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Hey there, I posted last week about some delay comp problems I was having in PTHD. Well I had a little time to experiment and...

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Freedomof81 31st December 2009
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Hey all, first post here. I've had a pretty bare-bones ProTools/FCP setup for the past year, and I'm looking to upgrade my...

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Darhgo 31st December 2009
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So, I have two 10 ft. Mogami TRS cables, and I actually need 1 20 ft. TRS. Can I connect the two of them with a double female...

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Faderjockey 31st December 2009
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uh,...im confused. i use sonar 6 producers edition. i'm wondering what is the difference between audio driver bit depth and...

Deleted 49e1b71
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hitthemhard 31st December 2009
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I am looking to buy a preamp in the £400-500 range and these two caught my eye. Ive only heard good things about both the...

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tenchijin2 31st December 2009
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Hi, I see some posts about Mogami cables and Canare cables. I am planning on buying the Focal Twins monitors. I would like to...

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DarkSky Media 31st December 2009
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I know its not 110ohm but will it work in a pinch?

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DarkSky Media 31st December 2009
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When running tracks out from Logic into outboard EQ, Comp, etc..what is the best method to record back in?? Using the I/O insert...

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roderick 31st December 2009
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I have racked my brain trying to find out what this instrument is called and I can't find an answer. Does anyone...

Stu Diddly
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Stu Diddly 31st December 2009
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If I connect my HEDD192 to my Digi 003R using S/PDIF cables will this give me the use of the HEDD's converters also? i.e. using...

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Spall 31st December 2009
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This is my first post in the GearSlutz forum after being an avid reader for some time so hello! I was recently working on a...

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vernier 31st December 2009
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Ok, so I've got £1-2K and need a 24 channel desk for tracking bands with. I've got a few outboard pres but would be using about...

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skybluerental 31st December 2009
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Crane Song immediately comes to mind... maybe they need to raise their prices so they can afford another person on...

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u b k 31st December 2009
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Hello... I am trying to find a service manual for a tascam 44 1/4" tape machine. Let me know if you have a .pdf, paper copy...

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KingDaddyO 31st December 2009
Avatar for rotem zur

hey guys, a quick question... learned allot from charles dye's "mix it like a record". any recomendations for...

rotem zur
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Mike Brown 31st December 2009
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Hey all, So my turd of an interface took a dump on me and im trying to decide if i should sell My great river single channel to...

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line61984 31st December 2009
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Hi everyone I'm looking for a way to seemlessly connect my equipment per midi, or other methods to maximize the quipment i have....

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2cor517 31st December 2009
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I'm not sure if this is possible so I want to make sure before i drop $2400. I plan on using my macbook pro and digi 003 for a...

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Friedemann 30th December 2009
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Hello, does someone know that electric guitar plays (in the left channel) in this song ? Stratocaster, PRS, Les Paul... ???? I...

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carma 30th December 2009
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on iTunes or whatever just amazing, they ALL sounds the same :) 808 + Autotune boys and girls singing "i love...

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enroper 30th December 2009
Avatar for Lunatique

I'm currently on a quest to find high-quality headphones that can pass this bass detail resolving test with flying colors. My...

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Russell Dawkins 30th December 2009
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Im still trying to figure out saturation. I get tube saturation and how it adds warthmth and is good for certain apps. But what...

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Sk106 30th December 2009
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Hi, How would one be able to tap out a tempo in PT 8? I've read from a search to both turn on/off the conductor, and am...

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M4-10 30th December 2009
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Rick Sutton 30th December 2009
Avatar for clip6

Hello. Where can I get a keyboard tray like the one or similar used in the picture below? It's the keyboard tray used by Tommy...

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TimeBandit 30th December 2009
Avatar for michael c

I need to have someone test the dbA LAeq (noise level) and reverberation time in 3 unoccupied classrooms at my daughter's...

michael c
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Avatar for Glenn Kuras
Glenn Kuras 30th December 2009
Avatar for Osse_87

Hello, this weekend i'm going to track some synth for a band, and I wonder what signal type in general synths send on their...

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aof21 30th December 2009
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Hey everyone, I'm planning on upgrading my nearfield monitors and I want to encourage a company that has its act together when...

