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I have a tube pre that I like, but it can't quite manage the amperage my mics need to behave to spec. My Grace m101 has full...

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JustAnotherUser 6th January 2010
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Hi all, this is my first post (probably of many!) so please go easy on me! I read quite a bit on this forum over the last few...

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FeatheredSerpent 6th January 2010
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I have a MarkIII bass amplifier rated output 300 watts at 8 ohms, 600 watts at 4 ohms. I have 2 Ampeg cabinets, one rated 200watt...

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albysky 6th January 2010
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Who are the best indian, arabic, chinese, japanese etc composers (in that style, not mainstream composers who happen to be born...

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Lrmusic 6th January 2010
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Ok, so before i get roasted for starting a new thread which has already been touched upon. This ones a bit different. I did a bit...

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vonrichter 6th January 2010
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Hi! We are looking for some Neve modules to complete two consoles that we are restauring. We want to buy modules B511,...

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Mojo Man 6th January 2010
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Would this old Telefunken sound like anything? Say to get some really vintage vocals... or is the mic of my mobile-telephone even...

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mig27 6th January 2010
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i've used an octopre with pro tools le to get extra inputs, but can it work for outputs too? don't own one so can't check it...

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RandomGuitarist 6th January 2010
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Hi all, Can you list here all compressors you know that have this feature? I am aware of the new Chandler germanium...

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Jim Williams 6th January 2010
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Hey people, I'm thinking about adding a tube mic to my collection..I've heard good stories about all these 3 mics: Telefunken...

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Avening 6th January 2010
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How many ALWAYS align the room mics or "non-close mics" when preparing live drum tracks for mix-down? I've done it to...

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The Elf 6th January 2010
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hi(g)h! i'm currently working on an album with a good female vocalist. everything is turning out great, the only thing where i...

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dikkiedik 6th January 2010
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I am working up several tracks to take out and perform live at smaller venues as a solo act. I plan to play the guitar, sing,...

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synthoid 6th January 2010
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Just for fun. Two pieces of gear you use that seem made for each other. Dangerous D-Box and Prism Orpheus. Wunder CM7...

Silver Sonya
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doorknocker 6th January 2010
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Hi, I have a Motif XS Rack and wondered if it worked well with the Steinberg MR816? What i want to know is: can the Motif's...

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studio1234 6th January 2010
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So i know that mics react differently to different pres, one of the reasons being impedance. Now most modern mics will have the...

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NathanEldred 6th January 2010
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Hi folks. I'd like to find a "good" setup to record some demo tracks on my iPhone and Rectools08. Do you know of a...

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5thString 6th January 2010
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This was brought up at another forum so I thought I would hear some opinions here too. I mentioned the idea of mixing for...

Kenny Gioia
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mu6gr8 6th January 2010
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Hi all, I wanted to let you all know about a new website I've just setup as part of my university dissertation technology...

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deafsound 6th January 2010
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Hey just looking for some of your thoughts on the Classic Audio Products of Illinois VP25 or VP26 500 series pres. They are...

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gar381 6th January 2010
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For getting me set up with Logic Express 9, Apogee Duet, Yamaha MSP7's and some tasty mics. I am really digging music production...

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rty5150 6th January 2010
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Hey, I don't use decca trees but I'm interested in the idea. 1. Standard setup is Omni-Omni-Omni correct. How do other settings...

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Igotsoul4u 6th January 2010
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Hey Guys, Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but I'll for go it anyway. In mid-large size venues (HOB,...

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Beyersound 6th January 2010
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DENON/COLUMBIA POA-3000 I have this amp right now powering a pair of B&W 802 Series 80s and I was wondering if it will...

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JBVries 6th January 2010
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just wondering how many of you audio engineers have it

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6strings 6th January 2010
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(finish this joke and/or provide your own with similar templates, I know some of you are very clever, my apologies if you...

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voicegenius 6th January 2010
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Some great interview son the NPR site: Steve Lillywhite On Producing The La's : NPR I'm deep into his recollection of...

brill bedroom
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Dean Roddey 6th January 2010
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TheRealRoach 6th January 2010
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Hi guys this is my first post in Gearslutz and thank you all first of all for providing so much useful insight and info here. ...

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rcb4t2 6th January 2010
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I've got some live recordings that are about 30gb's and would like to back them up on DVD (I already have them on a hard drive)....

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chrysb93065 6th January 2010
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I have searched the forum, but the only thread there is has only 2 replies, and original poster asking rather if it's possible or...

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Lifted 6th January 2010
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What does the "Engineered for Mix" credit mean? I've been seeing it lately, BUT there is also an engineer credit and a...

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audiomichael 6th January 2010
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This question is addressed to owners of smaller project studios (such as myself). I used to charge $5 per cd, and this was a...

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kheftel 6th January 2010
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i have a genelec 8030a with no sub my room size is 3m on 4m and my monitors are 180 cm apart and 90 cm from me is this ok or...

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rcb4t2 6th January 2010
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8 years ago I moved into a new house. For the past 8 years, with no success, I have been trying to locate a box with about 25...

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Reitzas 6th January 2010
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Guys help me out here!! So i just got a very good looking couch from my Aunt. Here i am all excited cuz this sucker was really...

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BlueGoldKeys 5th January 2010
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Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that if your in the LA area and need anything done to your vintage piano, or are...

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mmm...gear 5th January 2010
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I'd like to get a decent 2.1 monitoring setup (ideally around $1,000) for my home theater in the living room. In the studio, I...

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jamwerks 5th January 2010
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What are some videos you've found that were actually pretty informative? There are tons on youtube, but not all of them are all...

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dysenterygary 5th January 2010
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Does anyone have anything about Fun House? I never had any luck googling, just wondering if anyone's read anything in a book or...

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Butcha 5th January 2010
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Hey guys, In a few weeks I will be traveling to Bangladesh to help some friends at a post production studio. They are...

Paul Vnuk Jr.
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Paul Vnuk Jr. 5th January 2010
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Hi all, I've been asked to make a jazz fusion type recording with guitar as lead instrument. The client needs some kind of...

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bkbirge 5th January 2010
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Hi, first post and of course I'm asking some questions instead of contributing! Mixers: I am a freshman in college living...

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buddha 5th January 2010
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I tried to tack this question onto an older post on similar lines a little while ago but without much direct response so hope...

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El-Roy 5th January 2010
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

Hello, Did some searches on here and it looks like there a quite a few choices from the KRK series, to Yamaha HS series, to...

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steveyraff 5th January 2010
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This Is The Last Week To Help Your Music Career And Wallet By Opposing The Live Nation/Tickermaster Merger - Musformation

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XHipHop 5th January 2010
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Has anyone done a basement system like this one for a studio? Owens Corningâ„¢ Basement Finishing Systemâ„¢ Results?...

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Ethan Winer 5th January 2010
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Using only Gearslutz registered members to complete my mission, I have a proposal to anyone interested. I'm in need of a drum...

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Flying_Dutchman 5th January 2010
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I recently bought a used Yamaha MO6 and Motif 6 keyboards. I was offered a killer deal on both and couldn't resist. My question...

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tribeojudah 5th January 2010
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hi, I saw a youtube film of the Indigo Girls in Mitchell Froom's homestudio. does anybody know what kind of console he uses...

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dasoundjunkie 5th January 2010