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can anyone tell me what chain i need to make this vocal sound? YouTube - Lykke Li Possibility // New Moon Twilight...

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smithco 13th February 2010
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Anybody in the Seattle area know of any independent repair guys who are good with old gear? Thanks in advance!

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mellotronic 13th February 2010
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Hey Slutz, (Warning long convoluted post ahead!!!) I have done lot's of searching, and I haven't quite found the answer to my...

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eshepherd 13th February 2010
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I have recently purchased a UAD Solo/Laptop and a handfull of UAD plugs...the reverbs are sick. But...tons of latency. Must...

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Max3000 13th February 2010
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Will I see a huge difference in sound? Or will that only happen when I hit API or low end NEVE/SSL? I use it for OTB mixing own...

Louis Bernstone
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Louis Bernstone 13th February 2010
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I am looking for a mic that has more top end than the SM57/ Other options in the closet include an i5, e609 and an e906 but they...

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monkeyxx 13th February 2010
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"UNDOCUMENTED "inside circle" only feature in the SRV-2000 is an awesome DIGITAL DELAY + Feedback too!! 32 presets...

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Deleted 2ecf148 13th February 2010
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I've got a distressor....and I am thinking about picking up a la3a. Is the distressor opto setting a good idea of what I will be...

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James Lugo 13th February 2010
Avatar for royalfeast

My boss has a Fostex R8 who accumulates tons of dust on the shelf, I've read about Fostex 1/4 tapes and it points out mainly...

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elektrovolt 13th February 2010
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Hi, I'm new to recording bass and am planning to DI it through my Avalon since I don't have an amp. If I want a distorted sound...

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TLMUSIC 13th February 2010
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Hi, Does anybody know what mic is that in the picture? Looks like a cheap chinese... It's a customer story about Tchad Blake...

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lefty 13th February 2010
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Hi guys, I've a dbx 163x compressor and my power supply doesn't work anymore. Do you know where can I find one?? Sorry but I...

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leatherfeis 13th February 2010
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I'm the kind of guy who's very protective 'bout my hearing - on the borderline crossing to over-protective. The thing is...

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FFTT 13th February 2010
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YouTube - Natalie Gauci - Top 4 - Orange Colored Sky Ok, maybe she doesn't have the smoky croaker voice and maybe she isn't...

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loopy 13th February 2010
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So I got my new Avalon VT-737SP and I'm very excited. I'm running it into a MOTU 828mk3 interface. What level do I set the 828mk3...

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hazelmossobrien 13th February 2010
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So I'm tracking this band the past 4 nights and the guitarist isn't bad at all. It's a poppy kinda rock played with a lotta...

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Kiwi 13th February 2010
Avatar for skiroy

Anyone tried the ozone 4 tape simulator or harmonic exciter? What are the best saturation plugin not neccessarily tape...

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Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 13th February 2010
Avatar for IPLayHamers

I currently own a MOTU 896HD that I'm thinking of having Black Lion do their mods too, but I run Logic 8 Studio and I'm wondering...

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danielperez808 13th February 2010
Avatar for Coldsnow

Just wondering if the DB8 is even worth considering. I've come a long way since my 1604 and have no desire to go back, is this a...

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Avatar for KRStudio
KRStudio 13th February 2010
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Hi! I'm looking for a preamp. One channel, possibly two, $500-900. I've been looking at: - Grace Design m101 - Summit...

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thermos 13th February 2010
Avatar for spiral

I want to experiment with inputting MIDI into my sequencer with guitar since that is my main instrument. I have been reading...

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spiral 13th February 2010
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I'm looking at both of these boards (Mackie srs 32 vlz or Mackie 32-8) Iwould like some advice from people who have experience...

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Spence.206 13th February 2010
Avatar for ssprod19

I currently have a Rosetta 200 connected to D-Box for monitoring with my Logic setup. My only external audio source is vocals...

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MDSleep 13th February 2010
Avatar for rectifier

I thought I would give this a spin. I love Metallica, from listening to them in my school days and going out and skipping school...

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combfilter 13th February 2010
Avatar for SabinTheTerrible

i guess i know a little bit, enough to know that i like the way they sound and i want one. any reccomendations for a nice lil...

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Avatar for Dean Roddey
Dean Roddey 13th February 2010
Avatar for ericmixer

Hey Jules, This is an idea your advertisters should love and would be a convenience. More than once, for a split second while...

