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... I love you guys! Gearslutz is extremely good. I read hear everyday. Thank you!

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greatgreatriver 16th December 2009
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Hi everyone, So I've got a good foundation in recording, I do bands and symphony orchestras and other various location...

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tomorrowstops 16th December 2009
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So my next adventure with summing is to try inserting compressors in subgroups (or individual tracks), i.e, my Fatso for guitars....

Unknown soldier
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Unknown soldier 16th December 2009
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YouTube - Don Alder - Harp Guitar Acoustic Guitar - Canadian Folk Music Awards - 2009 Nominee

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systemexclusive 16th December 2009
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Hey guys, How do you guys typically deal with a kick that gets louder on the 1 beat coming in or out of choruses? A drummer with...

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BrandRecordingCo 16th December 2009
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Hi all I want to be able to take a stereo mix (line level, balanced, +4) and sum it to mono balanced. (Two Balanced XLR...

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superwack 16th December 2009
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Ok so you walk into a studio you've never been to before with some random studio moniors and a room your not use to.. What are...

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definate 16th December 2009
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Can Pro Tools LE be run on a Mac Book Pro without any external interfaces (such as a Digi 002, 003)? I've seen the MBox 2 Micro...

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Unknown soldier 16th December 2009
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I picked up a D12e on a bargain. The first time I tried it out, I thought that it had this really high bump around 250hz. ...

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The_Shoe 16th December 2009
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Anyone know what the small keyboard on top is? On first glance I thought Mini Korg but some other shots don't really look like...

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bbgallaway 16th December 2009
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This drum loop is obviously squeezed well beyond what it should be, but I just wanted to see how dirty this "clean" box...

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midnightsun 16th December 2009
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hi there I'm now the proud owner of both drumagog and bfd2. they're both updated to the newest version as well as my logic...

qin smith
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matteo_stress 16th December 2009
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I have a synth with a set of stereo outs. I definitely want to keep it in stereo because the arpeggiations are panned L and R. ...

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ssaudio 16th December 2009
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Hi all, I'm in the proccess of researhing what electronic drum kit would be right for me. I am a BFD2 user and mostly what I...

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girlthatdrums 16th December 2009
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I am looking for a shockmount for an Oktava (Oktavamod) mk-219. It has a rectangular tapered body similar to a 421. I am...

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Brad Lunde 16th December 2009
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i need to use a neve 1081 into a digi 002r and im wondering if i use te +4 setting or -10 setting on the back of the digi002r

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strewnshank 16th December 2009
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I dont care WHAT anyone says..this sounds pretty damn good for Behringer!! YouTube - Bugera V55HD 55 Watt...

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RTR 16th December 2009
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Ok im looking for a mic to capture someone with a squidward like voice for broadcast. Ive tried condensers like the Oktava mk219...

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Slate416 16th December 2009
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Don't know what to call it, but I would like an adapter that screws onto a mic stand, and then provides 3 male threads so I can...

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gregory 16th December 2009
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I just treated my new room in my new house with Acoustic panels from Acoustimac and some old 703 and 705 pieces I had laying...

Bob Vinsick
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Danner 16th December 2009
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when i click on the button at the top of the channel strip i don't seem to get a menu come up. nothing! however it does work on...

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reelsteve 16th December 2009
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What reverb can sound like in this record? I think this is Bricasti or Lexicon.

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Froombosch 16th December 2009
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Hey guys, I've been a huge Descendents fan forever (20+years), and while I know that they are super talented, I've never really...

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packagebear 16th December 2009
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Sorry, i know there are probably many threads on this, but I couldn't find the answer. I'm reamping some guitar and drum parts...

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gainreduction 16th December 2009
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Can anyone point me in the direction of a rackmount kit for a Glyph external HD? Specifically for the GT050Q. Hard-drives...

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Silas Holmes 16th December 2009
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We have a 57 that started acting up a while ago so it's been replaced and put aside. I was wondering though if it might be...

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jarrydn 16th December 2009
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Hi all, I wonder can anyone help me to get my A80 RC MKII working ? I have just received this machine and have no transport...

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norm!24 16th December 2009
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I want to see about ordering the 8MP by Line Audio (a Swedish Company)... But when I send emails I don't get anything back. And...

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noiselab 16th December 2009
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So, long story short conversations of marriage have been coming up a lot between my girlfriend and I. She's from Singapore. So...

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Saudade 16th December 2009
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The KSM-32 is a Shure classic and has been around for a long time. The opinions on this microphone are so different depending...

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nickolo 16th December 2009
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Can anyone tell what kind of mic is Tose singing into? Is it possible to buy a pop filter like that? I've been looking for a pop...

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Splico 16th December 2009
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Yesterday I had to mix a live performance for a client whose music I'd never heard before. I imported the files and set my...

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sputnick 16th December 2009
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jozzafunk 16th December 2009
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Hey,Wondered if anyone could help me with this matter. I have been sifting through billionsa of forums and reveiws to try and...

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a zombie 16th December 2009
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Can someone tell me when it's best to use Balanced cables in my studio? I have an RME Fireface 800, patchbay, Synthesizers,...

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The Elf 16th December 2009
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After waiting for mastering, doing the paper work, sending out the cover art, and waiting for my album to come back, i just...

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Makinithappen 16th December 2009
Avatar for Tim Davis

Post-its everywhere reminding you to keep at it, pins on every seat other than the studio, new piece of gear for every full days...

Tim Davis
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Amun Ra 16th December 2009
Avatar for Ski spiggy

Hi all. Anyone know what mic he used on his recent album? It is one hell of a sound. Thanks, Spigg

Ski spiggy
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Mnemosound 16th December 2009
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I recently stated in a post (regarding character discrepancies between identical speaker units) that i found it difficult to...

mirror symmetry
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u b k 16th December 2009
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Okay I been trying to understand compression better and it is coming toghether except release. For example how a faster release...

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Mike Caffrey 16th December 2009
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i see a trident 70 for sale. the board has been re-capped and cleaned. how much do you guys think this board is worth? i'm...

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Sean Sullivan 16th December 2009
Avatar for skills

hey everyone! just thinking of doing some studio mixing upgrades, and am looking for your opinions. I'm looking to get some...

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James Lehmann 16th December 2009
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So I know this has been discussed before (I've searched the old threads), however I'd like to get some opinions for my specific...

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tapehiss 16th December 2009
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I have these both in my possession I started A/Bing them today RevF has an input transformer, RevG does not These are the last...

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EBGB 16th December 2009
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Hi, my friend has a pretty crappy Les Paul copy of some off brand and the rhythm switch wasn't working, so I decided to check out...

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Sean240 16th December 2009
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Here is a drum track I just recorded. I'm going to be recording a raw sounding drum track for an indie-type album soon and I just...

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AudioHipster 16th December 2009
Avatar for subspace

If anybody relies on Blevins Audio Exchange for MCI parts/ service, you may want to look into stocking up on spares now. One of...

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JQ127 16th December 2009
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I bought an old 1968 Vox Defiant from an int'l vintage dealer. Has 2 -12" Goodmans. One speaker is really GREAT, one...

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John Eppstein 16th December 2009
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Been searching around looking for anyone that's done audio clips of compressors on the bus...a before and after type deal. API...

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Musiclab 16th December 2009
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1. is it possible to increase the overall quality for a you tube instrumental track by software/daw,conversion and so on for...

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TAXS 16th December 2009