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considering the technology that's available today (Vacalign, Elastic Audio, Flex time...etc..). I see movies/shows daily that...

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BLueROom 8th February 2010
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Did a recording yesterday and overall everything sounds great, but I found a noticeable bugger seemingly everytime the word 'THE'...

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pauljohn 8th February 2010
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joeq 8th February 2010
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Hi I'm searching for more names in the same sort RnB genre. American Artist who are not (that) famous outside the USA. But are...

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TAXS 8th February 2010
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If you wanna see Frank Sinatra’s U47 in use at Capitol on a scoring session last year, click on this link… the photo is in...

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imaginaryday 8th February 2010
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Now, at this point in time, I'm just speculating but, I'm just here looking at my gear slowly expanding to where I want it to be,...

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psycho_monkey 8th February 2010
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So, Ive been seriously thinking about buying the Yamaha HS80's. Im just not sure if it will be much better than what I have now...

Shawn D
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iflyinmymind 8th February 2010
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Hey guys, tax returns are coming soon and I could use some expert help on my upcoming mixer purchase. It will be used solely for...

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tysonviolin 7th February 2010
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If you record, say, an ac guitar/voice using one good mic - why does it sound so good played back in one speaker, and then kind...

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loaf 7th February 2010
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Hey everyone. Great forum people, im learning new stuff everyday here (and ive been reading it for a while now). Im a...

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Papabear 7th February 2010
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hi, thus is my first thread , so lemme know if i have f?*ked up some how.heh any way, i was just listening to Dead End Friends...

OmarLittle rocks
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OmarLittle rocks 7th February 2010
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I know it's a 16 ohm cab. Can someone tell me how many ohms each speaker inside is? (Trying to figure out if they are in...

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tazman 7th February 2010
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what does your studio use for an alarm system. Fire and/or security? I need to find something cost effective. The good news is...

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taturana 7th February 2010
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Just trying to get some quotes which have inspired you, or reinforced your way of thinking about music production. I'll start...

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timtoonz 7th February 2010
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I think this thread will not simply repeat other ones regarding audio interface, so here is a new one. Two questions. 1... I...

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mattg082 7th February 2010
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i was reading in another thread where people mentioned the Aphex 651 (which i assume is a D/Cd unit)... anyone care to comment...

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King Of Spain 7th February 2010
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Ok, so if you only had the choice of one mic pre and one compressor to use on all your recordings what would you choose??

Shadow Boxer
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malaclypse 7th February 2010
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How should I decide how far to space omnis apart? I have a jazz quintet and chamber septet recordings coming up and I'd like to...

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JoeDeF 7th February 2010
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Perhaps it's just my ears misguiding me (I did fail Eartraining several times at Berklee) but the Smashing Pumpkins Machina album...

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antti 7th February 2010
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I am packing up my studio and moving to Nashville next month. The artist that I work for is moving and asked the wife and I if we...

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The_Shoe 7th February 2010
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I have an Apogee 800 connecting to an Apple computer via x-firewire card. I want to connect a Grace m901 to the apogee via...

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electraluxx 7th February 2010
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Hello, I know that aes/ebu tascam and yamaha standard have different pin outs and I found that in the yamaha standard the ground...

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marescotti 7th February 2010
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How are you Otari Radar II guys printing your 2 track mixes? I'm looking into getting an Otari Radar II to track with using a...

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jchadstopherhuez 7th February 2010
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i went to go use my d.a.w. setup today and the m-audio delta 1010lt card isn't responding. i had to make some updates to it and...

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sameal 7th February 2010
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For those who (have) run more than one PCI/PCIe interface by the same manufacturer, assuming that soundcards are identical or are...

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theblue1 7th February 2010
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Have you ever looked at your rack gears finish? There is a common texture, which I don't know how to achieve, but seems critical...

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Gibripper75 7th February 2010
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Here's a weird story (you may need to register, but it's free): Sinatra Song Often Strikes Deadly Chord - NYTimes.com How very...

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theblue1 7th February 2010
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IMO Most covers are a waste of time - a cover should bring something more to the song than the original - and if the original is...

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ianzxcvb 7th February 2010
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Hello, i've got my hands of one of those mixers and wonder what you ppl think about it, I've not got any PSU so I can't try it...

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Osse_87 7th February 2010
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Hi I am interested in networking my computers together in the studio but I'm unsure of how to do it. I have my main...

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woodfoot 7th February 2010
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I was told to pair my Apogee Duet preamps with a mic that has alot of 'color' such as the MA 200. My question is-is the blueberry...

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adeptusmajor 7th February 2010
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Hi I just bought a Roland Space Echo on e-bay which I was assured was in perfect working order, however when I set it up, the...

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RasCricket 7th February 2010
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What does this thing do? http://www.tripplite.com/shared/product-images/lg/IS500-FRONT-L.jpg

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PlugHead 7th February 2010
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I've heard the name Radial passed around many times, always with praise and good reviews. So I've decided to check them out, and...

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buzzjoe 7th February 2010
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whats the difference i seen in a magazine at has new ribbon mics but i never heard of them? whats the advance and disadvantage?

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joelpatterson 7th February 2010
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delta 1010, running mixcraft and reaper....reaper seems to be fine but mixcraft seems to pop and lag a little if i set it under...

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nodoubt45 7th February 2010
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I live in Northern California... there was a 6.0 earthquake off the shore this afternoon and I've been thinking about my gear. ...

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los marbles 7th February 2010
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I found a killer deal on a MD421. Only 125 bucks. The guy said it works 90% of the time, and cuts out when you move it around....

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Rick Sutton 7th February 2010
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The UA 2192 is going for $2199.00 new online now. Maybe not that big of a deal since it started out around $2300, but still a...

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BringItBack 7th February 2010
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what are the sonic differences of these two units? which one would u prefer for rap and spoken word vocals???

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Doc Mixwell 7th February 2010
Avatar for Cantankerous

I was dead set on getting the Audio Technica ATH-M50 after hearing how good they were. I bought a pair for my dad a couple weeks...

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brockorama 7th February 2010
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Hi people, all you MCI brains, here is a question for you: What is that small sidecar-like console MCI made in the late seventies...

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Philip S Bova 7th February 2010
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I have read conflicting opinions on this. Some say that in the same product line, if using a subwoofer, it's better to use...

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John Eppstein 7th February 2010
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i have a question for a friend whos internet is down. do you guys know if you can use the usb on the console to control your DAW...

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GRO 7th February 2010
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So I just received my Yamaha HS80m studio monitors. I am connecting them to my Macbook Pro laptop through the standard 1/8 jack....

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DJAB151 7th February 2010
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A local studio had one of these but I didn't catch the brand. It was a simple spectral analyzer, I assume between his DA and...

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eoats 7th February 2010
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You guys know why my usb splitter only works less that half that time I use it for my Pro Tools dongle? It seems as if sometimes...

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toejam34 7th February 2010
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Hi fellow slutz. I own a succesful music school in two seperate locations. One of which houses a humble low end recording studio...

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Lrmusic 7th February 2010
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Just out of curiousity, SM7b has got to be the most beloved mic on this board under 1,000. Just for fun, lets say every SM7b in...

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Krush411 7th February 2010
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Greetings GS, I´m about to buy a pair of mics for overhead duties but the choice for LDC or SDC is bugging me. Some folks say...

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Red2112 6th February 2010