watching some videos online I think they did...

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deadroom 13th November 2009
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I'm usually very skeptical about things like this but I might be wrong about it. Did anybody get helped from posting in the...

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hearingdouble 13th November 2009
Avatar for waterloo

Anyone know what mic is on the acoustic? I was thinking a KM86 or a Beyer M160? If possible, I'd like to know the vintage as...

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AlexK 13th November 2009
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It's from a piece of Rane gear, takes a stereo 1/4" plug, and has a bunch of pots on it.... I have no idea what it goes to....

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pan 13th November 2009
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Hi all, Anyone know of a good pro audio rental company in Portland or Seattle that could help me with some mic pres,...

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Sonic Lush 13th November 2009
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Stizz 13th November 2009
Avatar for Theo Baldus

Hi guys! I was looking at these two pre's, and wondered which would be "the best choice". I would mainly use it...

Theo Baldus
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Theo Baldus 13th November 2009
Avatar for BConrad

Hey, I've got an opportunity to get one of the newer Mackie Onyx-i mixers at cost. I was hoping to get some feed back on...

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BConrad 13th November 2009
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I have read two articles recently which talk about using -two- microphones for lead vocals simultaneously -- as a way to handle...

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OceanMan 13th November 2009
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Alright, so I was letting a buddy try out the Edirol and he was planning on buying it today. Brought up something though. He...

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RARStudios 13th November 2009
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

It always baffles me when microphone are misused in music videos. I just saw a trailer for "Pirate Radio" and Philip...

Sean Sullivan
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kbshearer 13th November 2009
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has anyone ever tried this before? am very curious to try miking the top/shell with it

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Elvis Christ 13th November 2009
Avatar for bluechips

Universal Audio 6176 vs Tube-tech CL 1B for vocals. What do u think?

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gutr2 13th November 2009
Avatar for warmer

Just put it all in a box? Ipod vs CD ;-) BBC NEWS | Programmes | Working Lunch | Is the iPod generation missing out?

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Avatar for chris carter
chris carter 13th November 2009
Avatar for jackinthebox

AKG D19 connector? Does anyone know where i could get an adaptor or cable for an old AKG D19? I've had this beautiful looking mic...

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vincentvangogo 13th November 2009
Avatar for Percy's Ledge

Hi, I'm considering getting a synth/keyboard for gigging and home use. Excellent organ and piano sounds are probably most...

Percy's Ledge
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Percy's Ledge 13th November 2009
Avatar for TheFirstThird

So I have this one 2" Ampex 456 (of course, the most problematic) reel from around 1979 that just won't behave right, even...

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TheFirstThird 13th November 2009
Avatar for TRCS

Hey guys, I had a recent client's father call me up for some help on getting a basic vocal recording setup for doing some sort of...

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Avatar for TRCS
TRCS 13th November 2009
Avatar for Ben88

I've had enough of my MOTU 896HD - it's gotta go! I am after a new AD/DA convertor. The MOTU has never sounded that great...

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Ben88 13th November 2009
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Thought some of you could be interested. MediaFuturist: The price of freedom: Reinventing the online economy (RSA Journal July...

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claend 13th November 2009
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Well, it's that time of year and my in-laws / friends have asked me what I want for Christmas. I told them I don't want anything...

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Avatar for Pete G
Pete G 13th November 2009
Avatar for saciestudio

Hi friends. I'm about to buy a C414 matched pair. Looking at B&H, which delivers in Brazil, saw these two models C414B...

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saciestudio 13th November 2009
Avatar for saintJames

option A : AD16X + DA16X +BIG BEN + LYNX PCI CARD AES + AUDIENT BLACK & 4x Black EQ - Discrete Class A 4 ch EQ OPTION B...

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Avatar for George Necola
George Necola 13th November 2009
Avatar for MikeTSH

Need another set of opinions - should I got for a DAW upgrade from SONAR 7 to 8.5 or should I get a new acoustic?

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MikeTSH 13th November 2009
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Hi, not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I'm regular reader of this forum and I know that here is a lot of people...

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vasikgreif 13th November 2009
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I've never had this problem before , it just started today . I'm using Pro Tools and when I bounce to disc the audio file it...

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Avatar for 5down1up
5down1up 13th November 2009