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Hi, (I'm new to the forums! I'm not entirely sure where this thread should belong...) I have been recording orchestras using a...

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vitreouswindows 8th December 2009
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HI, I need advise which mic to buy for vocal recordings. I need some warm up mic. I`m thinking between Pearlman TM1 and...

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andrewenson 8th December 2009
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I know this is many people's go-to sample piano, I have just installed it and am just curious to know that out of the three...

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Spall 8th December 2009
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I just replaced the cable on my sony mdr v600;s because sound was only coming out the left ear. After I replaced the cord the...

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Rick Sutton 8th December 2009
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What are the mods that you would recommend for this mic. I have seen that they are a commonly modded mic. I now have one finally...

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Haz-Mat-Strat 8th December 2009
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I've taken off the reverb and all sends for now just trying to get it to work.. all audio tracks are set to audio, the 3 buses...

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vtone 8th December 2009
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I am currently seeking to buy a Phonitor for mixing at home. Until now I simply plugged my Ultrasone's into my soundcard so I...

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jstummbillig 8th December 2009
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Hey there, Does anyone know any good sites or tutorials that could help me learn how to translate audio to midi notes as well...

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mikymike 8th December 2009
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Does anyone have experience with comparing the D-Box's DA conversion to: 1. Lynx Aurora 2. Lavry Black 3. Other converters...

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Doc Mixwell 8th December 2009
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Can someone recommend a new pair of monitors that i will notice a difference when comparing them to my KRK Rokit 5's? Looking to...

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roderick 8th December 2009
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I am providing free download access to one song from this record so you can hear it in through all stages of production...

Deuce 225
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Deuce 225 8th December 2009
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I was just thinking about getting the creation audio labs mod on my Ghost and I see this 32 channel Toft for a little more than...

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tapehiss 8th December 2009
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strikes again. never had one die on me. always have lasted until technology had moved on and they weren't big...

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river 8th December 2009
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Hey everyone. So the other day I had the chance to listen to some Barefoot MM27s, and was very impressed with how 'cohesive'...

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Glamdring 8th December 2009
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This is a thread for mixing guys who own project or pro studios who master their own productions. My philosophy for mastering...

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bbgallaway 8th December 2009
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Hi Guys, would be great if you want to share your Reverb and Delay type and Settings during mixing. If you can specify the...

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zak7 8th December 2009
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I have a neotek series one.....I still need to get the damn punchdown tool to wire it.....ideally, the neotek will go to the...

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coltrain210 8th December 2009
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So who do you guys see? I would like to go to someone that is known for having a our kind of clientele.

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bitmob 8th December 2009
Avatar for Jose

You catch a nice progession of chords, melody, you think that it will be a hit, but you never finish it, looking for...

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Nolet 7th December 2009
Avatar for hoop

Fellow Slutz, I've got a client in Chicago who is looking for a good duplication facility in Chicago that doesn't farm out the...

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Chipal 7th December 2009
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Hey, I'm looking for the best drum samples for Logic. Anyone had any success? Thanks Jake

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JAKETYLER 7th December 2009
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..but after getting an email from them today, I found that the price has gone from $899 to $1250usd because of the new body. No...

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Fastermouse 7th December 2009
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I've always wondered how its a small world and a few other disneyland ride audio systems are set up just going on small world...

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Autocrat 7th December 2009
Avatar for Nerve Nickels

So, I guess TJ did the synthesizers on Porno for Pyros 'Good God's Urge'. I want to find out what specific synths were used or...

Nerve Nickels
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ITJ 7th December 2009
Avatar for ohmicide

there's one that just popped up for a good price but the guy is saying im almost sure that is perfectly normal, but just...

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ohmicide 7th December 2009
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Hi, I was hoping I could get a little input on this mix I'm working on, I've got no confidence in the image I'm getting here due...

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FeatheredSerpent 7th December 2009
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I'm a newb on the forum, but I've been reading posts for a really long time. Quick question for those in the know... I recently...

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mustang76 7th December 2009
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In the last 5 years my clients, when producing, have gone from pretty much 100% major labels to almost 100% indie / privately...