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DCMIX 30th December 2009
Avatar for studio1234

I am changing my cables in my homestudio I have an MPC4000 / Motif XS / Roland XV-5080 / Virus TI / Kurzweil PC2 etc connected...

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djmukilteo 30th December 2009
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YouTube - Border Collie Lucy turns off the lights! Another strange thing my border collie will only play fender strats...

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echo44 30th December 2009
Avatar for Ron Vogel

I find my desk to be pretty useless, all it ends up being is a place to rest my mouse and pile up junk...like pop cans and pop...

Ron Vogel
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thebaron 30th December 2009
Avatar for greenfields

besides the obvious fact that one is only cardioid. drum overhead? guitar amp? acoustic guitar? vocals? Thanks

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chuchurocka 30th December 2009
Avatar for blacklight_uk

I just finished listening to Choirs of the Eye by Kayo Dot and one song in particular "The Manifold Curiosity"...

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Dove 30th December 2009
Avatar for j2dafo

Working: Lynx Aurora Behringer ADA8000 Alesis Ai3 RME Fireface 400/800 Apogee AD8000 with ADAT card of course. Actually clocking...

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j2dafo 30th December 2009
Avatar for backtothemusic

I'm using the melodyne vst plug in Cubase SX. I've read a couple posts saying Melodyne skews the audio a little but is anyone...

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Avatar for Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording
Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording 30th December 2009
Avatar for gbb

Is it possible to get your independent songs mixed by professionals. Such as say Tchad Blake or Peter Mokran at Conway...

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tmrstudio 30th December 2009
Avatar for Hollywoods

Watched the film "It might get Loud". Good film. In the film Jack White states ...(I'm paraphrasing) "I buy cheap...

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RTR 30th December 2009
Avatar for HAFTTTTT

Hey Guys Hopefully one of you will have some experience with this but I am sending out of the digi002 into some outboard gear...

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jono_3 30th December 2009
Avatar for stellar

tape is used quantegy 456 (though I can't be sure it is what its supposed to be)

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stellar 30th December 2009
Avatar for 13th Step

This might seem like an extermely stupid question... I run Pro Tools 8 LE Through a Rack 003+ that has eight inputs and I have an...

13th Step
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Avatar for norman_nomad
norman_nomad 30th December 2009
Avatar for Bill Moriarty

I'm setting up a very small music room in my house with a laptop / MIDI setup and since it's not for critical mixing I thought...

Bill Moriarty
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Avatar for AlexK
AlexK 30th December 2009
Avatar for Kentoby

I have a Yamaha MM6 and ZOOM hd26cd on there way to me and my questions are these: I understand the capabilities of each piece...

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Kentoby 30th December 2009
Avatar for Docmattic

I dont really know how to describe this but i'll give it a try I have used adobe audtion 3 for years. it works perfectly for me....

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Avatar for nept
nept 30th December 2009
Avatar for SpaceMusic_Guy

Hello All, Wasn't sure if this should be in the high end forum or not but here goes. I have a Soundcraft Ghost 24 LE Mixer...

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tapehiss 30th December 2009
Avatar for johnnyc

in figure 8 mode with my rode classic II there is a significant difference in brightness from side to the other. is this typical...

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johnnyc 30th December 2009
Avatar for Skylar20

I am planning on recording bass guitar next week for a rock project. I have an API 3124+, but I have read that using the DI...

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Avatar for iflyinmymind
iflyinmymind 30th December 2009
Avatar for KFunk

Hey All, I am considering one of a few options to try and help me speed up my mixing and could use some help deciding. As an...

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digitrax 30th December 2009
Avatar for Jakeman1086

I couldn't find a thread that covered this. These will be for working out and running as well as reference checks for my mixes. I...

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Avatar for mrldennis
mrldennis 30th December 2009
Avatar for jordansikes09

Im about to purchase a new mic pre. Just curios if anyone has used both of these. Just curios about pros and cons for each and...

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lynngraber 30th December 2009
Avatar for ohmicide

so i wanted to get a couple fuzz pedals but im not sure where to start i was thinking about getting the zvex fuzz factory...

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Avatar for ohmicide
ohmicide 30th December 2009