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Hi everyone, I'm trying to buy a microphone as a gift for someone. He wants to do jamming and looping on his computer, using a...

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rackdude 12th December 2009
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I've heard that it sounds much better when drums are tuned to the key of the song, but how do you accomplish this in a live...

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Sk106 12th December 2009
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hey guys, Does PDC work perfectly in cubase right now? especially when bussing aux's allot,as in Logic ,the delay is definately...

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jeremy.c. 12th December 2009
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Waves Maxbcl TC Finalizer 96k TC MD3 TDM Plugin I have these 3 choices, which one should I pick? Thanks

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fhames 12th December 2009
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Hey there , So I was thinking of looking for a new desk and habe been considering a Amek bc 2 or toft atb 32 ? any opinions...

Brett 123
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Space Station 11th December 2009
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Hello everyone, As you may already know, U-Audio is offering a pretty amazing upgrade deal for UAD-1 owners who get a UAD2...

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MarsBot 11th December 2009
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Heard Prince's "U Got the Look" song today again on the radio. I've always thought this was one of the most unique,...

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CLP 11th December 2009
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How do you get this Vocal effect ? <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...

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12ax7 11th December 2009
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What are some good techniques to make the singer sound proffesional and blend in with an epic progressive metal, hard rock sound?...

Bart Waldon
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Bart Waldon 11th December 2009
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Hi Folks, I have a tech coming over to look at the Studer A80 16 track 2" in my studio. It has a few issues, playback on...

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Drumsound 11th December 2009
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I've been booking studio time up until now and I'm recording more and more frequently so I figured in the long run I would save...

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RTR 11th December 2009
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Or spare bedroom, in my case. Since I assume we don't have Neve's, API's, Amek 9098's and such in this demographic, care to tell...

Gone Fission
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taturana 11th December 2009
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Why is it that I so rarely see studios that use subwoofers to augment the bass capabilities of their monitors? Yesterday I did a...

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ChrisCummins 11th December 2009
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Hi everybody What headphone would be complementary with a Beyerdynamic DT990 for mixing electro/house music ? I love my DT990,...

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Phazinhead 11th December 2009
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I've been researching a lot of pre-amps lately, and end up going back & forth between several options. All I want is a great...

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warhead 11th December 2009
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Hi All, I was recently listening to Bloc Party's last three albums. They are all so different but Silent Alarm is just about the...

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toasteh 11th December 2009
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How much drum replacement do you guys do on acoustic drums? I'm digging it more and more, but wonder if spending more time on the...

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dualflip 11th December 2009
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I know this is going to come off as completely clueless and unprepared... My wife is looking at Grad School at UCLA, and it...

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Kenny M 11th December 2009
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If you know the above song you may recognized that there is special reverb effect on the snare drum may in combination with...

Deleted 99dc753
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Deleted 99dc753 11th December 2009
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Carl Martin octaswitch: Harmony Central User Reviews Wondering if anyone here as experience with this pedal switcher - I am...

rack gear
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pan60 11th December 2009
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Help me with my next gear purchase... I produce mostly singer-songwriters (think acoustic, light rock ala The Fray, John Mayer,...

Ernest Buckley
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Ernest Buckley 11th December 2009
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I am trying to get an answer to this..it won't maximise on my mac to fit the entire screen (like all other daw mixer windows) ,...

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DeadPoet 11th December 2009
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Will an Avid 888/24 work with a DSP farm card? What kind of cable would I need? I really dont know about Avid 888s other than...

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naex 11th December 2009
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I want a new vocal mic as an alternative/upgrade to the at4050's I've been using. The at4050, I feel is good, great actually for...

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gregory 11th December 2009
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Does anybody know if the BLA Auteur stacks well??? I record alot of stacked, heavy guitars, lots of distortion, sometimes 5 or 6...

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camerondye 11th December 2009
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ahhhh, the irony.... read about it and give us your spin. Michael Geist - Canadian Recording Industry Faces $6 Billion...

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Subversounds 11th December 2009
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i heard many years ago that the key of A major translates best on fm radio, does anyone know if this is more than a myth?

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Lrmusic 11th December 2009
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Just received an email regarding IZ's ADA converters are on sale of 25% off with 16 channels or more . That is a pretty big...

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ARIEL 11th December 2009
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Why record to 48 and 96k? Does this make mixing "easier" (ie it's closer to the orig. source)? If it all ends up in 44k...

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MixedSignals 11th December 2009
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I was thumbing through a backissue of TapeOp (page 33 Issue Sept 2001- the one with Andy Wallace) and came across the ad for the...

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radicalron 11th December 2009
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Hi, Is ok to use non TI chipset as long as I use high latency values?

disco judas
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disco judas 11th December 2009
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I don't know were else to post this, but check it out when you have time on your hands... YouTube - GOOI JOU ARMS OM MY -...

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wbmstudio 11th December 2009
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Ok, so i'v been interested in electronic music for a while and recently found a used copy of Komplete 5, so I grabbed it. My set...

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Tomer1 11th December 2009
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I own a Digi 003, 8 analog and 8 adat outputs. My problem is: The 8 analog outs is not enough, 16 would do the job... So how can...

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wbmstudio 11th December 2009
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Is there a good VST instrument out there that has good hollow body or semi hollow body guitar sounds? Looking for nice round...

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RasCricket 11th December 2009
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So just seems to me that it is being replaced with ProTools, samples, and the like; and the artists that suck can be fixed using...

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delcosmos 11th December 2009
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I remember some tread people talking about a book on compression. I searched but could not find. Am I dreaming or is there such...

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clubber 11th December 2009
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Hi there trying to get my vocal live rig sorted out. I tried various sennh. in ear wireless systems incl. ew300 G2 (€600)...

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brutze 11th December 2009
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My choices are between an used Pacifica or a Distressor I already have 4 api312 channels and 4 neve are coming soon (i'm a...

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KRStudio 11th December 2009
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thethrillfactor 11th December 2009
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Hey Y'all First off- thanks for your time!! I have recently gotten a 6176, and wondering what y'all have found to be...

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superburtm 11th December 2009
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a few years ago, when i was running my own room i often had really terrible drummers coming through and pounding on hi hats as if...

Shane Michael Rose
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ericstadium 11th December 2009
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Have anyone the lexicon prime time schematics? I need it for repair my unit. thanks.

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takka 11th December 2009
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hey Guys and Girls. I just bought a Rode NTK mic, and have it for one night to test before the deal is final. I listened to it,...

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krinjah 11th December 2009
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I recently bought a BAE lunch box loaded with four SH Mono Gamas from a fellow GS board member. (Thanks again for the smooth...

Brian Scheffer
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pan60 11th December 2009
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I had this dude Sheldon build me a snake and breakout box about 5 years ago and wanted to have him come and help me fix some...

James Lugo
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James Lugo 11th December 2009
Avatar for flextone

Hi, I got a chance to mess around with a Linn9000 (12bit?) drum machine / sampler and it blew me away. It has variable sample...

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isham 11th December 2009
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I'm relatively new to software. So say you put an SSL channel plugin on a track. or whatever pre + eq +comp or whatever. You've...

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mattianlaseppia 11th December 2009
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My Waves L2 rack unit suddenly started malfunctioning. It's basically freezing up, controls aren't working properly, meters are...

Mr. Z
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Mr. Z 11th December 2009
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I'm looking at getting some near field monitors and have seen the Phil Jones Pure Sound 7001i. 7001i Studio Monitor | Phil Jones...

Adrian Walker
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warhead 11th December 2009