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antoniosolo 13th February 2010
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Hello I am trying to find info on the "studio des conde" in France. I know there are a few French GS members here, and...

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2N1305 13th February 2010
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If you don't dig these, then you ain't a true slut! bumpkin Certainly helps drive home what the revolution in recording...

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BudgetMC 13th February 2010
Avatar for FireMoon

Not sure of the protocol for this, but there's a Neve 55 series up for sale on a certain auction site in the UK. I have...

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FireMoon 13th February 2010
Avatar for eddieb

I have a newer AMS 1073 and I'm getting low signal to my HD system. I've tried sm57, U87, c12VR and can't seem to get a real...

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eddieb 13th February 2010
Avatar for BreakAesthetechs

I need to get a 50 foot male to male 1/8" stereo cable to run my computer's soundcard output to the input on the boombox I'm...

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Old Goat 13th February 2010
Avatar for ze engineer

Is there a way to "repair" phasing issues after recording?

ze engineer
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Kiwi 13th February 2010
Avatar for rajprods

Can't find any recent threads on this unit. Any current users willing to share some information about the unit and it's use...

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rajprods 13th February 2010
Avatar for RWagner

Im sure this is on here somewhere, but I didn't catch it. Will a PCI-424 card (not PCIe) work in my new Mac Pro? If so, is the...

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RWagner 12th February 2010
Avatar for girlthatdrums

Possibly stupid question here... For a duo project I'm in that's mostly electronic, we're using a Motu 828 mk II into my macbook...

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Avatar for FeatheredSerpent
FeatheredSerpent 12th February 2010
Avatar for Heartfelt

When you are working ITB, what approach do you take with sub groups or stems? Do you group drums and throw everything else...

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Avatar for andsonic
andsonic 12th February 2010
Avatar for complex

Is there any where online where i can download unmixed stuff (Stems) so i can practice mixing? Thanks!

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Avatar for Tangible
Tangible 12th February 2010
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ianzxcvb 12th February 2010
Avatar for SabinTheTerrible

looking for a drummer mostly, and possibly a singer in massachusetts for a melodic viking/black/death metal band. i already have...

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SabinTheTerrible 12th February 2010
Avatar for rack gear

U.S. announces intellectual property watchdog | Reuters yeah - I know this will get moved over the music biz and piracy, but...

rack gear
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rectifier 12th February 2010
Avatar for Quasar

Hi, I've done a search here, but haven't been able to find exactly what I'm looking for. A few years ago, when I first became...

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Avatar for The Phoenix
The Phoenix 12th February 2010
Avatar for Drywsef

When mixing a guitar, I want to reamp it through my sytek mp4aii, as the band from whom I got the tracks recorded their guitars...

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Avatar for onion
onion 12th February 2010
Avatar for centerauctions

So I cant find them on ebay and the website is gone as well. Any info? I recently saved up to get some of these and this...

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Avatar for DeadPoet
DeadPoet 12th February 2010
Avatar for Lrmusic

Very much enjoyed the suggestions in the classic rock thread, so let's see what kind of world music you can get me into. diddlydoo

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Avatar for DanTheDane
DanTheDane 12th February 2010
Avatar for tiny333

dudes i just got my barefoots in the post... m27 its like moving into the new century my poor old krk 9000's un ****ing...

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tiny333 12th February 2010
Avatar for Snatchman

Hello all..This is a question that I'm very uncomfortable with...gooof..I record/mix OTB and probably will continue this way for...

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Snatchman 12th February 2010
Avatar for AudioJota

Hi everyone! I have a 1969 U87 that was working perfectly fine in cardioid, but wasn't functioning at all from the rear either...

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Avatar for Joao B.
Joao B. 12th February 2010
Avatar for dialectic

I am looking to buy a small Fender valve amp for recording guitar in my home studio and maybe for processing the odd keyboard or...

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Avatar for dialectic
dialectic 12th February 2010
Avatar for icecubeman

Hi there, please can you advise some native modeling plugin that I can use with EMT252 IRs from Acousticas? I am using Sonar, so...

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icecubeman 12th February 2010
Avatar for ion-five

i ve got a little unny question with my setup i will only be able to send an Aux send to 2 channels, these 2 channels are where...

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ion-five 12th February 2010