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Hey, Was just wondering where the best stores are to buy Tubes online? Not something I've done very often and in the past...

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nick-the-sax 16th January 2010
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Why dont five fish preamps get much love around here? They look sick. The X72 has carnhill transformers and everything and is way...

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Illmo 16th January 2010
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i just bought a pair of AE1 i use it since one week, i love it !! ns-10 like. ae1 are wonderful tools, it helps me a lot to make...

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manx 16th January 2010
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Who makes a good analog summing plug in? I have been looking into doing some analog summing but can't seem to find the plug...

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ZEBRAAA 16th January 2010
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Hello, I am planning on getting either a pair of Avedis MA5's or Great River's for my Lunchbox. Obvious duties would be for...

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stevelindsay 16th January 2010
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I'm interested in turkish, arabish, also indian music. Let's take turkish music for example. It has the notes at different...

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coyotekells 16th January 2010
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Hi all! I'm new on this forum and I think it's amazing! I've been watching the DVD of Pink Floyd and paid attention on the...

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gremlin moon 16th January 2010
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Ok, just seen the news. Japan is supposedly raising the transistor price in the light of the economy. Could be a lie, could be...

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dualflip 16th January 2010
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They say every voice has its strengths and weaknesses . Well what are they for a Tenor and what are they for a Baritone ? What...

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superburtm 16th January 2010
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I'm looking for a overall quality sound upgrade that will last me for a while. I want to spend around $2,000. I'm mostly...

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Raw-Tracks 16th January 2010
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Alright. what.machines.were. on PureVolume.com™ Hectic times+Hectic times remix What % should goto the remixer when...

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RARStudios 16th January 2010
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Say hello to Ryker James Lugo, born January 13th 2010 @ 10:09am. 8.8 lbs. Mom and baby are healthy. What an...

James Lugo
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Peter Stengaard 16th January 2010
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My m-audio 1814 died today. I am looking for a simple and affordable interface with reasonable quality... somewhere around the...

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CaseyJames 16th January 2010
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I am looking to upgrade my bass sound for both recording and live performance and am wondering what the better way to go is. ...

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Sean Sullivan 16th January 2010
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I'm a psych major and have to do some research. Typically I focus on some other subjects but I figure I may as well have some fun...

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BabyGracious 16th January 2010
Avatar for bass man

After a year and a half of a big hassle with tape decks and a lot of money spent on the tape material , calibration , servicing...

bass man
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vernier 16th January 2010
Avatar for FadersmakmeHappy

I have a soft spot for melodic hard rock/metal and was digging through some old CD's as part of garage clean up. I came across...

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erasedcitizen 16th January 2010
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Esteemed Slutz, What is your favorite metallic percussion tracks/artists ? I got a bee in my bonnet and set up a bunch of...

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dannygold 16th January 2010
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I have been looking at re-wiring my studio and stumbled across the 9625 and it looks like it will solve all my problems. I am a...

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SRS 16th January 2010
Avatar for Beneficial

I'm hoping some of you tape experts can help me out... I'm stuck and I'm going crazy over trying to get my Sony/MCI JH110c...

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mcijh 16th January 2010
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I just heard this album last night as I used it for a refference for guitars. Good refference!!! What I was surprised was...

Jason Poulin
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Tom Hakala 16th January 2010
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Is there such a thing? The PC is tucked away in a corner and to burn a quick cd from the computer takes a little bit of arm...

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RonT 16th January 2010
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I want the crossfader to act like a crossfader! Is it a bad idea to try to loosen it up like that?

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miercoles 16th January 2010
Avatar for Stomper

Hi, I don't have the budget for any mixer ATM, so its not 'which mixer should i get' thread. But i keep wondering if it will...

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Stomper 15th January 2010
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i play melodic death/black metal..kindof like opeth meets amon amarth with a lil bit of mastodon thrown in for good measure. im...

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Iggy Poop 15th January 2010
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I have 2 Tube mics. One I haven't used for a few months since I got the new one. The new one's cable is shorting out, just out of...

davey boy
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Chazmania 15th January 2010
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I recently purchased the PSP sQuad pack and am extremely extremely happy about it. My favorite piece is an MCI style eq. The band...

