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My 271's right channel has gone for some unknown reason and I'd like to have these things fixed. Anyone know where this can be...

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You_Father_Sky 5th January 2010
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hey, i got in februari a recording vocal and violin << live. i got an idea to record it, my question here is, who got...

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ZEBRAAA 5th January 2010
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OK I have one more slot left in the lunchbox and I'm looking for suggestions for which EQ i should put in there. I already have...

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digitrax 5th January 2010
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I know there are some slutz on here that have worked with Todd Rundgren. I have always been amazed at his background vocals....

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Skabeeb 5th January 2010
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I posted this in the guitar section but got no answers. I'm re-posting here. Thanks. I want a tweed champ type amp. I had...

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Stitch333 5th January 2010
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i cant zip my protools session folder because it says a certain wav file cant be read or written? also, when i try and open...

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jonnymac 5th January 2010
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does anyone know if it's possible, and if so, where... to modify a Poritico 5014 to have stepped gain knobs?

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t_d 5th January 2010
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Hello everyone. This is my first post. I have gotten a surprise this year. A Profire2626. The wife heard me talkin bout it in my...

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recordinghopkins 5th January 2010
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Buy Waves MaxxBCL Digital Stereo Maximizer | Compressors & Limiters | Sound Enhancers & Exciters | Musician's Friend I...

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Temposelect 5th January 2010
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Hi All, Anyone got a contact detail for AUDIOPROP? They would seem to make very good studio speaker stands but their website...

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Smalltone 5th January 2010
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I need some advice... a composer buddy of mine who has done a lot of tv and film work and managed to stay largely with video tape...

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syntheticrhyme 5th January 2010
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Need some help choosing a firewire interface for my Toshiba Qosmio Laptop, (soon enough a desktop dedicated for Audio use). ...

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dudeitsree 5th January 2010
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So, you find an old lamp in the studio, give it and rub and.... You've got 3 wishes, but as always, there are rules... You...

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steveyraff 5th January 2010
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Hi, Could you recommend a cheap but reliable way of shipping audio gear from the USA to the UK? Thanks

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dudeitsree 5th January 2010
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Ok, I dont know if I'm looking for something in vain here, or if describing it in words is too difficult to arrive at a correct...

Rasmus Faber
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Rasmus Faber 5th January 2010
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It was bound to happen sooner or later, I am running Logic 9 Pro / Lynx Aurora 8 via FW and has been working flawlessly, today I...

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Washington 5th January 2010
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Hello, I'm looking for nicely bright condenser preferably in 100-500 euros price range and even more preferably,...

Tommi Inkila
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warhead 5th January 2010
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Anyone know where I can get a ticket to NAMM? I'm back in LA and would love to go this year. Thanks!

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Dopamine 5th January 2010
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The other day I had switched around the outputs on my 002. Long story short, I forgot I had done so, I played a PT session, my...

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erock 5th January 2010
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Hi guys, I'm curious if you hear any difference between RME Digi 9652 vs. HDSP 9652. I know of the hardware difference of...

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exgt 5th January 2010
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So I recently installed Snow Leopard on my macbook pro and hauled out the rack case of studio gear to plug it in and make sure...

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bvp663 5th January 2010
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strong rumors about it. Tablets have been around for a while but with apple (if true) maybe it'll become more popular thus ...

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gsilbers 5th January 2010
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Ughhh... On eof my dual Pre-amps has both an optical and coax out via Spdif to the Optical Bank C of my MOTU 2408. First I get an...

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travisbrown 5th January 2010
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Hi I'm trying to find a new name to make music under and I'm hoping you guys can help me. I'm trying to compile a list of words...

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private_stock 5th January 2010
Avatar for DivineMusic

hey slutz, i'm here messing with nebula and just downloaded some of alexB consoles and eq's... issue is, i put them in the...

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ysmgj 5th January 2010
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John Vrtacic My friend and mentor passed away in Vancouver on August 19th 2009 from a long battle with cancer. He was my boss...

Ron Obvious
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travisbrown 5th January 2010
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Ok after a few busy months the Move is finally done !! I moved my studio "The Cold Chamber" into Digital Services'...

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SOUTHdashWEST 5th January 2010
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I asked a well known Engineer in Melbourne Australia what was the biggest break through for him as an Engineer was and he said...

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nicknames 5th January 2010
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Does anyone have experience with either of these two units? I am wondering how the SSA 1.1 stacks up to the MA 2.2 as well as...

Tim T
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cgarges 5th January 2010
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can the preamps on the ensemble be accessed in standalone mode?

Shane Michael Rose
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fhames 5th January 2010
Avatar for 1234

Does anyone know of a (preferably) free reverb plug-in for Logic that has a hold/infinite sustain button on it. It can be...

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LdC 5th January 2010
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I noticed the 4051 has been updated to "b". I did a search and turned up zero results for 4051b. The freq. response...

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666666 5th January 2010
Avatar for CityDump Records

OK!! I bought a pair of used HS80M's of of ebay about two months ago. I just started noticing a sound coming out of my left...

CityDump Records
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CityDump Records 5th January 2010
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Hey everyone, I am a new poster here, and believe me, I have been reading as much as I can before posting ( I have pm'ed a few...

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Old Goat 5th January 2010
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Hey i am a rapper. i will only be recording rap and rnb vocals. I currently have a Rode Nt1-a running through FMR RNP and RNC...

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benbeatz 5th January 2010
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Hi, I'm currently recording and monitoring through my Apogee Duet. I have nearly finished my vocal room and need help setting it...

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TLMUSIC 5th January 2010
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In case you haven't seen it, here is the link: AT&T I don't really have an opinion one way or the other about this artist....

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jmikeperkins 5th January 2010
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The last time I did a recording I used Røde NT1 for the snare, and I liked it way more than the famous SM57. But one problem was...

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tampa 5th January 2010
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I know that this has been asked before on the board, but no one has spoken up with any info. Can anyone share any details...

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Telefunk 4th January 2010
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I am building my computer-based recording setup and I wonder what your thoughts are (within the budget - not neumann microphones...

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kingdice86 4th January 2010
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Okay before I go for the question I will try to help you understand my setup so we don't have to have a million back and...

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RDFiorentino 4th January 2010
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

Hi, I just came across a pair of Yamaha NS-10s for really cheap (Going for about $200-250 possibly). I've attached a pic and...

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sleeper1400 4th January 2010
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WOW. Just wanted to share that. Music/recording/vibe is blowing me away. Itunes it.... Russell

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Buss-me 4th January 2010
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In reference to a recording/mixing console, What is a spring board?

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lalalandguy 4th January 2010
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So it doesn't seem like there's been much buzz about Jack Conte on this forum... He's a singer/songwriter/musician that composes...

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ChrisCummins 4th January 2010
Avatar for loveinoctober

Yo yo, So I typically mix indie rock and electronica/hip hop most of the time, but I'm doing a heavy metal band that wants to...

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private_stock 4th January 2010
Avatar for GorillaToast

I just got the Audient pres and so far I love them. Just curious if anyone has compared them to the Steinberg MR816X?

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GorillaToast 4th January 2010
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Hello I'm demoing ADK chi system mic and schoeps MK2 with purple biz pre. I'm mainly testing on close recording with...

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priko 4th January 2010
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Is it possible to get 32 i/o using 4 ada8000 units?? I'm planning on getting a 32 channel board such as the Allen and Heath...

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Karloff70 4th January 2010
Avatar for Record Ready

If you have the time, listen to the the Dan Auerbach album (singer of the Black Keys), there is some VERY inspiring tones. It had...

Record Ready
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megl 4th January 2010