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If anyone could get info on the looptrotter console, that would be great!

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skybluerental 17th November 2019
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I do have instruments and a fast computer with DAW. Nothing else though... Parameters: - solve the lack of a mixer for both...

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n13L5 17th November 2019
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Hey Fellas, I came across a bunch of mics this afternoon in Japan. There was an RCA BK5B for $1,500 (totally gorgeous with all...

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Sigma 17th November 2019
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I am having trouble picking out monitors even after countless searches, reviews, etc. I have found that Adam, Dynaudio, KRK and...

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crocotone 17th November 2019
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For modern pop: Attack at 9:30 o'clock Release at 2:30 o'clock Gain reduction using the all-buttons-pressed overdrive...

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Mister_gemz 17th November 2019
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So, I'm finally choosing second mic for VO, but I also have a midi keyboard that I would like to include into my booth. I wanted...

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garrywindshield 17th November 2019
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Hi there. Ok, here's what happened. Brought home new interface. The kind that has a digitally controlled output amp. (Babyface)...

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jaddie 17th November 2019
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Hi all, I'm looking for suggestions on a recording interface to use with a pair of Great River mic preamps. I've been using...

Almost Human
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Corium_AZ 17th November 2019
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Hello, I`m quite a newbie when it comes to headphone gear. I had my HD650 for a couple of years and i thought i would...

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Bipolarsmile 17th November 2019
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Which mics are these?

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Matti 17th November 2019
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I'm in the market for a recording solution as I can't mike up my amps where I'm at. I've got some really good tube amps and...

Unknown soldier
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bmanzer 17th November 2019
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Does anyone own the Oram t24 what are your experiences with it how does it sound all that good stuff

Deleted 300228d
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Deleted 300228d 17th November 2019
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Hey guys. If I am recording or mixing through a chain of outboard gear, what do I do if one item has unbalanced ins/outs? From a...

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vernier 16th November 2019
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Hey guys, If anyone has a Fat Track in North America, could you do me a favour and take a couple photos of the transformer that...

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daveytinners 16th November 2019
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So I finally completed the 5(!) "George Harrison" verses, and the main Chorus of the Traveling Wilburys "Handle...

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chessparov2.0 16th November 2019
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Do we have any information or any experience from the past years DO STEINBERG MAKE ANY DISCOUNT TO CUBASE UPGRADES ON BLACK...

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anticipation 16th November 2019
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Hi, does anyone have experience of these two mics and can make a comparison in terms of what might be better as an all-round...

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konkon 16th November 2019
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has anybody checked this console out? mixed on it? how ´bout quality? Is it a good idea to buy one used instead of buying...

Neve Sucks!
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cliff_s 16th November 2019
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Hello, I just purchased a Soundcraft MH3 for my studio to use the EQ only. I am going out the DAW, into the EQ, and...

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Deleted fe72b385f72c012 16th November 2019
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Hey i'm new into this whole microphone thing and I was wondering which mic would sound better for vocals only between a rode nt1a...

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Bushman 16th November 2019
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Hi I'm considering buy another pair of PSI A23M monitors which is a fairly hefty investment for a long term studio. But I've...

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burp182 16th November 2019
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Adam A7 users: where do you set the crossover on your sub? I have a new Adam Sub 8 arriving today to use with my A7's and I'm...

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kennybro 16th November 2019
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YouTube Was watching this Holdsworth interview and saw a console I couldn't place, any ideas what it is? Thanks guys

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gitarplayntaylor 16th November 2019
Avatar for rabbit friendly

What format are 7th order ambisonics decoded from? Is it B-format? I have read some about it but spome sources say that b-format...

rabbit friendly
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rabbit friendly 16th November 2019
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Hi there, my name ist Daniel. I'm a studio owner and audio engineer from Austria. I've been reading here since at least 15...

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Papanate 16th November 2019
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, I'm currently using a Hammond XK1 for live gigs which I've been really happy with. However, it has had a very hard life on...

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ABBA 16th November 2019
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Im really interested to know if an Apollo twin duo will be enough to drive a pair of HD800s for mixing and mastering purposes? ...