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aleatoric 15th January 2010
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I'm talking about for example the snare in Whitesnakes is this love. Lots and lots of reverb! Personally, I can't take it, and...

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theblue1 15th January 2010
Avatar for Froombosch

After listening this album I would love to know more about the used recording techniques. Anyone who has information on the...

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rectifier 15th January 2010
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Just one month after his realase Avatar is already the second Highest Grossing film of all time. I listen to the soundtrack...

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sebdj 15th January 2010
Avatar for lionel reed

I have Posted about this before but still no further down the line and would be grateful to anyone with advice. I am Using my...

lionel reed
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Louis Bernstone 15th January 2010
Avatar for bongo

I know how a side chain works. My question is why do some compressors like my GML have a side chain in, while others like my...

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theblotted 15th January 2010
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

I recorded some triple fiddles the other day and unfortunately you can hear people talking in the background (one of the few...

Sean Sullivan
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enroper 15th January 2010
Avatar for Coldsnow

So does the new AC15 have the same sound of the AC30? The lower wattage actually would be better for me if it has a similar...

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teleharmonium 15th January 2010
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

The studio I primarily work out of uses a Mix rig. I have a Lynx Aurora 8 I hardly ever use and I was thinking of taking it over...

Sean Sullivan
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Sean Sullivan 15th January 2010
Avatar for Stixxs

Here's what I'm looking at for a basic dumset mic setup... Anyone use this combination or can comment on individual pieces for...

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americanryan 15th January 2010
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and if by the title you remember Bill Hick's views on the subject, I too would grab a gun a shoot myself! hittt anyways... I'm...

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Big_Bang 15th January 2010
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Hi, i just upgraded my PT Rig, and since i'm on a 2009 intel mac pro and PT 8, i can no longer use Spectrasonics Atmosphere. I'm...

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engmix 15th January 2010
Avatar for InTheBox

Been browsing my way through forums, musicmags, ebay a.o. for 3 days now, looking for the holy grail of mic pres... still not...

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rty5150 15th January 2010
Avatar for dbbubba

I have seen people touch on this subject in the past, but I have not seen a definite answer or even many opinions. Here's the...

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Avatar for subsonix
subsonix 15th January 2010
Avatar for Tezer

I've got a Pro Tools rig running a ProFire 2626. This originally started as me wanting to fatten and add more life to vocals and...

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drbob1 15th January 2010
Avatar for Tube World

Your sweet spot is when you sit between your monitors and your desk. However so many of us have compressors and EQ's that are in...

Tube World
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Batchainpuller78 15th January 2010
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Hello all I wonder if music society needs proaudio/instruments/dj equipment/home audio directory (catalog)? With features...

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kkulesh 15th January 2010
Avatar for Deleted bbdcce4

that time of year for an inventory...i work for my former college's music dept, and was rummaging through some unorganized...

Deleted bbdcce4
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Deleted bbdcce4997f87ec 15th January 2010
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I'm in the process of buying some gear. I've read a few posts which claim that using a tube mic with a tube preamp is often...

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lejool 15th January 2010
Avatar for complex

Hi, for class i have be assigned to make a remix but i would like to find out the scales and the key for this song ...

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studiostuff 15th January 2010
Avatar for floydisbest

Hello fellow slutz. I'm quite unexperienced with tape machines but picked a stereo 1/4" Otari MX-5050 a bit ago and am...

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Les 15th January 2010
Avatar for Eisbude

Hello, how they mixed the snare with different effects? The snare is different at each time. How can I make this effect with an...

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Eisbude 15th January 2010
Avatar for ceplaster

I am wanting to get the word out about a missing soundelux mike of mine that disappeared around 3 years or so back from Q...

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ceplaster 15th January 2010
Avatar for starseed

I checked with H&E Studiotechnik, no luck. Most of the mic shops seem to focus on a few known models. This one is a...

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Admiral James T. 15th January 2010