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I want to make sure that my MR816x interface will support a 250ohms set of phones. How do I find out? Looking at a good set of...

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Technician 25th December 2009
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I recently have been recording with a Samson CO3U USB mic and the quality has been great, I'd say about 70 percent of a 100...

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Byll 25th December 2009
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Any thoughts about engineering for yourself? Do you do it? Do you like to do it? Tips about doing it?

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vibralux 25th December 2009
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is there any preference among the following options for recording an entire song or drums? -all one kind of preamp -mix and...

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John Eppstein 25th December 2009
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I'm a bit confused. I'm trying to understand the difference between Editor and Studio edition. The website has a comparison,...

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tazman 25th December 2009
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I understand it used to be Oz Audio that made these cool headphone matrix mixers. Then Mackie made them for a short while and...

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koonta 25th December 2009
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I know of Olivia Broadfield and Emmy Rossum, any others?

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Sky 25th December 2009
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Simple question...I ve been wanting to get a good compressor for around $1000...whats the best deal: used distressor or waves cla...

Conrado Davila
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Conrado Davila 25th December 2009
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Does anybody have any experience with this combination? Cheers

Storm Music
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Chris Lago 25th December 2009
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U67 clone?


What are the options out there for 67 clones? 47's and C1's seem abundant, but this talk of Olympic studios has me wondering.

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YRLK 25th December 2009
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I bought a MXL 960 tonight that BLEW UP and also destroyed my Summit 2ba and my soundcard. I need to replace the soundcard as...

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changeng 25th December 2009
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So I'm thinking about buying the Waves CLA bundle this December, but I have a question. What are typical uses for these...

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Hammyham 25th December 2009
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last night I was doing some recording in my home studio using the M-Audio 2626 interface. When I went to do vocals, I noticed...

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soypancho 25th December 2009
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Merry Christmas to all.

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Spiritworks 25th December 2009
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a boss rv5 for example. it has two inputs and two outputs. is it possible to hook up both your guitar and mic simultaneously? if...

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emeralds 25th December 2009
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Hi guys, Only input 3 is working on my Ensemble. I have plugged a mic in 1,2,and 4 and can see the blue lights working ok but...

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Rossco 25th December 2009
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So, I let a friend borrow my SM81 (and a preamp) about two years ago and had a hard time getting him to give it back. I finally...

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roguedrums 25th December 2009
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Just wondering what you guy's like to run through these? I have tried it on a number of things but have not found something it...

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peeweedrummer 25th December 2009
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Not sure where to post these, so obviously mods, please move this if needs be...me just messing about (from a few years...

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JJAM 25th December 2009
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I've been running logic pro for years...then i go over to some guys house who just got cubebase. i sing a little and play guitar...

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RonT 25th December 2009
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I can't seem to figure it out, but people keep bashing how terrible modern music sounds. I disagree. Yes, sure there is some crap...

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jslstrat 25th December 2009
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Hopefully not too late. I don't work again until Monday! diddlydoo Happy Holiday everyone!boing

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DontLetMeDrown 25th December 2009
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Anything recent with great vocal harmonies? (any genre, preferably rnb)...something like JHCxrynMUMk the girl's verse...

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Slikjmuzik 24th December 2009
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Hi peoples Gearslutz newbie here. Hoping you all can help me decide how to approach this problem. I tour with a band...

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Bobthewondercat 24th December 2009
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Hello everyone. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, please move if need be. I am thinking about planning a trip to Chicago,...

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Deleted d78e603 24th December 2009
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I have seen several sites that recommend speaker cable and RC cable plans made from Cat 5 cable. Has anyone tried this? Any...

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ChrisCummins 24th December 2009
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Does anyone have any feedback on these, they look good, but I can't find much info on them..... TOWERSONIC FH1 Thanks.

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TLMUSIC 24th December 2009
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Hey guys can you recommend me a simple Stereo Audio Editor where I can use my VST and AU Plug ins? I need one that is not...

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vaxa 24th December 2009
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Listen to Amy Rouse "Ordinary Baby" Gaither Vocal Band "Christmas Song" or just about anything they...

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Mike Brown 24th December 2009
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has anyone see these links... YouTube - SSL9000Down's Channel i tried myself with highend eq's and comps vs lower ones or...

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imaginaryday 24th December 2009

Not trying to start another ITB vs. OTB war, just thought it was interesting. Although, it is basically an ad, it is telling of...

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NEWTON IN ORBIT 24th December 2009
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Hi, What would be wise to do? In the studio there are two Genelecs 1032s and 2 NS10s. Now I need a surround setup. I see...

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Realmusic 24th December 2009
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So I have a home studio and would like to have bands over to record, but I'm a little embarrassed because I cannot provide that...

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Konketsu 24th December 2009
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I'm curious as to how everyone here acquired the knowledge that they do about the technical aspects of audio. :) I graduated...

Cursed Lemon
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Jim Rosebrook 24th December 2009
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List your vocal mic! Your go to vocal mic on the top.

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GSmith 24th December 2009
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Any tips on tracking drums?

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ryst 24th December 2009
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hello and merry xmas! i have just recently purchased a house and as a result of the 'economic stimulus' i am set to receive an...

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FeatheredSerpent 24th December 2009
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So I just picked up the new Underoath album today "Lost in the sounds of Seperation", and was immediately completely...

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sam guaiana 24th December 2009
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I was hangin with a friend of mine last nite. He is studying to be an engineer. Not an audio engineer, an electrical engineer who...

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ianbryn11 24th December 2009
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Not sure how to start this.... Ive noticed that some people seem to always want their parts louder in the mix..... If everyone...

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clearwave 24th December 2009
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Tube World 24th December 2009
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I've decided on the Beyerdynamic models. Going to get both the closed 770 for tracking and the open 990 for mixing. $500 total....

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TheStixter 24th December 2009
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my buddy has a sony dmx100r. he's been rockin' adats since the 90's. the sony has 4 adat cards that have their i/o...

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gregovertone 24th December 2009
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Hi, First time recording an upright piano. Its a Kawai K5 upright and its being recorded in a home environment (living...

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popmann 24th December 2009
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Hi all i´ve got some cash to spend, 3000 € (4000$) and my problem is that i do every genre (pop, rock, rnb, latin,...

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James Lehmann 24th December 2009
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For those who don't have a decent pre-amp yet, it is time to speak to Santa. Merry Christmas to all the Gear Slutters.

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Subversounds 24th December 2009
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So its finally happened , but for TV ads!!! A congresssional bill is being voted on to require TV stations to keep the same...

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Jim Williams 24th December 2009
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hello sub-woofers;)) i hope some of you could help me a little bit or can give me tip. I read some articles mentioned here on...

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seriousfun 24th December 2009
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Had some free time at the studio, and a couple to many drinks, so I decided to make this with a couple friends, for all you...

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Bubbakron 24th December 2009
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So how do I set up high pass for external SSL buss compressor with sidechain? I am using Cubase 5... Would it be: Set up SSL as...

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FeatheredSerpent 24th December 2009