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kondim 16th November 2019
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Hey Everyone, I have a UAD that is pretty cool. I have the SSL Buss Comp for it as well as the Duende. For a lot of what I...

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DeadPoet 16th November 2019
Avatar for Con1741

If you had roughly €500-€800 to spend on a ribbon mic would you go for an old refurbished vintage one or a new build?

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swafford 16th November 2019
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This would really make a total recall a reality on an analogue console - what's the technological limitation we couldn't overcome...

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mdme_sadie 16th November 2019
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So, I have a pair of Cascade M39's mics. I like the way they sound on some percussion. Anyway, I do live remote recording. I...

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CJ Mastering 15th November 2019
Avatar for LongPlate

Hi, I recently switched from an Audient ID22 to a MOTU 828es as my interface. I noticed when tracking that I'm having to boost...

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LongPlate 15th November 2019
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Hi -- Tweaking guitar rack and adding a Focusrite interface. Image is in attachment. Several steps have been taken to...

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JWSpaceMan 15th November 2019
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Hi! I have been GASsing for an original TR 808 for years and now I have the option to buy one from a very friendly guy who...

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neoking 15th November 2019
Avatar for Blu3sh1ft

Should I worry about the rust spreading to my mic etc? It had been left outside for 2 years. When I pull the mic stand in and out...

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gwlee7 15th November 2019
Avatar for soupking

Okay, last winter I bought a Pultec MH-4 tube mixer. The purchase at the time seemed kind of novel. I was getting this great...

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fromthepuggle 15th November 2019
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Eric Edwards 15th November 2019
Avatar for Con1741

Hi all, new on here so this is my first post. I recently bought a used UAD 4-710d unit. Upon arriving I set it up and tried each...

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Con1741 15th November 2019
Avatar for Musikorta

Hello everyone! I have in the workshop this German vintage EQ, of which I have virtually no information. According to the seller...

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Musikorta 15th November 2019
Avatar for Mendocino beano

I bought a used 6176. It looks... well used. I suspect that it’s not operating at full capacity for a couple reasons... for...

Mendocino beano
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Mendocino beano 15th November 2019
Avatar for IsleBeatUDown

Anyone have any experience with a KRK authorized service center? Most likely I have amplifier issues in a VXT8, i.e. not...

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Avatar for JIminyglitch
JIminyglitch 15th November 2019
Avatar for brianellefson

That Audio Test Kitchen page has been super cool for comparing mics. Kudos to them for making something so useful for all of us....

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brianellefson 15th November 2019
Avatar for AlanWalk

LED lights induced noise>> removed by a simple thin foil and a stupid wire. HOW?! https://youtu.be/H4umqudvWn0 More...

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AlanWalk 15th November 2019
Avatar for zovar

Hi everybody, I am experiencing some weird problems with my Metric Halo 2822 interface (3D upgraded). When I connect any of the...

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mh_bj 15th November 2019
Avatar for tomwatson

At the exact time I was considering buying a Daking Mic Pre 500, I discovered that they appear to have been discontinued :(...

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init0 15th November 2019
Avatar for Alt_ok

First post. hope this is the right way to do it. I recently procured a BAE 2CR with two 1073 modules for a ridiculous price. I'm...

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James7800 15th November 2019
Avatar for mattrico

Recently came into possession of this desk and can't find any information anywhere about it. was hoping there might be at least...

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Avatar for mattrico
mattrico 15th November 2019
Avatar for CaptainGear

About to have a project mastered. I've been thinking I'll have Sterling Sound do it. However, an engineer at a recording studio I...

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Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 14th November 2019
Avatar for konkon

Hi guys. BSS DPR 402 vs 404 vs 422 (Opal) Does anyone know the difference between these three BSS compressor / de-esser...

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konkon 14th November 2019
Avatar for JayRobIBZ

Hello, I am in the process of getting a home studio set up. My buddies want to do some multi-performer recording sessions and I...

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JayRobIBZ 14th November 2019