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Who did the production on this track? I really can't get enough of the big lush Phil Spector like sounds, especially the (I...

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mdme_sadie 12th January 2010
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These guyz went bananas over these tracks i sent in. I've been pretty busy ever since. Check it out. YouTube - Ramon West...

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FeatheredSerpent 12th January 2010
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I am buying a revox c270 2 track. I want to track my midi sound modules etc through tape and loop DAW audio through tape using an...

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Roman 12th January 2010
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I recommended that my drummer friend buy a small analog mixer and run that into a stereo digital interface of some sort, since...

Cursed Lemon
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buzzjoe 12th January 2010
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Hi all, After a lot of reading and research, I'd like to poll folks here for input. I'm looking for a single channel mic...

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benmont 12th January 2010
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Do you keep your mics in a lockable cabinet / safe? If so what do you use..?

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CaptCrunch 12th January 2010
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Hello! This is one of my first posts after literally years of lurking using the search function and readin through, so id like to...

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BFrederick 12th January 2010
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I have a question for Mike from Allen and Heath. I have an original 16 channel mixwizard that is not powering up and I want to...

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djmukilteo 12th January 2010
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So I'm looking at these two MOTU interfaces and I can't figure out what are the main difference between them: MOTU 896mk3 MOTU...

Liquid Shadow
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deepinmind 12th January 2010
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Gotta' quick question. To listen in "true" mono means to listen on 1 monitor only. Well, would panning a L/R channel...

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RiKi 12th January 2010
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It was all going so well. I had the garage setup as my studio. I had bass traps, I had total isolation from the rest of the...

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Deleted 99dc753 12th January 2010
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Hey guys, Just wondering if you could identify these mics in this video for me...the black one kind of looks like an SM7b, but...

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Slikjmuzik 12th January 2010
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What's up everyone, My roomate and I are watching a Bruce Springsteen documentary about "Born To Run", and the...

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wwittman 12th January 2010
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If I have the option for ONE of these, which would you recommend? 1. Run my ready-to-mix tracks through a Studer 800. 2. ...

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Everbeatz 12th January 2010
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Ok, so here is my nerdy and kind of selfish dilemma... This studio a couple towns over keeps taking my clients. They have huge...

sam guaiana
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Absolute 12th January 2010
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having trouble choosing between 57 and m130. I dont really have the option to record with both as I am using analog tape and the...

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BLUElightCory 12th January 2010
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hey guys, right i'm no amp head really. just bought this 5150 for a bargain, sounded cool at the guys house...mind we oonly had...

dominic hoenig
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BLUElightCory 12th January 2010
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The Audio Technica 3035, the Shure Ksm27 or the Shure sm7b! Thoughts?!! I'm also debating whether i should get an mbox2 or...

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killablksmi 12th January 2010
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When programming drums for pop/rock, I always try to avoid doing things that a real drummer couldn't physically do live. That's...

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~Zenshin Suru~ 12th January 2010
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I'm seeing a lot of threads out there lately again about bass tone. There are plenty of threads already about the reddi, but I...

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msquared 12th January 2010
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I spend a lot of my time walking around the city, often not in the safest areas. As such I don't want to carry around my shiny...

Blak Majik
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VicD 12th January 2010
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Hey guys. I'm trying to get a powerful, driving rock live drum sound, and I've been wondering about this for a minute. I'm...

Mickey Free
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paul999 12th January 2010
Avatar for C/G

I have been seeing a lot of cool looking old Dynachord gear on ebay lately. Neat looking rack mount tape delays, table top tape...

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The Real MC 11th January 2010
Avatar for midnightsun

Any help on this haunting problem would be greatly appreciated. This is my third attempt at trying to solve this problem. ...

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pan 11th January 2010
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BringItBack 11th January 2010
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Flying_Dutchman 11th January 2010
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It's On by Jasper James | OurStage.com This one song (my new favorite song), has traces of soooo much stuff. Thought it would be...

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kidvybes 11th January 2010
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Hi All, Moving out of my studio after 7 years, thought I would offer it up to the slutz. Right now there is a kitchen, full...

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Trancetones 11th January 2010
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i have an intel based mac running logic 8 and a fireface 400 soundcard which i plug my SE1000a mic straight into it i get ok...

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mark.james 11th January 2010
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Does most gear need time to stabilize, besides of tube gear, which I'm aware of. I'm talking about transistor/solid state...

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Lifted 11th January 2010
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Which one would you choose for a home studio to record vocals? I'm on a tight budget and am trying to make sure I make the right...

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TheCodie 11th January 2010
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I was wondering if anyone has co wrote any songs with established songwriters. When writing a song with both lyrics and...

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A440 11th January 2010
Avatar for skythemusic

Ok, looking at getting a new console to replace my RAMSA and bump up to 24 tracks. I have a line on a very cheap Soundtracs M...

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skythemusic 11th January 2010
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I picked up a mint Soundelux i-fet7 for 600.00 locally here in LA a few days ago. cooge

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Lebstaler 11th January 2010
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hi- long time lurker in need of help! have been lucky to get hold of some TB1...

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ddageek 11th January 2010
Avatar for Rednose

I had a client contact me recently about a project she recorded about a year and a half ago. It was a one day block for Basic...

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quantumpsych 11th January 2010
Avatar for Raylai

that's awesome !! I think every song writer needs sort of tool that making song sketch on the go, I'm actually waiting a...

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westin 11th January 2010
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Eddie T. Ellis 11th January 2010
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I thought you guys would like this one. This guy wants "Somebody at the top 10% of their class/field" to work 60...

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SaschaP 11th January 2010
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I will be receiving my baby grand piano tomorrow in my apartment! Just wanted to share this with some of you guys. I will be...

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pan60 11th January 2010
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Okay so it seems like an obvious question and instant responses of "you really shouldn't be mixing in headphones" are...

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aeonsound 11th January 2010
Avatar for NotVeryLoud

I'm putting together my '09 receipts in preparation for tax time, and I'm not quite sure how to classify the UAD Quad + Plug-ins...

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NotVeryLoud 11th January 2010
Avatar for Brett 123

So how has everyone built up the studio gear list ? For instance , I was in a band for ten years and we bought pieces here and...

Brett 123
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Ernest Buckley 11th January 2010
Avatar for RCM - Ronan

I have always said that I think the Line 6 Pod is the single biggest set back in recording quality in my life time and that the...

RCM - Ronan
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Ernest Buckley 11th January 2010
Avatar for MikeMitchell

Can't find a website for sequis, can't find any vendors. This dropped off the face of the earth? m

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Tim L 11th January 2010
Avatar for Donny Mann

I have the Apogee Mini-Me (w/ firewire) that I use with Logic 8. I have ordered a preamp (ART Digital MPA-II 2-Channel Tube...

Donny Mann
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Donny Mann 11th January 2010
Avatar for Dudevico

So, I've been meaning to find out how a tube amp works for some time now. Im not interested in the carachteristics, there are...

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Victory Pete 11th January 2010
Avatar for Savernake

The 2009 is out of date. I'll label this 2010-2020! Our modest community recording...

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Savernake 11th January 2010
Avatar for sleeper1400

i know this will probably be moved. but i was at a friends place with direct TV, a laptop, a new flat panel TV, etc.... the...

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loujudson 11th January 2010
Avatar for Midiscore

Heres my little review of this fairly new piece of gear (about 1 year) made for vocalists. i hope that someone who was looking...

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tysonviolin 11th January 2010