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Karloff70 7th December 2009
Avatar for AustinJeep10

Hi, I'm looking for any advice on a vocal mic for trip-hop/down-beat/ambient vocals such as Massive Attack/Leftfield/FSOL, etc....

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Avatar for Vum
Vum 7th December 2009
Avatar for hazelmossobrien

I own an M147 and it gets the job done when my needs call for a tube microphone. However I can never hold onto something too long...

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nigel saunders 7th December 2009
Avatar for StillCrazy

It was suggested I post this here instead of the Electronic Instruments forum. I tried but could not find how to delete the...

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Thescort 7th December 2009
Avatar for Serevende

I ordered an Ensemble in October. Expected ship date was less than two weeks at that time. I still don't have it. None of the...

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Avatar for Serevende
Serevende 7th December 2009
Avatar for joeydego

is roughly akin to bad sex. you can still get off, but it doesn't roll your eyes into the back of your head. Any tips for getting...

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PlatinumSamples 7th December 2009
Avatar for bgilbertsound

Hi Folks: First I APOLOGIZE if I'm putting this in the wrong place or breaking any rules... I just want to see some of this...

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psycho_monkey 7th December 2009
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

Hi guys, I am looking around for a decent live sound system for smaller-mid sized clubs for a full band. I'm not buying right...

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BrandRecordingCo 7th December 2009
Avatar for Rev2010

This is merely a preliminary post as I've only messed around with it for a short time last night. I got lucky and got it at...

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Avatar for idylldon
idylldon 7th December 2009
Avatar for fixitinthemix

is there a "one keypress" way to go to slip mode from any other mode? and to grid mode as well. is there a "one...

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blacklight_uk 7th December 2009
Avatar for Graham Goldman

Help us celebrate the launch of Masterdisk Indie! Hi, This is Graham Goldman. I am a Mastering Engineer at Masterdisk in NYC. ...

Graham Goldman
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eligit 7th December 2009
Avatar for skiroy

Keep in mind the song has not been mixed. Your comments or suggestion for what to do in the mix are welcomed though. But posted...

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skiroy 7th December 2009
Avatar for samwiseganji

Morning. I am thinking of putting on a classic synth/tech event in the North of England. Moog, Dave Smith, Nord, Waldorf,...

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samwiseganji 7th December 2009
Avatar for Brett 123

I just wanted to write to say , thank you gearslutz ! For always being there for me when I need to ask a question . For being...

Brett 123
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Avatar for Brett 123
Brett 123 7th December 2009
Avatar for Aisle 6

Received my new Bryston 4BSST today.....Did I say...."Love it!" Paired it up to my ATC SCM20SL monitors. Very nice. I...

Aisle 6
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macr0w 7th December 2009
Avatar for Joe_caithness

Hey, So, my brother (who posts on here so get out of this thread Alex!) and I always exchange techy presents, usually little...

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Joe_caithness 7th December 2009
Avatar for UNITY

Just picked these up for alternate mixing location. Looking for a affordable good amp recommendation, Was thinking Adcom 545, but...

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Avatar for Pepo
Pepo 7th December 2009
Avatar for glenn Taylor

I have a pair of 421 sennheiser mics for toms. They have seen better days. I was looking to not spend over $200 each. ...

glenn Taylor
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alexstobbe 7th December 2009
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Hi ppl i was reading this article last night, where Infected Mushroom speak of their technique of clipping in channels as well...

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Prahlad 7th December 2009
Avatar for Surbitone

Hello, Does anyone know of a vst / dx multi-band side-chain compressor? At the minute, I'm triggering my sonalksis bass...

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Surbitone 7th December 2009
Avatar for fastlane

mezedThis kid is only 8 years old!!! I wasted my youth!!!!!mezed Qvx6rIAL-_I

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Avatar for The Listener
The Listener 7th December 2009
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I'm not sure if this is how i post to get help but hey.. I need some help please. I record Vocals using a mac ver 10.5.8 and an...

C Corney
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C Corney 7th December 2009
Avatar for infiniteposse

I've done a number of full-length LP's this year and with each LP, the songs have gone through countless iterations as the...

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pan 7th December 2009